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“NCLEX Review Questions: Quick Answers And Rationales To Your Top Five RN Exam Questions”

Fun and comprehensive NCLEX review questions shouldn’t be impossible to find. However, many NCLEX discussion forums contain pressing questions from nursing students determined to pass on the first try with viable testing and exam review solutions. With Bloomberg Businessweek recently exploring the concept of “fast-food” test prep and generic review material tips, it’s critical for nursing students to find viable resources and accurate online review info.

Let’s take a look at the best NCLEX review questions posed by nursing students on how to find targeted and accurate test prep.

1) Is The Kaplan NCLEX Review Worth It?

Let’s return to Bloomberg Businessweek again to get the answer to this pressing question about Kaplan Nursing test prep. In an article published in 2009, author Francesca Di Meglio argued that because Kaplan offers guides on dozens of exams and subject matters, this makes it more likely that nursing students will encounter generic curriculum and instruction. Therefore, if you want to pass on the first try, it’s best to steer clear of Kaplan resources.

2) How Should I Locate The Best NCLEX RN Review Questions And Books?

Nursing students should look to discussion forums to find valuable feedback on the best NCLEX review questions. Forums are typically filled with previous test-takers who can provide accurate information on practice exams, tutoring, tips and the best review materials. Don’t take these suggestions for NCLEX review questions lightly, as they come from actual – and successful – former test takers.

3) Where Can I Find Free NCLEX Review Questions Online?

The trouble with finding free NCLEX review questions online is that many of them don’t reflect the difficulty of the actual examination. However, if you’re on a budget and hoping to save on review products, it’s recommended that you go to Google Books, type in “NLCEX” in the search bar, and check out the free previews. Many of these will expose practice test questions and review material tips, which can provide you with comprehensive nursing content without the expense. Nursing students should also try the same method with YouTube, as many channels contain videos of free review questions and their rationale.
4) Where Can I Find An Audiobook Review Questions For The NCLEX?
Using an audiobook provides you with prep on demand, as you can listen to these targeted review questions anytime you’d like. Finding an audiobook review can be a challenge, but nursing students should consider visiting to find NCLEX-RN audiobooks on demand. Students can also download an NCLEX RN QBank app from iTunes or the Google App store right to their smartphones. These are like electronic flashcards, so you’ll get plenty of review questions.
5) How Should I Select A Review Course For The NCLEX-RN?
There are certain factors you’ll need to take into consideration, like your budget and remaining time you have before your test dates. However, one of the best ways to select a review course is to find an RN reviewer discussion board and post a question to previous test takers. You may discover a great deal of valuable feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of dozens of review courses. We recommend posting a question at, as this is one of the most popular registered nurse exam preparation discussion boards.

If you try out the tips and techniques listed in each of these questions, you’ll discover that you don’t have to play a guessing game when selecting the best NCLEX review questions and prep materials. This saves you a great deal of valuable time and money. It also significantly reduces that crushing anxiety and frustration you may feel when you encounter generic nursing exam materials.

With the most updated, live prep class, you can pass your NCSBN exam today on the first try. Get NCLEX review questions with the best customer feedback and in a fun way to prepare.

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