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Praxis II Prep Method That Helps You Pass And Start Teaching Quicker

Maybe you’ve got a method for Praxis test prep or maybe you’re just going to wing it and trust that your years of education will see you through.

Sure, this is a great preparation method…if you like losing months of your time and thousands of dollars in potential teacher’s salary from failing your teacher certification examination repeatedly!

How To Avoid Risks In Your Praxis II Prep

Needless to say, it wouldn’t be the smartest move in the book to do your educator testing without any investment of time or money for preparation materials. And as if limited Praxis II test prep time wasn’t enough to worry about, ordinary review methods don’t guarantee that you’ll pass…

…because your success depends on the strength of your study skills as well as your test taking abilities.

Praxis II test prep can be a stressful subject for many, especially those who feel as if they’re at a disadvantage with standardized tests. But if you count yourself among these unlucky few, I’ve got Praxis II 2 practice test advice you’ll love: You CAN find excellent practice exams and study materials that give you the right tools and resources to master even the toughest subjects on the exam.

The Magic Preparation Formula For Test Takers

You never want to cram for this exam, because this puts you in the predicament of forgetting what you studied on your testing date. Not only will you be distracted from important concepts and details, but – thanks to “information overload” – you can give yourself a serious case of test anxiety.

Cramming doesn’t work – but for those test takers crunched for time, there is an accelerated exam prep method that’s proven to help you learn your test content faster. Let’s take a look at an example to see just how effective this magical test practice formula really is!

Case Study: Sonia’s Test Practice Story

There are many who claim to have a magic test prep formula for how to pass their teacher certification examination. However, Sonia soon realized after taking it three times that there is no magic bullet to a passing score. She just needed prep for the Praxis II, preparation classes and study materials that covered the real exam because the bookstore book didn’t cover the actual test directly.

Even though flashcards, audio recording, memorization and note taking seemed reasonable to prepare for her teacher certification test, Sonia noticed that she was not as prepared as she thought she was on her first two attempts. Half of what she studied was not even on the exam! She had to find a formula that really helped her prepare.

Prep That Kills The ETS Praxis Test

Sonia called on a friend, Chris, who learned how to get a passing score on her first try. Chris told her about a test prep manual that used the input of other test takers who passed and are now certified teachers. She said that this is what she used to pass the first time she took it. The study guide provides repeated practice questions that have been used on the test before. This is a standardized test, so most of the questions appear over and over again.

Sonia knew these were affordable tutors who focused on the Test At A Glance (TAAG) in their classes, webinars and interactive test prep. She aimed to take full advantage of it. She got the study guide as well as engaged a Praxis II test prep coach who mentored her with methods like:

  • A testing readiness assessment to evaluate where she needed to improve;
  • Received a proven formula to spot her troubled testing areas and fix them quickly;
  • A customized Praxis prep success plan;
  • Got ‘quick-start’ practice exam questions to get a passing test score,
  • Prepared with the most up-to-date review guides on the market
  • Revealed a clear blueprint on how to get a passing score…in less time and with less struggle!

No longer did Sonia feel that she had to guess what would be on her Educational Testing Service assessment and prep with the wrong test content. She was now finally confident and prepared. She finally got a passing score and landed the teaching position she wanted.

Discover more about this solution to prepare for you test date.

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Praxis II Social Studies

The Praxis II Social Studies: Content Knowledge test was developed to assess whether a test takers has the skills and competency required for an entry level educator of social studies in secondary schools. This Praxis test follows the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) National Standards for Social Studies Teachers. The examinations measures the examinees ability to understand and apply social studies concepts, data, methods, theories and skills across the entire breadth of United States history, world history, government/civics/political science, geography, economics and behavioral science domains of sociology, anthropology, and psychology.

A number of the Praxis II Social Studies test questions are multi-disciplinary. Therefore, the test surveys complex relationships among the social science disciplines. To answer questions corrections requires understanding, interpreting and synthesizing a history and social science facts and concepts. There are 130 selected-response questions. These test questions involve no more than 60 percent knowledge, recall, and/or identification questions and no less than 40 percent higher-order thinking questions. The number of questions and length of the exam is in line with other ETS assessments such as the Praxis II Math.

There are some questions based on interpreting content such as written passages, maps, illustrations, graphs, tables, cartoons, diagrams, and photos. Between 10 and 15 percent of the questions involves material based on different experiences of people living in the United States in different time periods.

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