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How To Pass The TExES: “Confessions Of A Texas Teacher Who Got A Passing Score”

Are you tired of brainstorming ways how to pass the TExES? Have you thought about how much you’ve invested in your pursuit of becoming a teacher in Texas?

How much is the total amount you spent for your tuition in college? How about for TExES practice exams and study materials you bought? And just how much of this amount came from your student loan which you still need to pay?

Think about it, you definitely invested quite a big amount for your dreams to get a passing TExES exam score and become a teacher. And if you fail in your test practice and review and do not pass the TExES you don’t get your Texas teacher certification. All that hard work and fortune spent for nothing, but a job you hate and crushed teaching dreams.

This is true whether your taking the TExES ESL, Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR), Social Studies, Math, Core Subjects, Science or any other State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) exams.

This is the reason why you need to find practice test and study guides geared to passing The TExES.

If you don’t pass the TExES exam, you can’t work as a teacher in Texas. You’re going to be stuck without a job to repay your student loan. Or you would be caught up doing odd jobs that doesn’t pay you as well as if you were an educator who passed the teacher certification test.

Don’t fall into the trap thinking, “I can always retake the TExES exam.” Yes, you can retake it a second, third, fourth time, etc. However, that’s an extremely poor use of weeks/months of TExES prep time. Each time you fail you’ll need to buy more preparation materials.


Because if you reviewed your TExES study guides and practice tests and it didn’t help you pass, then it be foolish to expect those books will make you pass on the next try.

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Get A TExES Pass In The Most Efficient Way

Would you believe me if I tell you there’s a proven efficient way to pass the TExES exam? I’m sure you’ll be skeptical. After all, you’ve heard of countless internet programs that claim they have the secret to success. And more often than not, they can’t deliver on their promise to help you.

So what makes my claim of knowing the most efficient way to pass the TExES test different from all the other test prep programs?

For starters, it’s for free. I won’t make any money out of it. It’s also something I’ve shared with friends who were thankful they had an easy time achieving test success. So it’s something that is really effective.

Don’t believe me? Well, try these study tips and you’ll be giving praises afterwards.

These Tips Will Guarantee You Pass The TExES Test On Your First Attempt!

Realistically, you can’t achieve a passing score without having some kind of preparation. And studying for TExES requires a lot of sacrifice. But during the exam, you can get a passing score easily if you follow these tips:

  • Master the art of eliminating incorrect choices. This is very effective in helping you pass the TExES exam. You need to narrow down your choices by eliminating choices which are obviously incorrect. This can significantly increase your chance of getting the correct answer.
  • Make it a habit to be watchful for clues hidden in other questions. There are questions that contain the answer to previous or succeeding questions. Spotting such clues can help you.
  • Recalling the things you studied during your exam preparation is vital to your test success. However, you shouldn’t just memorize everything in your preparation. That’s ridiculous because you just can’t memorize them all. Instead, understand the concept of the topics you’re studying.
  • Use symbols, mnemonics, and the things you see around you and associate them to topics you’re studying for easier recall. This is another effective way to get more correct answers.
  • In your preparation to pass the TExES Math test, memorizing key formulas is important. However, there are formulas which can be derived from another formula. Master the process of deriving formulas through constant practice. This will help you master Math exam material more easily.
  • To succeed in the test writing section, avoid being too verbose. Also avoid using slang and street lingo. Stay with simple words and sentences to effectively convey the ideas in your essay.

Follow these tips if you want to get a passing score. As I’ve mentioned before, these tips can help you become more efficient in preparing for the exam. So try using them. Then take a practice test. You’ll be surprised at how effective this tips are in helping you pass the TExES.

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