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TExES Preparation – 4 Fast-Track Tips To Pass Easier

Have you started cracking your preparation manuals yet?

You know that you’ll need the best TExES test preparation resources on the block to help you pass.

However, many test takers forgo getting the best TExES practice test and study guide for one reason only: they think that they’ve already learned everything they’ll need to pass their Texas teacher certification test. Marcia, a substitute teacher studying for the Texas Educator Certification Test thought that her real-world experience was enough to help her pass this ETS and SBEC examinations…

…but she learned the hard way that passing is much more difficult. It takes a special kind of preparation for the ETS TEA to permanently erases the anxiety in test prep and test taking.

TExES Preparation Tip #1: Avoid Cutting Corners

Marcia learned that no matter how much real world classroom experience one might have, it doesn’t make up for proper preparation for the TExES

…after all, this examination for Texas certification is based off of theory and best practice teaching methods not real world experience – and knowing this difference makes the difference between a failing score and a $37,000 teacher’s salary.

Erasing the intimidation factor in Texas teacher testing doesn’t involve a sense of overconfidence, or becoming a genius – it’s all about doing the right amount of test practice no matter what teaching specialty you’re taking this exam for. Great practice questions and study guides highlight tips and strategies you need to pass the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards.

So, don’t assume that you already know everything that’s going to be on this standardized test. That pricey mistake can cost you months of your precious time and $37,000!

TExES Test Preparation Tip #2: How Effective Study Dramatically Reduces Testing Anxiety

The last time Marcia took the exam, she suffered from extreme testing anxiety. And unfortunately, Marcia isn’t the only test taker who gets a severe case of the testing jitters on the day of the big testing day.

So, how do your TExES study guides relate eliminating testing anxiety?

Plenty! Knowing what’s on your exam before you sit down to take it can do wonders to quiet your nerves and ease your worries. After all, testing experts point out that the root of test anxiety is the subconscious belief that you’re not good enough or smart enough to pass the test…

…and your exam anxiety fulfills that prophecy by causing you to choke up and fail the test.

Proper TExES exam preparation takes away this risk, because it gives you the confidence you need to walk into the testing room with your head held high. Marcia learned her lesson the hard way – don’t let her mistake become yours!

TExES Preparation Tip #3: Reducing Test Anxiety Can Be Easy

Marcia got the test help and sample questions she needed to finally erase the intimidation factor of the exam…

…and now she’s teaching classes as licensed teacher to the yearly tune of $37,000, plus full benefits from her school district.

Whether your taking the Bilingual Education Supplemental, Generalist, Math, Reading, English, Social Studies, PPR, the 191 exam, 113, 117, ec-12, 4-8, Special Education or any other Texas educator exam, you need the best Teacher’s guide.

Links To TExES Practice Tools And Tactics: Don’t let this high stakes TExES preparation stop you from achieving the career of your dreams. Get your hands on the ultimate practice tests and TExES study manuals that eliminate your testing fears and anxiety.

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