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Praxis Test Prep: 5 Steps to Pass The 1st Time…

You’ve paid for several Praxis prep books, but on your test day you break out in a rash. Your eyes fill with tears. You feel lost. Why? Because the Praxis test is THE high-stakes test you need to pass to be certified!

praxis ii test prep guide online prepare for ETS exam

Every year, your students score over the state requirements on THEIR standardized tests. But now YOU can’t pass your Praxis exam to hold on to your teaching job!

Sound familiar? Many states like Louisiana give you 3 years to pass the Praxis exam. If you can’t, you’re done teaching!

So why can’t YOU pass?

Which of these Praxis test prep problems describes you?

  • The Praxis covers so much information it’s hard to know what to study.
  • You’ve been out of college a LONG time.
  • Your study guides, prep classes and practice tests do NOT cover what’s really on the Praxis.
  • You’ve never been good at taking tests!

No matter which problem you own, you CAN pass the Praxis exam! Just follow these Praxis test prep steps!

Praxis Prep Step 1: Get A Focus!

How many times have you taken the Praxis test? Once? Twice? Five times?

You know what it’s like to spend money on Praxis sample questions, books and prep courses and then spend hours studying the correct material. . .at least that’s what you THOUGHT you were doing.

praxis prep tips free study helpThen you get the news: you failed.

You did everything right and still failed! Now you wonder, “Is it worth it to spend hours studying, just to fail again?”

You DON’T want to waste your college degree—or more money—on another failed Praxis.

Avoid wasting study time: Get a Focus.

But it seems impossible to predict exactly what’s on the exam. Even Praxis test study guides can be too broad. So how do you get a narrow focus for your Praxis test prep?

STOP studying the same old way!

The method is so simple that even I ignored it. I was a 3-time Praxis testing loser. Then I found a way to rip through Praxis “Information Overload.”

I want to share my Praxis prep tricks and tips to show YOU how to get a FOCUS for your test success! First, you need to visit the official Praxis website. There you’ll find the exam breakdown for each ETS exam. Use this as a guide to focus your test preparation as well as criteria in selecting a book and practice question.

Watch This: Lessons From My 1st Praxis Failure That Helped Me Pass On The Next Try…

You’ll find some of the covert test practice strategies that helped me—and many others—pass the Praxis. Click the link to go to my video now.

Praxis Test Prep Step 2: Learn What You Forgot!

Have you been out of college 10 years? 30 years?

They tell you that it doesn’t matter that you’ve been out of college for many years. They tell you that as long as you know your “basic” educational competencies, you’ll do just fine.

But a renowned test expert recently discovered those so-called “Praxis test prep experts” are dead wrong. And if you’ve been out of college for several years, you have every right to be worried about passing the Praxis!

Here’s why:

  • Approximately 82% of all Praxis test prep guides are written from the vantage point of a RECENT college graduate.
  • For every year you’ve been out of college, your test score can lower as much as 5%.
  • Even though you have teaching experience, the Praxis never takes your experience into account.

What does this mean for YOU?

  1. If you’ve been out of college longer than 2 years, the Praxis is designed to trip you up.
  2. Educational theory and content have changed as fast as everything else in the information age!
  3. “Best Practices” in teaching are different than the common teaching methods of veteran teachers.

So what can you DO about it?

There’s hope for you yet.

There are major methods to prepare for the Praxis that can turn the most veteran teacher into a lean, mean Praxis test prep machine! And it only takes a few steps.

So ignore your college graduation date. If you want to get to the heart of successful prep for the Praxis, then YOU need to go back to high school. The basic tenets of English, math and reading comprehension will see you through this exam.

If you try to focus outside of English, math and reading, you’ll lose that all-important FOCUS.

So if you’ve been out of the education system for more than 5 years, enroll in a test prep course!

You DO need to know what you’re up against.

See some tactics that will blast you past the Praxis preparation problem of “being out of school too long.”

Praxis Prep Step 3: Get Better At Taking The Test!

“Praxis study just can’t help me when I need it the most. In fact, it’s not my study guides that are the problem. It’s me. I’m just a bad test taker.”

Does that sound like you? If so, you’re deep into a very dangerous belief.

The belief that YOU’RE the problem leads to think that. . .

