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TExES PPR – 3 Simple, But Highly Effective Tips To Pass

You know in TExES PPR study that a positive attitude is much more productive in test prep than a negative one.

But after trying boring and inadequate preparation materials, it can be really easy to let those negative worries and fears take over.

Many Texas teacher certification test takers make the mistake of preparing themselves mentally, but not emotionally. They plan their TExES test practice believing that no matter how negative they might feel about taking this assessment, it won’t impact their test score.

But don’t let this common TExES PPR practice mistake sap away your success. After all, this Texas teacher certification examination has a reputation for being tough…

…and a positive mental approach will only help you to achieve a better score!

TExES PPR Practice Tip #1: Why Studying For This Exam Is Hard For Everyone

I’m Nancy Johnson, a former test taker – and you can bet that I know more than my fair share about how to prepare for the TExES PPR exam in order to get a passing score. So let’s start off with a few exam prep truths.

professional responsibilities study guide

These TExES PPR study questions will help you get a passing score whether your registering to take the Math, Science, Generalist, Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR), Social Studies, English or any other content area.

You know, the TExES PPR is a challenge and getting a passing score is even harder – no matter what the subject area. Everyone struggles on certain areas of the SBEC and ETS test – period. Focusing on how tough the exam will be is just a waste of your test prep sessions…

…so let’s move on to discuss the strategies that will pump up your positivity – and exam success – on your testing date!

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TExES PPR Study Tip #2: Two Personalities Types – Only One Leads To A Passing Score

If you do your TExES PPR practice with a group of fellow test takers, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

In a recent research study conducted last year by a leading national test preparation company there are two distinct personality types:

1.) Those who complain about how tough the test is (“I’m going to fail this exam”; “This test is so unfair”; “The passing rate is so unrealistically high”; blah blah blah!), and

2.) Those engaging in TExES PPR test preparation who were ready to take serious action.

texes ppr pedagogy and professional responsibilities practice test

You know how to spot this in any study group. They’re the ones who are relaxed and full of helpful advice about TExES prep and test taking – and none of those comments are negative! In fact, just being around them makes you feel more confident about your ability to skyrocket your score on this standardized test. Don’t ignore these feelings – surround yourself with positive test takers in your review sessions, and see how fast your pass this examination.

TExES PPR Tip #3: Your Words And Thoughts Impact Your Prep Effectiveness And Test Score

Maybe you’re the one who tends to say negative things about the TExES PPR prep and/or taking your teacher certification exam. Sure, you could view it as a bit of harmless complaining or “just venting.”…

However, could what you’re saying about the studying for the TExES test affect your exam score?

It’s true with anything: if you say something frequently enough, you’ll start to believe its veracity. You begin to program yourself because the subconscious mind takes direct suggestions given by the conscious mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t have the ability to analyze if you’re joking, venting or just having a passing thought. With repetition of negative thoughts over time this mental programming has the ability to affect your test practice, actions you take and the results you achieve i.e. your SBEC TEA test score.

So why not harness this power when your using your TExES preparation materials and give yourself tons of positive praise? Even if it’s for something as “simple” as understanding a tough math equation, give yourself plenty of positive encouragement.

The results of your study over time will dramatically improve.

Final TExES PPR Advice

By staying on the positive side and doing winning things while reviewing your TExES PPR flashcards and doing other activities like reading your preparation manuals, you’ll be priming yourself for success…

…instead of preparing for failure!

The best TExES PPR study pumps up your positivity – and that will get you in front of a classroom of your very own. For more test prep tips…

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Author: Mark Dahlson