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TExES Practice Test Tips – 9 Best Tactics To Pass (In Less Time) Now

TExES practice is defined as an interactive exercise that develops more effective test taking skills and test content mastery, thereby improving exam performance.

Just “knowing the material” in your TExES study guide is not enough to pass.

TExES practice test questions can improve your ability to take the exam and therefore, improve your test score. One reason for this is because the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards requires you to show you can to ‘apply your knowledge.’ Obviously, this goes far beyond just showing you’ve memorized facts and theories from a book.

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You can’t replace the study of TExES exam content. However, test prep tips below will help you extract the maximal amount of points from each study session.

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1.) TExES Practice Test Tip #1: Where Do I Find The Best Practice Questions…(That Actually Help Me Pass?)

  • Review the free sample questions provided by the official ETS and SBEC exam administrator.

  • See if your department of education offers any free interactive practice tests for the TExES online or offline.

  • The University of Texas administers a TExES practice exam to its current education students. The West Texas A&M University charges test takers $20 per exam. The Texas Women University, which offers “Representative Forms” exams with questions coming from the same question bank of the real test.

  • Periodically check the TEA website for sample questions.

  • “Interactive TExES practice tests,” means your study questions represent the type of questions, at the same level of difficult as the actual exam and you practice taking the exam ‘under simulated testing conditions.’ On completion you should review both correct ad incorrect answers. The Official website provides some free TExES exam practice test questions online.

  • Use TExES sample tests as a substitute when you can’t locate resources for your specific Texas teacher certification exam.

  • If you really can’t find TExES test practice materials that meet your individual needs or standards, you could create your own review questions from various online sources that follow the official developer’s framework.

  • Get a TExES study guide book that comes with a full length practice test.

  • You can easily find preparation materials in the bookstore like Barnes and Noble or on However, Texas education student’s reviews on and other online sources complain that popular prep books have typos, incorrect information and don’t cover the real test.

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    2.) TExES Practice Exam Tip #2: How To Choose The Best Practice Tests

    Use Texas Examinations of Educator Standards quizzes that mirror the wording and types of questions on the real exam.

    Get TExES practice exams that closely reflect questions on the actual exam. This way you concentrate your limited exam preparation time on content and test questions that:
    1.) Accurately cover the tested content knowledge
    2.) Are at same level of difficulty as the actual exam.

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    • Make sure the full-length TExES practice test you buy covers the official Texas Examinations Of Educator Standards framework. See the official website’s outline of your test and make sure your practice questions hit the major competencies tested.

    • The official site has sample questions that represent the types of questions, wording, difficulty of the questions and format of answer choices you face. Use this to gauge if your study guide has questions that are too easy or not written like the actual exam.

    • Use testimonials, reviews and recommendations from others who passed your specific TExES exam to locate effective preparation materials. Other education students, teacher colleagues and online reviews are good sources for advice for choosing what books and sample exams to buy.

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    3.) TExES Practice Test Tip #3: How To Determine What You Need To Focus On

    • Take a full-length TExES practice exam before you start preparing.

    • This will be an eye opener. After doing this exercise, pinpoint content you’re weak in. Analyze the types of test questions you got wrong. Determine what larger and smaller subsections of your exam you need to focus your time and energy on.

    • Take a full-length TExES practice test each week.

    • This will help keep you be aware of where you improved. You’ll clarify what areas need more time and focus in your test prep. You’ll avoid wasting hours of study time in subsections of the exam that may only marginally improve your score over additional hours or days of study. You’ll see what parts of the exam you can beef-up quickly with minimal time invested.
    4.) TExES Practice Exam Tip #4: You Must Learn How To Pace Yourself
    Taking practice tests also helps you pinpoint what test taking skills need sharpening.

    Many TExES test takers struggle to answer all test questions in the limited amount of time given. Others tend to answer the questions too fast and thereby increase their chance of making careless reading or entry errors on their testing date. Even if you don’t think that applies to you, you never want to walk out the test with time remaining.

    You increase the probability of a passing score by going over test questions and answer selections in any extra time you have. If you don’t you probably left at least some points behind that you MIGHT NEED to reach that tipping point to pass-TExES.

    Develop your skill in pacing yourself. To do this calculate how much time you have for each question. This is done by taking the total time you have to finish the exam divided by the amount of questions. Then allocate some miscellaneous time to go back over questions a second time, especially ones that were challenging and you may have guessed at.

    Always time yourself while taking TExES practice exam questions. See if you’re reading and answering questions at a pace that will allow you to finish on time. If not make adjustments in your pacing. Speed up or slow down where needed.
    5.) TExES Practice Test Tip #5: How To Get Rid Of Test Anxiety Once And For All
    Test anxiety causes some test takers to panic, blank-out and make foolish mistakes. You can dramatically reduce test anxiety with the following technique. Close your eyes. See and feel yourself in the testing center. Breathe deeply and slowly. Calm your mind, body and focus on your breathing. Open your eyes imagining you’re in the exam relaxed, taking the test calm, relaxed, confident and in peak performance mode.

    Continually breathe deeply, see and feel yourself answering the questions correctly and being calm and relaxed. Do this over and over again until you have totally reconditioned your nervous system and eliminated test anxiety.
    6.) Tip #6: Leverage TExES Test Practice To Learn/Master The Exam Material
    Interactive TExES exam practice helps you review, clarify what you already know, plus learn new content knowledge.

    Just make sure your practice questions have full answer explanation and rationales. Knowing why your answers wrong and the rationale for the right ones will help you learn, review and master the test content.

    7.) Tip #7: Get Familiar With The Exam Long Before You Walk Into The Testing Center

    Don’t go into the test center cold.

    -That’s a huge test prep mistake!

    The time you’re given to given to take the TExES exam is short. The last thing you want to do on your testing date is struggle while getting acquainted with the instructions, format, types of questions and the way answers are formatted. Get as familiar with all these items as early as possible during your review.

    TExES practice helps you get familiar with the format, structure and wording of real test questions. Being familiar with the types of questions, answer structures and formats will give you an ‘unfair advantage’ and improve your score quickly.

    Not being familiar with this assessment beforehand creates stress, confusion and channels your mental energy and time away getting answers correct.

    8.) Tip #8: How To Decode Test Questions

    Quality TExES test practice simulates the test taking experience. A test prep provider that teaches you how to decode test questions and determine the answer when you don’t know the answer boosts your score to passing level. There are proprietary techniques to figure-out the answers to many questions when you don’t know the correct answer.

    9.) Tip #9: How To Know If Free TExES Practice Questions Online Will Help You Pass

    Warning: free TExES practice tests usually aren’t like the actual test. “Free practice questions” is usually code for “mediocre” or poor quality. Flimsy study books and practice exams can lead your test preparation in the wrong direction. Such study materials could cause you to study the wrong content and fail. Chances are if you find free sample questions online, they won’t be very good. (At least not good enough to actually help you pass.)

    Whether you’re taking the TExES Math, TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities, TExES Science 7-12, TExES Science 4-8, TExES Social Studies 7-12, TExES Special Education, TExES ESL, TExES Core Subjects EC-6 or other exam, make sure you get the best preparation resources. The best TExES practice tests will be the most like the real exam in its coverage.

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    Author: Mark Dahlson