  • no matter what You do
  • no matter how hard you try

You’ll NEVER pass the exam and get your teacher certification.

WHAT? You’re not giving any blame to your Praxis test OR to your test prep book.

You’re pointing the finger at the person who is the LEAST to blame: YOU!

Why You Believe You’re a “Bad Test Taker”

Let’s face it: when you’re staring at multiple incorrect answers that ALL seem possible on a set of Praxis practice test questions, it can be all-too-easy to believe that deep down, you’re simply a bad test-taker.

And when you can’t quite grasp major concepts in your Praxis study, it confirms what you see as inevitable: you’re just not meant to be a certified teacher.

Before you let this kind of thinking poison you, it’s time to put down those Praxis study materials and listen up.

There is NO such thing as a bad test-taker.

Not convinced?

Take a look at the hidden reasons that contribute to your belief that you’re a bad test-taker. . .and why a better kind of Praxis test prep is the ONLY thing that can help you gain confidence to pass.

Check-out: Proven: How To Pass The Praxis In The Least Amount Of Time…

Praxis Prep Guides That Help You Believe In Yourself

Believe it or not, there IS such a thing as study help that transforms you from a “poor test-taker” into a certified teacher.

And if you’re ready to tap your existing content knowledge and leverage it into an extraordinary ability to master anything the exam throws your way. . .Then you’re ready to uncover the shocking contents of this article.

  • It’s time to shake off that feeling of doom and gloom.
  • It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and say that you ARE capable of passing this exam—even if every fiber of your being is telling you otherwise.
  • It’s time to give yourself the confidence you need to fight your negative beliefs with the help of some seriously skilled test prep guides.

And these FREE Praxis study guide tips will show you how!

Praxis prep book authors are always quick to point out this first issue: address your negative beliefs. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

But have an honest chat with yourself. Ask:

  1. Why do you believe you’re such a poor test-taker?
  2. What in your past has confirmed this belief?
  3. What is YOUR role in turning these negative beliefs into reality?

Now that you’ve done a little soul-searching, it’s time to tackle these negative beliefs head-on.

Here’s the remedy: every moment you tell yourself you’re no good at test-taking, come up with an example that proves your belief wrong!

For example, think about how you scored well enough on your SAT to get into your college, or how you landed an A on that tough history final in high school.

Your old beliefs will crumble in the face of stone-cold evidence!

DON’T WAIT to try out these confidence-boosting tips till the week before the exam. Your mind needs time to accept your new, positive beliefs!

But once it does, you’ll be an unstoppable test-taker, destined for Praxis success!

If you’re ready to eliminate negative beliefs from your life and finally get your teacher certification, then get the ultimate Praxis study materials for ETS Test preparation.

Praxis test prep burnout might not seem like the immediate culprit here. But trust me: if you’ve been putting in long hours with no relief in sight, then your test-taking abilities will plummet. Burnout is a huge complaint in the exam prep industry, so turn to the experts to help you manage your Praxis study time wisely.

Do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself? Perhaps you believe you’re a poor test-taker simply because you don’t rank in the highest exam percentile. While you know that top test scores aren’t in reach for most people, you need help to finally accept the truth.

Want to know one of the most powerful reasons why many students think they’re bad test-takers? Want to know how to fix it? It’s so revolutionary that 90% of students who took the Praxis their second time around passed with flying colors!

Question: Does This Common Praxis Test Prep Mistake Threaten Your Bright Future As An Educator?…

Praxis Prep Step 4: Ditch Your Study Guide And Use THIS To Pass!

You “feel the pain” of your students on their test day.

But now it’s YOU in this “make or break” situation. If you could just pass the Praxis !

You CAN pass the Praxis. . .With the right study guide!

You know you must get the best Praxis prep materials to pass and earn your teacher certification. Passing your ETS exam is the key to the teaching career that you’ve always dreamed about—not to mention that secure teacher’s salary!

But using the WRONG preparation resources for the Praxis exam can leave you feeling overwhelmed. After all, most Praxis prep manuals suggest you memorize an overwhelming amount of information that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT appear on your test. You need highly focused practice and real exam content if you expect to pass your Praxis exam.

