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Praxis Biology – 7 Quick Steps To Pass Easier Now

With your Praxis Biology Content Knowledge test deadline looming, which of these describes you:

  • “It’s been years since I took biology—or any science class.”
  • “I don’t know where to begin studying. Biology is a huge field!”
  • “Tests make me freeze up! I go blank and can’t remember anything!”

In the age of high-stakes tests, it’s easy to think EVERYONE else can ace the Praxis Biology as you become a nervous wreck just thinking about the test.

praxis biology practice test questions resources

It’s time for YOU to get rid of your fears about the Praxis Biology exam.


Follow these steps!

  1. Learn what’s on the test.
  2. Learn what you DO know.
  3. Learn what you DON’T know.
  4. Find the best Praxis Biology study guide and Praxis review questions for YOU.
  5. Focus on your weak areas.
  6. Use your Praxis 2 study time wisely.
  7. Get rid of your test-taking fears.

It’s as easy as that! Follow these 7 steps to pass your Praxis Biology Content Knowledge test!

Step 1: Use The Best Praxis Biology Practice Test To Learn The Exam

The Praxis Biology: Content Knowledge (5235) is a 2 ½ hour 150-multiple-choice question exam. It covers 7 major standards.

This information is enough to make you a nervous wreck!

What can you do to pass the exam?

  • Effective Praxis Biology practice test questions help you dig deeper to know the biology content standards tested in each category (and master them).
  • Give yourself the gift of TIME to learn those standards for the biology content exam by carefully reading the full answer explanations provided in your Praxis Biology practice questions.
  • Make full use of the top Praxis Biology study guides, practice exams or other aids to review your weakest areas.

Go to the ETS website’s Biology 5235 PDF Study Companion. Print out the 6-pages of test specs for your Biology 5235 test.

Use this info for the next steps on your path to pass the Praxis Biology!

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Step 2: Use The Best Praxis Biology Study Guides To Learn What You DO Know

The blueprint of your Biology test is in front of you. The test specs list the skills YOU MUST KNOW!

praxis 2 biology study guide review book test dates

Use highlighting and checkmarks to Learn What You Already Know On The Praxis 5235!

  • Read each subtest’s list of skills.
  • Confident about a skill? It earns a checkmark.
  • Unsure about the skill? Highlight it!

Be honest!

Now, on to Step 3.

Step 3: Use A Praxis Biology Practice Test To Learn What You DON’T Know

Research shows many of us overestimate how much we know. Have YOU done that?

Check it out! Test yourself. Answer the Praxis Biology practice questions below “test specs” on the Praxis 5235 PDF.

Then, compare your answers with your highlighted and checkmarked material. Are there more areas you need to study? If so, use your highlighter again.

Now you are ready to take the most important step to pass-the-Praxis Biology test.

Step 4: Find The Best Praxis Biology Study Materials For YOU To Pass The Praxis 5235

Praxis Biology practice materials you choose should address EVERY content area you highlighted as weak. But they should do more.

Use YOUR printout of the test specifications, or BLUEPRINT of the Praxis 5235.

Leverage the following test prep tips to choose the best Praxis Biology Content practice tests and study guides:

Find Praxis Biology study guides that match the
Praxis 5235 skills blueprint.
Buy before you read Praxis 5235
Biology Content test prep reviews from real test-takers!
Seek Praxis Biology practice exams that focus on YOUR
Praxis highlighted “problem” areas.
Buy outdated Praxis 5235 test prep material. Check the copyright!
Find prep guides that include more than 1 practice test.
Research says Praxis Biology practice test questions are the best prep!
Limit your studies to just one type of test-prep material.
Look for Praxis Biology flashcards, practice tests, study guides and online extra help!
Choose Praxis Biology practice questions with clear explanations for right and wrong answers.Settle for Praxis Biology test study guides with typos or wrong answers!
Take Praxis 5235 multiple choice practice exams that match the CORRECT number and percentage of questions for EACH content area!Buy Praxis 5235 study books with only general tips: look for tips on pacing with CORRECT times for each subtest!
Focus your search on the Praxis 5235
Biology Content area that’s YOUR weakest!
Buy Praxis Biology practice test and study guides that don’t focus on YOUR weak areas. Don’t spend lots of cash on preparation materials that focus on your strongest areas!

STOP procrastinating! Don’t wait! Purchase the BEST Praxis 5235 Biology Content Knowledge study materials for YOU!

Research shows that your preparation for high stakes tests can reduce your test anxiety. Don’t be a nervous wreck! Start preparing for your Praxis 5235 NOW!

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Step 5: How To Focus Your Praxis Biology Test Prep

To pass the Praxis Biology the first time requires:

  • YOUR blueprint.
  • Checkmarks/highlighting of YOUR strengths and weaknesses.
  • the most effective Praxis Biology study guides.
  • Time YOU set aside to study!

Once again, read the research:

The IES (Institute of Education Sciences) finds “most learners. . . typically overestimate how well they have mastered material when they are finished studying.”

Here’s where YOU master the material to pass the Praxis 5235 the first time!

Start by using one Praxis Biology practice exam and your list to find those weak areas. Remember: your study materials should include a practice test that is based on the REAL Praxis Biology exam.

Your Praxis Biology practice test questions should include the 6 content areas. The sample test should have the same amount of questions AND take the same amount of time as the real exam.

Now, do this:

  • Set aside 2 ½ hours for the 150 questions that your Praxis Biology practice exam provides.
  • Find a place like the test site (quiet; no cell phones; a timer) at home OR at the library.
  • Take the Praxis Biology practice test.
  • Check your answers.

Next, ask yourself:

  • Did I accurately assess my weakest areas?
  • Did I—as research suggests—overestimate what I know?
  • Or did I underestimate my skills?

This important step will help you create a study plan. That plan will help you to pass your Praxis Biology Content Knowledge test the first time!

Step 6: Use Your Praxis Biology Preparation Time Wisely

Once you KNOW what you DON’T KNOW, use research to get the most out of your Praxis Biology Content Knowledge study guides and practice materials!

A recent meta-analysis of 118 articles that researched practice testing shows how YOU can pass the Praxis 5235:

  • Use many short study sessions (Bucknell Teaching & Learning Practice says 20-40 minutes).
  • Take time between the sessions (5-10 minutes).
  • NO cell phones or other distractions.
  • After doing this until you feel confident about the material, take another practice test.
  • Next, read ALL of the explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.
  • Learn the words, phrases or types of questions that confuse you or take much more time.
  • Mark the questions that take more time than others and look for that pattern (is it the Skill you don’t understand or is the same type of question confusing you every time?).

Use this scientific method to strengthen your weak spots!

Step 7: Get Rid Of Your Praxis 5235 Test-Taking Fears

So far, you’ve REVIEWED your biology skills and found a way to FOCUS your studies.

If YOU freeze up when you take tests, you are on your way to overcoming that fear!

Remember: test-taking is a skill!

What’s the best way to learn a skill? Practice!

Now you have taken timed Praxis Biology practice tests to understand the content and the types of questions that confuse you.

Here’s where you’ll be happy you chose preparation materials that have many Praxis Biology Content Knowledge practice test questions!

To rid yourself of test-taking fear, you must once again focus your studies on these 2 things: your weak areas AND the difficult questions or answers choices that confuse you.

Repeat Step 6 & 7 until you have practiced your way to confidence!

Follow the 7 Steps. They’ll lead you to pass the Praxis Biology and on to YOUR OWN classroom!

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Author: Mark Dahlson