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Praxis Special Education – Top 5 Tips To Pass Faster Now

Many aspiring teachers feel overwhelmed by the Praxis Special Education test before they even start studying.

Want to know that your Praxis Special Education practice test accurately represents the exam? But with conflicting reviews all over Amazon, it’s tough to know that for sure.

praxis ii special education practice test questions teacher test prep

Even with a solid Praxis Special Education study guide, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can be hard when SPED is new to you. If you have a tough time learning from book reading, how can you make reviewing a Praxis 2 study guide worth your time?

If you’re dealing with frustrations like these, no worries. These tips will help you choose the Praxis Special Education test prep materials that are best for you and make them fit your learning style.

Prices for Official Praxis Special Education Practice Exams:

TestPrice Per Practice Test
Core Knowledge and Applications (5354)$19.95 for 1 test
$31.92 for 2 tests
Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications (5543)$19.95 for 1 test
$31.92 for 2 tests
Core Knowledge and Severe to Profound Applications (5545)$19.95 for 1 test
Preschool/Early Childhood (5691)$19.95 for 1 test
Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (5272)$19.95 for 1 test
Teaching Speech to Students with Language Impairments (5881)$19.95 for 1 test
Teaching Students with Behavioral Disorder and Emotional Disturbances (5372)$19.95 for 1 test
Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities (5383)$19.95 for 1 test
Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities (5322)$19.95 for 1 test
Teaching Students with Visual Impairments (5282)$19.95 for 1 test

Source: Information is accurate as of October 2018.

5 Tips To Find The Best Preparation Materials And Leverage Them To A Passing Score…

1.) Use The Official Praxis Special Education Practice Tests To Start Your Test Prep

Before you even start looking into Praxis Special Education test study guides, go to the ETS website.

praxis 2 special education study guide prep resources

These Praxis II sample questions come straight from the test-makers. So you know that they give you an accurate idea of the format, wording, level of difficulty and content you’ll see on the real test.

Starting with an official Praxis Special Education practice test will:

  • allow you to judge for yourself how true-to-test a Praxis Special Education book is.
  • free you from relying on biased reviews.
  • let you know that you’re studying the right material.

2.) Choose Praxis Special Education Study Guides That Reflect Your Learning Style

You probably learned all about differentiation and personalized learning for your students. But don’t neglect to apply these principles to your own learning. If you haven’t already picked a Praxis Special Education prep guide, take some time to choose one that fits your own learning needs.

  • Visual & Auditory learners may like guides with video lessons.
  • Tactile learners may benefit from a guide that comes with flashcards.
  • Kinesthetic learners may want avoid online guides that tie them to a computer. (Unless you have a light laptop or tablet that allows you to move around freely.)

*Note that some of the Praxis Special Education exams have more study guide options than others. In general, Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) tends to have the most because it’s a more common test.

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3.) Leverage Your Learning Style In Your Praxis Special Education Test Preparation To Raise Your Score Faster

Maybe you already bought Praxis Special Education books. Or maybe the one that you want doesn’t come with the things you need.

Don’t worry. A little creativity can help you transform your prep guide into a tool that feels personal to you.

  • For auditory learners- record notes on your phone and play them back when you drive or do chores.
  • For kinesthetic learners- use a white board on your wall to take notes as you study. It will encourage you to get up and move every few minutes.
  • For tactile learners- create your own flashcards and flipbooks from the information in your study guide.
  • For visual learners- create PowerPoint or Slides presentations from the information in your guide.

People rarely fit into one neat box when it comes to their learning style, so mix and match these tips as it feels right to you!

4.) Use Your Official Praxis Special Education Practice Test Results To Prioritize Your Test Prep Focus

Depending on your state, you may have never even taken a college course in special ed! You probably know your strengths and weakness when it comes to algebra or constructed-response writing. But you may have very little idea of your weaknesses on the Praxis Special Education exams.

This where the official Praxis Special Education practice test is key.

Use the results of your official Praxis Special Education practice questions to:

  • give you actual data to help find your weaknesses.
  • lay out an objective plan for your studying priorities.
5.) Create Emotional Connections To Remember Disorders and Symptoms

Psychologically speaking, we’re much more likely to remember events that were very emotional.

Unfortunately, reading from a Praxis Special Education exam study guide isn’t really an emotional experience. But you can associate emotions with the studying process with one trick: read or watch the stories of people with the disabilities you’re learning about.

Even if these stories or videos don’t have any scientific information about the disorder, they will:

  • engage the parts of your brain that relate to emotion.
  • match a face or personal experience with each diagnosis.
  • help you recall the information on your study guide.
  • make it less likely that you’ll mix up the symptoms of different disorders.

*Disclaimer: If the resources you find, do include factual information about the disorder, don’t trust them blindly. We can’t vouch for any outside resources you use. Always fact check that information with your Praxis Special Education study guides!

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Take Action

  • If you haven’t already registered for your Praxis Special Education Exam, pick your date now. Take into account how much time you’ll need to study.
  • Based on your test date, make a study schedule and stick to it. Be sure to include time for a practice test or two.

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Author: Mark Dahlson