With so many poor free test prep books online out there, it’s no wonder that so many fail and go back to square one: studying the same mediocre practice questions over and over again!

You can pass the first time. All you need are the flashcards, notes and sample questions that have been optimized to reflect actual exam questions!

Effective Praxis Study Guides Teach You The Real Exam—NOT FLUFF!

Whatever Praxis you take—Math, Reading, Elementary Ed, Social Studies, PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching), Special Ed, or other ETS test, you know the best Praxis guides help give you a FOCUS, not overwhelm you.

Just one Praxis failure can delay your career in education and cost you around $40,000 of your first year’s teaching salary. . .right?


So avoid failure!

What you need are Praxis study materials written by fellow test-takers, not some underpaid writer sitting at a desk who’s never seen the real exam by the Educational Testing Service.

You need review tips authored by an educator who actually passed the same exam you’re going to take. Then you won’t waste time with fluff, filler and long-winded jargon you won’t see on your Praxis exam.

Praxis Test Preparation Step 5: Make Sure You Choose A Study Guide That Cranks It Up A Notch!

Nothing can replace the benefit of one-on-one mentoring with an experienced tutor. Combining top-notch practice exams, the most up-to-date Praxis test prep guides AND test coaching in your Praxis prep will blast your test score to passing level in a very short period of time.

A certified teacher who already took your specific Praxis exam can give you details about the structure and format of test questions, the best Praxis study methods and the specific things you need to achieve a passing score.

Additionally, Praxis test coaching isn’t expensive; in fact there is tutoring help out there that offers coaching as a supplement to a review book. That’s perfect for those future teachers on a tight budget!

So if an ETS study manual offers you tutoring, JUMP at the opportunity.

Find A Praxis Test Prep Book That Does More For You!

Don’t be afraid of taking an unofficial testing readiness assessment. That assessment will

  • test your core knowledge
  • reveal where you’re weak and vulnerable to failing
  • give you a FOCUS for your study sessions.

It’s not impossible to pass your Praxis if you prepare smarter!

You have enough on your plate! Let me help you get the Praxis prep guide that will put you in front of your own classroom faster.

Your future as a certified teacher is on the line. Don’t lose hope!

Watch This: The Secret To Choosing A Praxis Practice Test That Results In A Passing Score 77% Of The Time …

Praxis Test Preparation:
How To Handle The Overwhelming Amount Of ‘Information Overload’ You’re Required To Know…

Maybe you’re like me (before I figured-out how to kill this monster)….

  • You’ve taken the Praxis exam 1-4 times.
  • You know, your Praxis preparation books lacked the content knowledge and types of example questions that reflect the real exam.
  • Your entire teaching career, family and life is placed on hold because your Praxis test preparation plan was a complete failure or simply didn’t exist.
  • You’re feeling depressed. You now fear you may not being able to keep your current teaching job. You face losing the standard of living you and your family now take for granted.

Praxis Preparation Problem #1:
What Could Wrestling This Monster Cost You?

The people who profit from Praxis prep guides couldn’t ever pass this exam. They never have to face losing their jobs, dignity, homes and possibly their families!

You may have been wrestling this monster for over a year. Each time you miss the mark by small margins.

You, your teaching colleagues and maybe even your principal thinks you’re an excellent teacher. You found by now this whole thing is ridiculous.

The ETS Praxis has little to do with measuring your ability to be a good teacher. Hell, half this stuff covers things you’ll never teach and isn’t even part of the K-12 curriculum!

Praxis Test Preparation Problem #2:
The Cruel Joke Of Testing

The overwhelming amount of content knowledge is thrown at you in study guides in a big slop of impractical and unusable brain dump.

Nobody else in any other field would be required to take and pass a test that is so broad and so little to do with measuring performance in their profession. What other situation would you be given an examination based on information that wasn’t covered in the course work to prepare you for your career?

If it wasn’t so tragic to the students quality of education…this would be a joke!

You’re a great asset to your school and district. Now the system is telling you you’re not qualified due something irrelevant to the teaching talents you’ve demonstrated. You’re valuable teaching experience and skills you’ve developed could be used to mentor and coach new teachers who come to the classroom cold with only textbook skills.

