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Praxis II General Science Study Guides: “How To Ramp-Up Your Study To Answer Test Questions On Time Now”

No matter how well you reviewed your Praxis II General Science book in your test prep time, there’ll be times when you just can’t recall things. After all, it’s difficult to do everything perfect in your prep test review.

You’ll notice in your Praxis practice sessions, you always scramble for the answers. You try hard to recall them, but you just can’t. And the fact that this ETS exam has a time limit, the pressure just builds up for you to get the correct answer as fast as you can.

The nuances of this Science assessment makes it a completely ‘different animal’ than other ETS exams like the Praxis II Special Education, Math, Elementary Education, Social Studies or others.

The long passages you have to read can also make you feel stressed especially if you are a slow reader. The timed nature of this exam means you need to make adjustments using your Practice Test Questions And Books To Pass and practice test questions so you practice taking the exam under simulated testing conditions. This way you can speed you your test taking execution, read and answer the questions accurately. And of course finish the test before time is up.

If you can’t finish on time, there’s a big chance you’ll fail the test. Similarly, if you answer the exam in a hurry, you’re likely to make many careless mistakes. This is why you need to do something in your Praxis 2 study preparation to address this problem.

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Praxis 2 Science Practice: The Best Way To Deal With This Timed Teacher Certification Test

There are a lot of Praxis 2 Study Guides you can use to improve your speed in taking the test. However, some of these Praxis 2 test study guide tips actually don’t work to your advantage.

For example, there are review guides that recommend skimming the test questions. Do you think this can make you answer the exam faster? Probably. But do you think this can ensure you understood the question well to get the correct answer? Definitely not.

What I’m about to teach you is the best way you can deal with such a time-pressured test and use your Praxis 2 exam study guide as productively as possible to speed you up. I call it simply the “Hit And Run Technique”.

The main idea behind this Praxis 2 Science technique is to spend as short time as you can per test question. This enables you to finish the exam before time is up and giving you enough time to review your answers, thus increasing the chance you’ll actually pass the exam. You can read about the step-by step details of this technique in the next section of this article.

The “Hit And Run Praxis 2 Science Study Technique”

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to save time in your exam with the “Hit And Run Technique”:

  1. Read the test instructions carefully. This is vital since it helps you avoid making silly mistakes in your Praxis Science practice questions and of course on the real exam. It also helps you know what the test wants you to do, thereby saving more time in accomplishing your objectives.
  2. Don’t skim through the question. Read the question a second time if you didn’t understand it the first time around. Some questions take a second reading before you can finally understand it.
  3. If you still can’t understand the question on your second reading, skip it and move to the next one. This helps you avoid spending too much time on one practice question or in the actual test.
  4. Eliminate obvious wrong choices. Then if you’re still stuck with two choices, make a mental note of these and move on to the next question. You can go back to this Praxis 2 exam question later on. Again, the goal here is to use as lesser time answering a question as possible.
  5. Have a quick break once in a while. Take deep breathes and close your eyes for 5 to 10 seconds before you answer the next Praxis II Science question. This helps you clear your mind and also allow you to manage the pressure of answering a timed test. This also helps you avoid panicking while taking the exam.
  6. After your first time going over all and answering most of the questions, do a second run. Go back to the questions you haven’t answered yet. Use the same tips while using your study guide for the Praxis 2 mentioned above.
  7. If you still have time –which you most likely will have if you use these prep books, do a third run.

You can have more time answering the Praxis Science test questions if you follow this tip.

But if you think you’re a slow reader it can be a problem for you during the exam you must work on improving your reading speed during your Praxis 2 study and test prep.

  • Devote at least 30 minutes every day before your test improving your reading skills and speed.
  • Practice reading long passages and getting the main idea behind them.
  • One big mistake is thinking you can read at the same speed you read the newspaper. This test has not entertainment value nor is it intended to have entertainment value so push yourself to assimilate and think faster. When your test date is here you should be able to answer the questions before time runs out.
  • You can also take a practice exams in your Praxis II science to help you with this in conjunction with general reading passages to speed up your reading.

Do you really want to blow away every ETS question you encounter?

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