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Praxis SLP – Speech Language Pathology: 3 Must-Know Tips To Pass


What is more important to YOU than helping people improve their communication skills? Maybe nothing! It’s time to use your education to help others!

But first you must pass your Praxis SLP Speech Language Pathology exam.

praxis speech language pathology slp study guide prep book

How? Good question.

Listen to your peers who’ve taken the test and written about it online say this:

  1. The test is DIFFICULT!
    • “The Praxis SLP is definitely NOT EASY! I knew plenty of people who didn’t pass on the first time”
    • “I’m just really upset because I studied so much. I feel like I’m in a nightmare that I cannot wake up from”
    • “I feel like such a failure. . .I don’t understand because I have passed each one of my classes. . .I feel like such an idiot”
  2. There’s not enough time to take the Speech Language Pathology Exam!
    • “I didn’t budget my time well and spent too much time on questions that I thought were in the last 2 minutes of the test, I still had over 40 questions left. . .”
    • “You literally have 1 minute for each question”
    • “It’s easy to lose track of time”
  3. The questions on the Praxis SLP are confusing!
    • “Questions are in paragraph form and generally have more than one part to consider when making your answer choice”
    • “I noticed that the questions are often worded in a way that allows for a lot of lost time”

This is too important to do on your own! You need help to pass your Praxis Speech Language Pathology exam the first time. There are plenty of free Praxis study guides online out there. However, “free” is usually a code word for poor quality or mediocre. Nothing that will help you pass the Praxis 2 Speech Language Pathology test is free.

Follow these 3 Must-Do Tips to learn the information YOU need to pass the Praxis test the first time!

Praxis SLP – 3 Must-Do Tips To Pass

How are you going to study ALL that you need to know?

You are going to need more details about the content on your test. High quality Praxis Speech Language Pathology study guides and practice tests can give you the details that will help you pass the first time.

  • First, look carefully at the ETS (Educational Testing Service) website for your Praxis SLP 5331
  • Check the study companion guide to see the content YOU must know to pass your test
  • Here’s where you’ll see what makes your 132 question Praxis harder than other tests:

The outline of test specifications for your exam is only two pages

Sounds GREAT! Right? Only 2 pages of content!

Think again. Those 2 pages cover ALL the Speech Language Pathology information it took you YEARS to learn!

Your test’s framework gives you very few specific content areas to study. Instead, you get one word (“fluency” or “hearing”).

This is where you stop. Take a deep breath. Then find the Praxis Speech Language Pathology practice tests and books that will help you to pass your test.

Read these 3 tips to make sure YOU pass the Praxis Speech Language Pathology exam the first time!

Praxis Speech Language Pathology Tip #1: Know What To Study: Find Quality Study Materials!

If the ETS website only gives you a vague idea of what’s on the Praxis Speech Language Pathology test, what can YOU do?

Look for test prep materials that can help you focus on the content YOU need to know.

But what about the LIMITED TIME and CONFUSING QUESTIONS that caused your peers to fail?

You may know the content, but how are your test-taking skills?

The best Praxis SLP study guides and practice tests can help you study the content AND study the test itself.

With so many choices for study guides and practice tests out there, which one will help you pass the Praxis the first time? Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts for choosing the best test-prep materials:

  • Find test prep materials that are thorough, even if they’re boring
  • Buy a guide before you read its reviews
  • Find materials that are organized like the test: Foundations, Professional Practice, Screening, Assessment, Evaluation, Diagnosis, & Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Treatment
  • Be “tricked” into purchasing outdated materials that do not reflect the CURRENT revised Praxis Speech Language Pathology exam
  • Find materials that include “How To Take Selected Response Tests.” Plus, tips on choosing the BEST answer
  • Think that all study guides were written by people who know the test
  • Find materials with few or no typographical or grammatical errors
  • Expect that it’s going to be a fun read. It’s not meant to be a thriller!
  • Find materials that allow you to take timed practice tests
  • Wait until the week before your Praxis test to buy study materials

Remember: Your #1 goal is to pass the Speech Language Pathology test the FIRST time! Do it by choosing the best test-prep materials!

Praxis SLP Tip #2: Know How To Study

You’ve passed all of your classes, so you SHOULD know how to study for the Praxis Speech Language Pathology exam.

Think about it. You knew how to study for each test as you took each class.

praxis ii speech language pathology slp practice test questions

But do YOU know how to study for a high-stakes test that covers ALL the material that took you YEARS to learn?

It’s hard to answer 132 questions in 150 minutes when “there’s more than one part to consider” and are “worded in a way that allows for a lot of lost time”.

Remember that the Praxis exam asks questions about all of your education in assessment and treatment of Speech Language Pathology! If you don’t know what may be on the test AND you don’t know how long it takes you to answer the questions, you are at risk of failing the exam!

You need study BOTH the content of the test and the wording and phrasing that could be on the test. That makes choosing test-prep materials so important!

Once you have test-prep study books and practice tests that review the Speech Language Pathology content, you need to preview the Praxis test itself!

Here’s the secret to knowing HOW TO STUDY for your Praxis:

Bucknell Teaching and Learning Practices suggests you use “neuroscience research” to do this:

  • Set aside 20-40 minute chunks of time to focus WITH NO cell phones or distractions
  • After each session, take a 5-10 minute break to stretch, snack, or check your cell
  • Then, check your answers
  • Carefully read the reasons that each answer is correct or incorrect
  • Read all of the explanations for both right AND wrong answers
  • Look for patterns or types of questions and answers that will be on the test (know the TEST)
  • Spend time learning WHY some questions or answers seem “tricky”
  • Repeat these sessions in the weeks and days leading to YOUR test

Links To Praxis Subject Tests Prep Tools And Tactics

Praxis (SLP) Speech Language Pathology Tip #3: Know When To Study

This is easy! You know when to study: NOW! Give yourself the luxury of time to use your study materials and practice tests for the Praxis Speech Language Pathology test.

The article “Rethinking the use of tests: A Meta-analysis of Practice Testing” researched over 100 articles on the effects of practicing for tests by taking tests. Here’s what they found:

  1. Use many short practice sessions and take some time between Don’t cram for days. Doing this allows your long-term memory to store information.
  2. Taking one full-length practice test worked better than taking two or more full-length tests if the tests were taken in a short timeframe. Again, extend the time between practice tests.
  3. One full-length Praxis practice test taken between 1 and 6 days before the final test had the most impact. So save one practice exam for this time period. Make sure you have more than one practice test available.

It’s never too early to prepare for your Praxis Speech Language Pathology.

Learn from your peers’ mistakes. Use these 3 Tips to choose and use the best Praxis SLP Speech Language Pathology practice tests and study guides. You’ll be prepared to pass on the first try.

Author: Mark Dahlson