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TExES Math 7-12 – 2 Simple, Highly Effective Shortcuts To Pass

The TExES Math 7-12 has a tremendous reputation for being one of the most difficult exams administered by the ETS. The best TExES practice test will have questions worded, structured and formatted just like the real exam. Be sure you’re not using one of the mediocre and only marginally accurate TExES Math 7-12 practice tests and review guides that lead so many to failure.

And if you want to pass your Texas teacher certification exam, you need to show your proficiency through the TExES Math 7-12 test.

But the TExES Mathematics 7-12 prep isn’t something you can just take lightly. Do this and you risk having a poor preparation. It goes without saying you also risk failing the test and failing in becoming a teacher in Texas.

If this happens, you’ll miss on a potential $40,000 or more in annual Texas teacher salary. More than this, you have to repeat the process of preparing for the Math 7-12 exam. The impact of this is you’ll spend more time and money to become a licensed educator in Texas. This is something you don’t want to happen.

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This study plan has is highly targeted to this specific Mathematics 7-12 exam. However, thousands of others have applied these preparation tips to pass the TExES Special Education, Science 7-12, Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR), Core Subjects, ESL and Social Studies 7-12 tests.

You want to pass the first time at almost all costs. To do this, you need some effective study tips to help you better prepare.

TExES Math 7-12 Short-Cut #1: Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

You’ve probably heard a lot of generic tips on how you can prepare for the TExES Math 7-12 exam. But seriously, do you think such generic tips can really effectively help you?

Eating a good breakfast before studying is not an effective study tip to prepare for the TExES Math exam. It’s just plain common sense.

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What you need to pass the mathematics test is solid preparation. And for you to have this, you need a study technique that is effective.

So I’m going to teach you this kind of study technique. I call this the “4 Basic Operations Study Technique”. This is aptly named after the four basic operations of mathematics. I’ll discuss the details in the next section.

TExES Math 7-12 Short-Cut #2: The “4 Basic Operations Success Technique”

The “4 Basic Operations Success Technique” will help you become more efficient in preparing for your math examination for Texas educators. Just follow these four simple tips:

  1. Add well-defined short term and long term goals in your TExES Mathematics preparation. This includes mastering a particular mathematical concept and consistently improving your scores on your practice exams.With a well-defined goal, you can better do the things you need to do to reach your goals. This helps you focus more in learning the mathematical concepts that you need to understand. Thus, it makes you more effective in preparing.
  2. Subtract all kinds of distractions from your TExES Math 7-12 study sessions. Switch off your mobile phone so you won’t get distracted when you receive an SMS message.You can do the same with your laptop or computer. It prevents you from getting distracted when someone sends you an instant message. It also helps you avoid being tempted to waste your time online checking your social networking accounts. This can help you become more productive in your preparation.
  3. Multiply the number of times you take TExES math 7-12 practice tests. Ideally, you need to answer 10 sets of practice exams every week. Some days you can answer just one practice exam while other days you can answer two but not more than that. (You may need to get more practice tests and study guides for this, but that’s the price of passing.)The more you answer practice tests, the more you get to polish your problem solving skills.
  4. Divide long, complicated TExES Math 7-12 study guide chapters into smaller subtopics. This helps you focus on the important points of each subtopic.For example, focus first on the fundamentals. Then as you master them, you can use your knowledge on these fundamental topics to better understand more advanced topics. This will help you make significant progress in your preparation for the TExES Math 7-12 exam.

The “4 Basic Operation Study Technique” can help you improve your TExES Math 7-12 problem solving skills. However, if this is still not enough for you, you still have two other options.

You can enroll in a test prep program to further enhance your problem solving skills. You can also hire a private tutor to help you polish your mastery of the mathematical concepts.

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