Now those “fresh out of college youngsters” are the ones that will likely steal the education career you’ve worked so hard to develop. If you could just get a hold of accurate Praxis preparation materials that reflected what was tested pulling this thorn out of your side you wouldn’t be pondering what job you might have to get if you lose your teaching position.

Of course, that Praxis book you got from the or Barnes and Noble wasn’t helpful nor was it test oriented.

You have such an enormous amount of Praxis preparation information to “memorize” that it puts you in a paralysis. You have no idea what will actually be tested anything is ‘fair game.’

Praxis Preparation Problem #3:
The True Cost Of Stress And Overwhelm

If you don’t get this stress handled and dealt with it can cripple your health and ruin the relationships in your life. It’s NOT them that you should take it out on! It’s this encyclopedia of Praxis test content you must memorize and exam questions they use to purposely trip you up.

Have you ever thought you found an insight into Praxis preparation only find you’re further down the tunnel of ‘analysis of paralysis’? …And now even MORE confused and overwhelmed?

Why don’t they just decide what’s the core of information and skills critical for teacher effectiveness? It’s like the great gods of the Praxis don’t really know, have no clarity or agreement what that really is so they throw this slew nearly impossible, esoteric, impractical test questions at you. — And maybe after they nearly destroyed the confidence, teaching careers of the best educators, wreaked havoc on teacher’s families and you finally pass this thing after 5 tries you’re “worthy of being a teacher.”

Praxis Test Preparation Problem #4:
Are You Committed To Pay The Price Of Success?

After all the money, time and stress this “Praxis exam information overload” cost me, I could’ve got at least 2 PH.D.’s. It would have required a lot less rote memorization of facts and trying to think of schemes to pass or how to out think trick questions thrown at me.

I could have put thousands of hours into my teaching career, not trying to navigate through a maze in and a bureaucratic nightmare created by people who couldn’t pass the exam themselves!

My Praxis Preparation Solution: What I Did To Break-Through Test Prep Overwhelm And Self-Pity…

What finally got me through this in the end is focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. The day I stopped complaining and focusing on how this test is so unfair, I really narrowed by energy and time on doing the few key things it takes to pass the Praxis.

You see it’s so easy to fall into that trap of thinking it’s impossible. Gravity and the environment pull you there automatically. You must put the mental energy forth to focus your time, resources and attention on the SOLUTION, not wallow more and more in the problem.

Discover some covert Praxis preparation strategies that helped me ram-through overwhelming content knowledge. Click on the link below to go to my video page now.

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How Correct Praxis Study Can Help You Avoid Getting Axed From Being A Certified Teacher Now

You know the ETS Praxis has little to do with your ability to be a good teacher, but can permanently axe you from the teaching profession forever. You can’t give up now. You’ve already invested too many years of your life in the teaching career you love.

Do whatever it takes to learn how to pass-the-Praxis test in ethical and legal manner so you don’t suffer the fate of so many good educators. You must locate the best Praxis study books and practice questions to succeed.

I took the Praxis test because of my passion for being a classroom teacher and mission to help young minds lead better lives.

It didn’t take me long to see my college classes didn’t prepare me. It didn’t take me long to see after I failed that my Praxis practice tests didn’t prepare me either. After seeing many friends and colleagues failing this teacher certification exam over and over again, I realized this exam is a different animal. I couldn’t just do the same test prep routine I did for other standardized tests or in my education classes.

Most Praxis preparation materials I used lead me in the wrong direction. The test prep books I tried didn’t cover the exam material and/or were too simplistic compared to REAL test questions. — I failed the Praxis test 3 times and almost gave-up the only career I ever wanted.

Your Worst Case Scenario Of Failing The Praxis

My family and I experienced the ‘devastating nightmare’ of my losing my teaching position after my Praxis test failure. You see for a time this put me out on the street searching for a job to put food on the table.

You too probably got slapped in the face with the shocking reality that there are very few Praxis practice tests that reflect the actual exam. (You know there has to be a better way to pass.)

After I almost losing everything I had (including my family) I finally discovered some secrets to pass-the-Praxis test. …Never let that happen to you!

Some Praxis practice tests, study guides and test taking tips may seem basic at first glance. However, IF you actually apply them, could be the ‘missing link’ to passing you’re seeking.

