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Praxis Math Practice Test – 5 Easy Steps To A Passing Score

You know there’s a need for math teachers. You enjoy math. You’d like to teach students to enjoy it!

One thing stands between you and those eager math students: you must pass the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge test.

If you can do math, you can pass the Praxis, right? Maybe. . .but there’s no guarantee!

praxis 2 math study guide book prep class
Listen to the main issues other test-takers have had with the Praxis Math practice tests and study guides (found on teacher blogs and Amazon reviews):

  1. Time Lapse Since Math Classes: it’s been awhile since the last math class!
    • I haven’t had a math course in about 15 years
    • “I haven’t had math in years and I’m trying to reteach myself
  2. Amount of Content: it’s SO MUCH to know and remember!
    • “I have taken the Praxis Math 7 times and run out of time every time I have taken it”
    • “There’s so much content to cover that it can be overwhelming
  3. Preparation: not knowing how or what to study!
    • “I’ve failed the exam twice already”
    • “Can anyone recommend a Praxis math practice test, a pdf, study guide, or some way to help prepare myself for taking the test the 3rd time?”

These comments are not rare! Just because you’re good at math and have passed your math courses does NOT mean you will pass the Praxis Math Content Knowledge test.

There are steps you can take to avoid wasting time and money on retakes! Part of your strategy will be using a helpful preparation materials to earn a passing score.

If you follow these easy steps and START NOW, you can be fully prepared to pass the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge Exam the FIRST time!

Praxis Math Practice Step 1:
Start NOW!

START NOW! Do not wait until the week of your Praxis Mathematics test to begin!

Give yourself ample time to study for the Praxis II. Start by knowing what’s on the Mathematics Content Knowledge test.

  1. Go to the ETS (Education Testing Service) website’s “study companion” PDF for the Mathematics Content Knowledge exam (5161)
  2. Read through the 11 pages of content that will be the test (Yes! 11 PAGES!)
  3. Know what the Praxis exam expects you to Understand, Explain, Use and Graph
  4. Then, go to step 2: Learn What You Don’t Know!

Praxis Math Study Step 2:
Learn What You Don’t Know!

You’re probably thinking, “Duh!” Right? Of COURSE I have to learn what I don’t know!

praxis ii math practice test questions sample free

But many teacher candidates don’t take the timeā€”or don’t leave ENOUGH time to look closely at what they DON’T KNOW on the Praxis Math Content Knowledge test.

Don’t make that mistake!

Here’s what you’ll be tested on when you take the Mathematics Content Knowledge (5161) test:

  • Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Calculus (68%)
  • Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics (32%)
  • YOUR ability to answer 60 questions in 150 minutes

Maybe you have aced tests on these content areas in the past. . .BUT:

  • How long ago did you take a test?
  • Was that test timed?

How can you AVOID failing the Praxis Math?


  • Go back to the ETS (Education Testing Service) “study companion” PDF for the Mathematics Content Knowledge (5161)
  • This time, print out the pages that tell you all of the content on the test (all 11 of them!) *Even if you’re paying 10 cents a page, it’s worth the money
  • READ CAREFULLY through the content this test expects you to Understand, Explain, Use and Graph!
  • As you read, star or highlight the areas that YOU MAY NOT KNOW OR REMEMBER
  • Put a checkmark by the content you DO know

Now that you have learned what you don’t know, you can find help to learn or review the content on the Praxis Exam.

Praxis Math Practice Step 3:
Find The Best Study Guide Or Practice Test

Because the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge Test is HIGH STAKES, many individuals and companies have study guides and practice tests to help you. How can you choose the BEST one for YOU?

Follow these simple rules to find the BEST Praxis Math study guide. Look at the book’s. . .

  1. INFORMATION: the information in the Praxis Math study guide or practice test MUST BE the SAME as what you printed from ETS (above)
  2. DATES: as tests are revised, the info may change: when was it written and copyrighted
  3. FORMAT: read words and phrases to make sure they’re like those on the test (You may need time to read reviews of materials)
  4. EXPLANATIONS: EVERY Praxis Math practice test question AND answer should be explained so YOU understand them
    • Do you learn why each answer is correct AND why answers are incorrect?
    • Does the Praxis Math study guide explain test phrases and key words used in questions and answers?
  5. TEST-TAKING: is there a section on test-taking that gives more than just a list of tips? Does the information seem like something YOU can do?
  6. FEAR OF TIMED TESTS: Look for tips on pacing and options to time yourself on a Praxis Math practice test

Take the time to find the best Praxis Math study guides and you have only 2 steps to go toward passing the Mathematics Content Knowledge exam the first time!

Praxis Math 2 Study Step 4:
Use Study Time Wisely

Once you purchase Praxis Math practice tests and prep books, you still have to study wisely.

What does that mean to YOU?

The Praxis Math test is timed. An onscreen graphing calculator is available to help you answer some of the 60 questions in the 150 minutes allowed.

You may request access NOW to this calculator on the ETS website. You may not need the calculator for many questions, but it’s a TIMED TEST! Don’t waste time learning to use the onscreen calculator DURING the test! Be familiar with it NOW!

Now that you have your Praxis Math practice materials, use current research to help you set up a schedule for success!

Research says:

  • Use many short Praxis II practice sessions (20-40 minutes at a time)
  • Get rid of distractions, including texting
  • Take some time between sessions, even if it’s a short break
  • Don’t cram for days
  • Read all of the explanations of both correct and incorrect answers
  • Learn which words, phrases, or types of questions confuse you so that you spend too much time on them
  • Mark the questions that take more time than others. Is there a pattern in these questions? Is it the wording of the question that is confusing? Or is this material that is less familiar to you?

Use the test prep ideas in your Praxis Math study guide to help you further.

Test-taking is a skill! You may know the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge study guide material, but if you do not know how to take a test on that information, you may not pass the exam.

Praxis Math Practice Step 5:
The Week of Your Test

Now is not the time to stop studying for the Mathematics Content Knowledge exam. It’s also NOT the time to CRAM for HOURS AT A TIME!

Instead, focus on your weakest areas.

  • Spend 10-20 minute periods solving problems in those areas
  • Leave at least a 10-minute break after each session
  • Repeat until you feel confident
  • Leave one full-length practice test to take this week

Follow these steps and they’ll lead you to success!

Links To Praxis Subject Tests Prep Tools And Tactics

Don’t waste your time and money on retaking the Praxis Math. Instead, choose to invest in the best Praxis Math practice tests and study guides that will help YOU pass the test the first time!

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Author: Mark Dahlson