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Praxis PLT K-6 Principles Of Learning And Teaching – 3 Quick Steps To Pass Easier

Ever since states mandated the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) K-6, teacher candidates have worried about passing it.


The Praxis PLT K-6 (5622) is a high-stakes test that covers the CONTENT of EVERY EDUCATION COURSE YOU EVER HAD! If you fail it, you waste time and money, delaying your first day of teaching.

praxis principles of learning and teaching plt k-6 test prep tips free

Lucky for you, PLT K-6 test-takers have shared their secrets. Learn from their mistakes!

Do any of these sound like YOU?…

  • I took an alternate route to teaching and have not had formal schooling on history and principles of teaching
  • “I wish I would have purchased a Praxis PLT K-6 practice test at the beginning. I had to wait a whole semester to finish because of this exam”
  • I failed to pay attention to time therefore not even getting to the last case study
  • “I am not a writer. This is a 2 hr essay test.”

If YOU don’t want to experience the frustrations of these former test-takers, use their experiences to overcome the obstacles that may be in YOUR way.

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First, review WHAT IS ON the exam by going to the official ETS website.

Second, use a top Praxis PLT K-6 study guide to master the content.

Third, leverage Praxis example questions to improve your ability in HOW TO TAKE the exam and HOW TO PASS.

If you TAKE THE TIME to overcome these obstacles NOW, YOU will pass the first time!

Praxis PLT K-6 Step #1: Know What’s On The Test?

The Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam K-6 (5622) tests pedagogy. This 120-minute exam tests YOUR knowledge of educational practices of ALL grades, kindergarten through grade 6.

You KNOW that kindergarteners are much different than 6th graders! Yet this test expects you will know these things about EACH of the K-6 grade students you may meet: students as learners (22.5%); instructional process (22.5%); assessment (15%).

praxis plt k-6 practice test questions preparation

The Praxis PLT K-6 also measures your knowledge of professional development, leadership and community (15%).

There are 70 selected response questions and 4 constructed response questions.

The ETS suggests using 70 minutes for selected response part and 50 minutes for the 4 constructed response questions. You’ll be given 2 case histories to read for the 4 constructed response questions.

Your 4 written answers will count for 25% of the total score of your test.

Here are some names and theories that could be on your test. Can YOU remember these names AND their theories? Bloom. Kohlberg. Bruner. Erikson. Watson.

What about terminology of assessment tools?

Whether this is your second career and you NEVER learned these theories and terms


It’s been two years or more since your introduction to these theories and terms

You NEED help to review what is on the Praxis Principles Of Learning And Teaching (PLT) K-6

  1. Start at the Educational Testing System (ETS) Study Companion pages found here:
  2. Read the WHOLE section “Learn About Your Test” (*It’s 9 PAGES! Read Carefully!)
  3. This is the MAP of the pedagogy, or “the art, science, or profession of teaching” that is on the test
  4. Once you have read the WHOLE 9 pages, print them out
  5. Reread each page. Mark EACH SEGMENT with these marks:
    • question mark (? = I’m not sure I know this)
    • check mark (√ = I got this)
  6. If you’re like most teacher candidates, you will have A LOT of question marks: you UNDERSTAND the theories and terms, but you need a refresher
  7. Now you know WHAT is on the exam AND what you must study

But how do you study for this high-stakes test?

Listen to your peers. Practice the theories, the pacing in the selected-response AND the constructed response questions. Pass the first time by using the best Praxis PLT K-6 practice test and study guide for YOU!

Praxis PLT K-6 Step #2: How Do I Take The Test?

Take the test knowing you will pass. How? Use Praxis review books and practice exams designed specifically to help YOU review the content AND learn how to take this high-stakes exam!

There are so many Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 practice tests and prep guides out there, how can YOU find the right ones?

You have already completed the first step by finding out WHAT you need to study.

praxis ii plt k-6 study guide review book tutor

Step Two: look for PLT K-6 study guides that will teach you what you DON’T know!

Do this:

  1. Look at your list of check marks on the test-spec pages you printed
  2. A good Praxis PLT K-6 study guide should help you refresh your memory about these items quickly
  3. Now focus on the names and theories you may not know: the BEST Praxis PLT K-6 practice test questions will help you focus on those question marks
  4. Match your question marks to the PLT k-6 study materials available

Easy, right?

Yes, but you also need to follow these tips about choosing preparation materials:

  • Find Praxis PLT K-6 test practice materials that are thorough and explain terms so YOU can understand them
  • Buy a prep book before you read its reviews. Not always easy, but worth it
  • Find Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 prep books organized like the test: Students as Learners; Instructional Process; Assessment; Professional Development, Leadership and Community PLUS CASE STUDIES!
  • Be “tricked” into purchasing outdated PLT K-6 (5622) study guides that do not reflect the CURRENT revised exam OR don’t have a constructed response section
  • Find study resources that include “How To Take Selected Response Tests.” Plus, How to choose the BEST answer
  • Think that all Praxis PLT K-6 test study guides were written by people who know the test
  • Find review materials that allow you to take practice exams, both selected AND constructed response
  • Expect that it’s going to be a fun read. Your goal is to PASS the TEST
  • Find a Praxis PLT K-6 prep guide with few or no typographical or grammatical errors
  • Wait until the week before your exam date to buy Praxis PLT K-6 practice exams

Praxis PLT K-6 Step #3: How To Pass

Once you have the best study guides and practice tests, use them wisely to get a passing score the first time.

The Praxis (5622) assesses your knowledge of pedagogy, but it also tests YOUR ABILITY TO TAKE TESTS.

NOW is the time to use all of the scientific research on test-taking to pass YOUR Praxis PLT K-6!

  • Begin NOW to work through each section of the material, focusing on what you don’t remember
  • Wait to use your Praxis PLT K-6 Principles Of Learning And Teaching study guide and sample questions until the week of your test!
  • Study 3-4 times a week using 20-40 minute time periods
  • Cram! The Praxis PLT K-6 covers too much material!
  • Read carefully the explanations for correct AND incorrect answers
  • Look only at your score! Learn WHY you answered questions incorrectly
  • Learn the scoring for written answers and USE IT to practice writing clear, concise answers
  • Skip the constructed response section! Remember that complex case studies require clearly written, on-point answers
  • Take TIMED tests using the same conditions as your Praxis
  • Take all the PLT K-6 practice exams at one time! Leave one till the week of the test

Links To Praxis Subject Tests Prep Tools And Tactics

Pass The Praxis Principles Of Teaching And Learning (PLT) K-6 And Look Forward To A Bright Future!

The Praxis PLT K-6 Principles Of Learning And Teaching (5622) doesn’t have to stand in the way of YOUR goals!

If you know what is on the test, what YOU need to study, and how to take the test, you are on your way to passing the the first time!

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Author: Mark Dahlson