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About Us: Who Is Teaching Solutions and Mark Dahlson?

After Mark Dahlson failed his exam and delayed his career, he quickly discovered the widely-used, name brand books sold by major publishers commonly sold at Barnes and Noble and were setting him up for failure.

Dahlson found preparing for his exam a frustrating guessing game of ‘trial and error.’ It quickly became clear why so many test takers who use the widely-used, popular test prep books (like the ones sold at Amazon and Barnes and Noble) cause so many to fail each year.

He found most study guides and test prep services on the market never reveal what the real test covers. None breakdown the vast amount of information you’re required to know. None give you any focus. They just create more confusion. It often leads serious test takers in the wrong direction during their study sessions and causes them to fail and risk their career.

He found practice test questions and books on the market are deceivingly much easier than the real exam. Mark learned it’s more profitable for big name study guide publishers to throw a 300-600 page brain dump of ‘information overload’ written by lowly paid staff writers or completely unqualified staff writers.

That even though the author printed on the front of the book has seemingly impressive credentials (e.g. PH.D. or some specialized certification pertaining to the subject matter of the test), the actual writing of the materials is by “ghost writers.”

He was shocked to discover these people never took or passed the test they’re teaching the test taker to pass. Nor do they have any background or training in the field for which they’re developing test prep materials for.

Moreover, he realized those types of prep books are usually years out of date and are for an older version of the test. Even when those study guides are updated it’s usually the same old edition with a new copyright date printed on it.

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. To get a different test score result, Dahlson stopped using the common study guides sold at Barnes and Noble and

He started interviewing test takers who actually passed their test to find-out what the test actually covered and what test prep and test taking tactics they used. Over the next 7 months Mark Dahlson discover a ‘proven success blueprint’ to succeed on his test. Dahlson finally passed his test and started his career.

Mark reflected on the own near loss of his career and the test prep secrets he discovered. He started helping friends, colleagues and others who were in same situation he had been through this website.

Teaching Solutions was founded in 2001 by Mark Dahlson and several colleagues. More research was conducted over the last few years including interviewing thousands of test takers and case studies of clients who passed.

After working one-on-one with thousands of test takers, it didn’t take ‘rocket science’ to track and document what test content and practice questions yield consistently yield a passing score. In fact, he even interviewed test takers who failed their exam to find out what NOT to do.

Over time the “Comprehensive Success System” for your specific test has been further developed, improved, refined and perfected. It currently has a pass rate or success rate of over 93%.

In recent years “Test Coaching” by former test takers was added to blast client member pass rates even higher.

What is Test Coaching? Test Coaching is a unique form of test preparation combining a test study guide created by test takers who passed that specific exam, plus one-on-one help by e-mail, chat or telephone with a Test Coach trained and highly experienced in passing your exam.