Click here for a : FREE Praxis Study Guide Video right now.

P.S. Don’t be surprised if you find a few of my Free Praxis study guide tips online, test prep short-cuts and confidential confessions sling-shot you back to the secure teaching career you deserve!

Praxis study done by reading through hundreds of pages of mindless test prep content is a daunting task. You need to dedicate your time for it and can’t just leave your test preparation and test success up to hope, luck or chance…

…That is if you’re really serious about passing your ETS teaching exam.

You need to give your best Praxis study effort to reading your prep books. You also have to shell out some cash to buy good review materials in order to study for the Praxis. After all, a small investment of $50-$200 now could help sling-shot you to a full $35,00-$45,000 teacher salary in a few short months NOT spending another year of your life struggling to pass this exam, wondering how on earth you’re going to pay your student loans and/or working at a job you hate.

But if you really want to get your teacher certification, you need to use one of the best, most effective prep Praxis study programs available.

Free Praxis Study Guide Tips Online That Will Help You Pass…While You Still Have Time

The problem is, what if you have a day job and are already a teacher? Or what if you’re holding two part-time jobs? That certainly puts you at a disadvantage in your Praxis study and having enough time to get the most out of your review materials.

You can’t quit your job to study for the Praxis test. Perhaps you’re the breadwinner of your family. Or maybe you need your current job to pay for your test prep guides and the ETS testing fees.

In any case be prepared to invest some extra money to buy Praxis study materials and to enroll in a test help review class or get a test practice tutor (if available in your area). But then again, you’re still facing two big problems:

  1. You may sufficient lack Praxis study time to use your books and practice question as well as attend an exam review program;
  2. Your time, energy and attention is divided between your work, family, friends and your exam preparation.

Don’t Have Much Time To Study For The Praxis? How To Find The Time You Need

Since you have a day job or are holding two or even three part-time jobs, you’ll need to have effective time management skills.

You spend most of your day at work. This can make you feel tired and unmotivated to crack open your Praxis study guide after a long day. But you can’t afford to slack off. So how to pass the Praxis test if this is the case?

Well, you need to make time if you don’t have time to prepare. There’s just no other way but this.

So, I’m going to give you some time management tips that can help you create time to leverage the highest score possible out of the limited time you have.

The “EPE Study Technique” To Get The Teacher Certification You Need To Succeed!

The technique I’m about to teach you is called the “EPE Study Technique”. This is especially designed to help working test takers study for the Praxis test.

This Praxis study technique guarantees you’ll create time you need even if your time is extremely limited.

Below is a three-step guide on how to use this technique:

  1. Evaluate
    Since you’re working, you need to evaluate your situation. How many hours are you spending for work? Then evaluate how many hours you’re spending doing other things like watching TV or hanging out with your friends. Doing this gives you an initial assessment of how many hours you can devote to your test preparation.
  2. Prioritize
    Once you have your initial time assessment, prioritize the things you need to do. Of course, you can’t take time off from your work. So that stays as it is. But you can perhaps slash an hour or two from it. Talk to your manager that you’re preparing for your teacher certification exam. She might be able to help you have more time off. After all, you won’t be doing this forever. Sacrifice a little bit for your future. If this isn’t an option – especially if your manager is giving you a hard time at work– then you can spend less time doing other less important things. If you spend an hour or two each day watching TV, you can cut it down to 30 minutes or completely eliminate it. You can also cut down the time you spend hanging out with friends. This is an effective way to create more time to study for the Praxis test without sacrificing your job.
  3. Execute
    Once you’ve created time for your test prep, make sure you don’t waste it. Read your study guides, attend a prep class (if available in your area) and do the other things that could help you raise your score.

If you prioritize and cut out some of the time wasters in your week you can squeeze a few more hours out of every week for your test prep. You just need to make a firm decision and stick to it.

You can become a certified teacher once you allocate your time and life to leveraging your time to maximize the value of your teaching career. The reward for proper time and life management in preparing is going to be worth all your sacrifices now.

But what if you can’t really juggle your work or personal schedule to prepare?

Praxis Study Material: “Here’s What To Do If You Don’t Have Any Time To Prepare For Your Exam”…

You probably have a busy lifestyle.

