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TExES Math 4-8 – 3 Step Cheat-Sheet To Pass Rapidly

When it comes to the tough and feared TExES Math 4 8 testing date sometimes it seems that there’s so much to learn, study, and practice to prepare for your Mathematics exam that you don’t know where to start. There are many formulas and equations to consider, it can often seem like your brain won’t fit everything in!

One TExES practice tip many people suggest to master the Educational Testing Service’s TExES Mathematics exam is the method of memorization. For some, memorization is relatively easy and they remember equations for a long time.

However, others struggle to retain information they studied in their review manual for even a short period. So, my question is, how do you choose what to put into your TExES Math exam memory bank? That is, if memorization is hard for you? Luckily, the expert tutors can give you sample questions of exactly what you need to memorize to pass your teaching test and become a licensed teacher in Texas.

Here’s What You Won’t Need For Your TExES Mathematics 4-8 Test

Before we talk about what facts and formulas you’ll need for your math examination, let’s talk about what you won’t see on your Texas Examinations of Educator Standards.

Take a look through your TExES 4-8 practice test questions, and note what few hints and insights they give you. Seems pretty basic, right? There’s certainly a reason for that – and if you want to skyrocket your exam score, then you’d be wise to listen up!

texes math 4-8 practice test questions
The official TExES mathematics study guide is likely written by the same people who’ve written the actual exam – and you can bet that they’re not about to give up their precious secrets! They’ll just give you the jist of what you need to know…

…but they won’t give you the low-down on guaranteed facts and figures like how to use your calculator most effectively or exactly what’s going to show up on your math test for TExES.

So, if you want to get your Texas teacher certification, ditch the free Texas teacher certification mathematics book for your TExES test date. Fight back with a list of recommended calculator tips, formula sheets and equations.

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TExES Mathematics 4-8 Formulas You NEED To Know

Ready for the good stuff? Of course you are – and I’m going to hand it over to you on a silver platter!

With that said, here is a list of formulas and equations that we strongly recommend you study up on for maximum success on your TExES 7-12 and 4-8 math test:

  • Heron’s area formula for triangles
  • fundamental trigonometric identities
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • quadratic formula (especially important for TExES Math)
  • basic factoring formulas (e.g. difference of two squares, etc.)
  • fundamental equations for lines, circles, parabolas and ellipses
  • laws of exponents
  • basic rules for integration and differentiation
  • divisibility rules for 2-10 (with the exception of the rule for divisibility by 7–it’s easier just to check by dividing in most cases)
  • order of operations (does PEMDAS ring a bell?)
  • commutative, associative, and distributive properties for addition and multiplication

Passing Your TExES Mathematics 4-8 And Becoming A Certified Math Teacher In Texas

There’s no need to memorize every imaginable formula when preparing for your TExES Math 4-8 or test…

…but For maximum success, have a select core of information memorized. You’ll save yourself loads of time and energy. Get the ultimate test preparation tool that guarantees you pass the first time.

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