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Praxis Social Studies – Best 5 Tips To Pass Quicker Now

How Do You Pass The Praxis Social Studies test?

You’ve worked hard to become a teacher. Now the only thing left is to figure-out how pass the exam. The best way to do it?

praxis ii social studies practice test questions interactive online

Will investing in a good Praxis Social Studies practice test or study guide help you get a passing score?…Or do you need something more?

Don’t let this be you:

  • “I feel like I will never pass this test. If I don’t pass this next time I feel like I am done.”
  • “I just took the Praxis Social Studies for a 3rd time and pretty sure I didn’t pass.”
  • “I am ALWAYS coming up short by like 3-5 points. It is getting me very frustrated and feeling like I will never pass.”

Read the blogs. Go on teacher forums. You’ll find the same frustrations repeated over and over related to Praxis study materials that sorely disappointed them.

Don’t be frustrated like them! Leverage these best 5 Praxis Social Studies practice test and study guide tips to pass the 1st time!

Praxis Social Studies Practice Tip 1:
Don’t Try To Do It Alone!

The Praxis Social Studies test is high stakes. People fail. How many? The best information says over 10%.

Doesn’t sound like much—unless you’re part of that 10%!

One of the ETS (Educational Testing Services) Frequently Asked Questions is this: “What other test prep resources exist to help me if I’m having trouble passing a Praxis test?” FREQUENTLY ASKED?

  • If you have trouble passing the Praxis Social Studies, a retake costs $120-146.
  • It also cost time.
  • Time waiting for your score—just a raw score
  • Time finding out you didn’t pass.
  • Time retaking the test . . .maybe more than once.

Why do this alone? Why not take steps toward passing BEFORE you take the test?

Praxis Social Studies study guides exist. As the tests are revised, so are preparation books. You can take the first step to passing the test by investing in a good study guide.

Praxis 2 practice exam questions are available, too. They can be used alone or with a study guide, multiplying your chances of knowing the material on the Social Studies exam.

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Praxis Social Studies Practice Tip #2:
Know The Test AND Its CONTENT!

Different states require different tests. There are two Praxis Social Studies tests for beginning secondary teachers. You must learn about the test that YOUR state requires.

  1. Social Studies Content Knowledge (5081)
    • $146
    • Includes 3 constructed response questions & 90 selected response questions
  2. Social Studies Content and Interpretation (5086)
    • $120
    • Includes 130 selected response questions

praxis 2 social studies study guide free to prepare teachers

Both exams test the knowledge a beginning secondary social studies teacher should have. Don’t be fooled by the word “beginning”: these Praxis Social Studies tests are difficult!

Read this blog post: “Anybody have any study material or suggestions? This test is the only test that’s in my way of internship.” Why is the test in the way?

You may be an expert on geography or economics, but how about history, both U.S. and world? Face it, there’s a lot of content that could be on your test!

How can you prepare for the Praxis Social Studies over the whole multiple content areas?

ETS provides a pdf “Test Specifications” Outline of the test. It doesn’t tell you what the Praxis Social Studies questions will be, but it does show you the topics that the test may cover.

Read the outline of your test here: or .

You need to know what will be on this high-stakes exam. How else can you choose the best Praxis Social Studies prep materials? The ones that will help you pass on your FIRST try!

Praxis Social Studies Practice Tip #3:
Before You Buy Prep Materials, Know Your Skills!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could brag about your score on the Praxis Social Studies test? No doubt. But many test-takers miss the cut-off by 3, 4, or 5 points!

You simply need to pass the first time. That’s the goal!

Before you begin searching for a Praxis practice test or study guide, know your own skills. This may seem silly, but it’s important. Who are YOU as a test-taker?

Are you:

  • Freaked out by high-stakes tests?
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of material that’s on the test?
  • Lousy at timed tests?
  • Hopeless at choosing the right answer?
  • Older, so it’s been awhile since you’ve taken a test?

Like so many other Praxis test-takers, your challenges are the test itself, not the content knowledge.

Admit that test-taking is NOT your strength.

Then, look for Praxis Social Studies test-prep help that does double duty. For you, that means you need books and practice test questions that let you study content and improve your test-taking skills!

Praxis Social Studies Prep Tip #5:
Know How To Choose The Best Study Manuals And Practice Tests

Every teacher must take these high-stakes tests. That’s why there are so many Praxis Social Studies study guides and practice exams that whelp you get a passing score.

There are so many, how can you choose the one that is right for you?

Ask these questions before you buy Praxis Social Studies practice exam questions and study guide books!

Does the test-prep material:

  • prep for the current test? (check the text, not just the copyright)
  • base Praxis Social studies practice questions on actual material that ETS tests? (check Step 2 above)
  • have errors or typos? (read online reviews)
  • clearly explain both right and wrong answers?
  • allow more than one opportunity for realistic Praxis Social Studies exam practice or to answer questions?
  • give study tips that will help YOU gain skills and confidence?

Links To Praxis Subject Tests Prep Tools And Tactics

It’s Up To YOU To Study Smart!

Remember that you’re not the only one to take high-stakes tests like this. Once you have purchased your Praxis Social Studies study guides and practice materials, use these techniques to prepare.

If taking tests freaks you out, try this:

  • Use many short study sessions with some time between Doing this allows your long-term memory to store information. Don’t cram for days.
  • One full-length Praxis Social Studies practice exam taken between 1 and 6 days before the final test has the most impact. Make sure you have more than one practice test available and save it for 1-6 days before you take the test!
  • Use an alarm. Get used to the time it takes you to process and answer questions
  • Set aside 20-40 minute chunks of time to focus with NO cell phones or other distractions
  • As you take the Praxis Social Studies practice questions, place a star by the questions that take Then look closer at those Praxis questions. What do they have in common?
    1. material you did not know
    2. tricky wording
    3. confusing phrasing
    4. more than one answer seems correct
  • Then analyze the answers, even if you chose the correct answer: look for patterns in questions and answers to find the words, phrases, or types of questions that “trick” you. Dig deeper to find out why you chose the right and wrong answers for the questions!
  • After each Praxis Social Studies II practice session, take a 5-10 minute break to stretch, snack, or check your cell ONLY at that time.

You know you were meant to be a teacher. If the Praxis Social Studies exam is all that’s standing in your way, use these 5 steps to reach your goal!

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Author: Mark Dahlson