Just take a look at the average Praxis prep guides recommended study schedule. In fact, I’ve got one open in front of me right now – and to use this guide, you’ll have to quit your job, swear off your social life and lock yourself in a library for months.

Here are just a few quotes regarding what they deem to be an “appropriate schedule to study for the Praxis test: “Get at least two hours of study each day. Four weeks from the test date, add on an extra three hours during the weekend.” “Review a chapter per evening.” “Take sample tests every week in addition to your daily study sessions.”

I could go on, but the point’s already been made: these supposed Praxis preparation “experts” clearly think you have all the time in the world to study for your teacher certification exam. And to make matters worse, their Praxis 2 book is specifically designed with these outrageous study schedules in mind. In other words, if you can’t find the time to study.

…Then you might as well face a future of permanent substitute teaching, or worse: working in another career altogether.

“Strapped For Study Time? Then This Next Section Might Just Save Your Teaching Career”

If you’re feeling strapped for time to get the most out of your study guide, then you might think it’s almost impossible to find a spare an hour to study during your busy day – let alone two.

Well, consider this your lucky day: I’m about to show you how you can unleash hours of time to get more Praxis study time.

Wondering where this vast wealth of study gold is hiding? The answer’s simple: it’s in your sleep.

If you feel as though you’re constantly strapped for time and just don’t have enough hours in the day for Praxis prep, then this should come as great news for you. Praxis test prep experts know that those eight hours (or less, as a busy teacher!) between your sheets are perhaps some of the most crucial hours to really absorb everything you’ve been studying all day.

A multitude of studies have shown that while you’re fast asleep, your brain is busy absorbing every precious piece of Praxis test prep

…But only if you optimize your sleep in the first place:

  • If you generally need the help of a sleeping pill to drift off, wean yourself off of the habit. A recent study by the Massachusetts General Hospital Sleep Laboratory showed that people who use prescription sleeping pills have far less brain activity than those who don’t. This means that your brain will be far too sedated to learn anything – so start using herbal supplements like Melatonin to get to sleep.
  • Turn off the computer and phone for at least an hour before you go to bed. Dedicate that entire hour to focusing on Praxis practice tests or study guide material. No matter how busy you may be, you can definitely find the time to clear out an hour before bed for test preparation, so keep your study guide on your nightstand so you don’t neglect it!
  • Review what you’ve learned so far as you’re going to sleep. Again, the more it’s on your mind, the more your brain will absorb it while you peacefully dream of your teacher certification.

Get the Praxis prep help you need. Watch what exciting test prep strategy exploded me out of victimhood. Click on the link below to go to my video page now.

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Get Ready To Get Your Test Preparation Game On

Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news: these mental barriers aren’t permanent. In fact, with a few super-fast tricks, you can train your brain to not only work around these obstacles…

…You can actually make yourself smarter. Just try getting that kind of a promise from your ETS Praxis study guide!

Here’s the not-so-good news: if you’re a fan of traditional test prep methods, then you might not be a big fan of the following mind-blowing tricks for firing up those neurons. So if you’re happy staying in the slow lane with your Praxis test study, then watch out for your fellow test takers…

…Because they’ll be speeding right by you!

Links To Praxis Subject Tests Prep Tools And Tactics

  • Your Praxis study is not all that it’s cracked up to be? Try this mental tip to sharpen up your foggy brain: Head over to and type in the search term “nature sounds”, then use just five minutes to listen to the beautiful sounds (bonus points if it comes with imagery). A University of Michigan study discovered that exposing ourselves to “natural” sounds and imagery can increase our brain performance by up to 20%.
  • Unleash your inner child and play your favorite video game, like Tetris or Solitaire. According to Shelley Carlson, author of Your Creative Brain, ten minutes of game play can quicken your thought processes and help you see important connections faster. Additional bonus: Games distract you from your testing anxieties, which can form those debilitating mental barriers.

Think these sound too easy? Give them a go yourself to discover just how powerful these brain-boosting techniques can be. It’s like funneling caffeine directly into your mind!

Check-out: Why Some Praxis Test Takers Pass On The 1st Try — While Others Fail 1-7 Times? The Answer Might Surprise You…

Author: Mark Dahlson