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NCLEX-RN Review Course: Top 3 Ways To Find The Best NCLEX Classes

The world needs a registered nurse like you – so why are NCLEX Review Classes so expensive?

Scraping together your spare change just to afford NCLEX review courses is a humiliating, embarrassing and miserable experience. Attaining your dream career – not to mention helping others – shouldn’t put you in financial peril.

National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse

Let’s face it: you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on your NCLEX-RN prep. You need to find the most money-efficient path to pass. Some registered nurse candidates believe if they ‘throw money’ at their NCLEX-RN test prep and sign-up for the most expensive study programs, books and tutoring, not much physical review is necessary.

You don’t understand it. Why does achieving success on your RN exam demand thousands of dollars from budget-strained nursing students like you? It almost feels criminal. You’re a passionate, caring and empathetic person who will make a wonderful registered nurse…

…And it’s tearing you up on the inside that your bank account balance is preventing you from realizing the career of your dreams.

If you’re ready to put a stop to the heartache, misery and self-pity that you feel when you realize you can’t afford yet another NCLEX prep class, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re about to introduce you to a secret technique that’s so powerful, it’s only taught in the most exclusive NCLEX prep courses. Think of it as like getting your own personal RN exam prep – without spending thousands of dollars.

With this technique, you’ll save your hard-earned money AND experience the confidence, control and power that come with tackling any RN test questions that come your way – no matter how hard they are.

Save money. Erase the heartache and self-doubt. Read on to discover a RN exam application that will tear any test question to shreds.

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NCLEX Review Courses Forget This One Secret…

Perhaps you’re sceptical. Maybe you can’t truly believe that an article could single-handedly wipe out the pain, frustration and miseries you’ve been feeling over not being able to afford at least one NCLEX prep class.

Even if you throw all of your the best NCLEX prep courses tend to forget one important thing about the NCLEX – the test revolves like clockwork. In fact, recent studies have shown that the National Council Licensure Examination tends to retest up to 80% of the content that was on the past three years’ worth of exams.

nclex rn review best sample tests and prep classes

Ignore this technique, and you might as well kiss those other thousands of dollars good-bye – you know, the ones you spent on nursing school.

If you’re finding that your bank account has been drained by test preparation for your RN exam, then this module will show you how to find the best and most affordable NCLEX review classes.

You’ll finally be able to experience the best test prep possible – without putting yourself in bankruptcy.

You’ll finally be given an equal chance to get your RN license. The same chance that’s given to rich people who can afford thousands on review classes for the NCLEX.

So let’s take a closer look at how you can find high-quality and affordable NCLEX review classes – right now.

Why Are NCLEX-RN Review Classes So Expensive?…

Ever wonder why NCLEX review classes are so expensive?

The reasoning is surprisingly simple: test prep is just like any other industry – and nursing tests are a booming business. With healthcare projected to grow by an astonishing 28% by 2012 alone (due in part to the aging Baby Boomers), there are more potential nurses who are looking to get into the industry. Big name test prep companies run by CEOS (rather than nurses) see an incredible opportunity to raise more revenue.

So in response to the grow, they decide to raise the prices of their NCLEX review classes and squeeze as much money as possible out of candidates like you.

Where You Can Find Affordable NCLEX-RN Review Courses?

Think it’s an impossible mission to find affordable review courses for the NCLEX? Think again: follow this step-by-step guide to determining the best NCLEX review classes that won’t break the bank:

  • Grab a pencil and paper, because you’re about to make a list of the most affordable review courses for the NCLEX.
  • First, scratch the names of big-name test preparation companies off of your list. These are the biggest offenders in the test prep world, as they’re run more like businesses. They may promise the world in terms of results, but you’ll have to part with thousands of dollars to get them.
  • Now that the brand-name companies are gone, head online to the USMLE website (Exam-Like NCLEX-RN Practice Tests) and check out smaller, independent review courses. These companies will charge less, but still give you the same great experience.
  • If you still want to find a more affordable review course, consider finding a test prep course that’s based entirely online. Much of the fees associated with NCLEX review classes are due to paying the instructor for the time they take to plan the lesson, travel to the class and tutor any students. However, online courses remove part of that time commitment, meaning that you won’t have to fork over extra for classes.
  • Search for these review classes for the NCLEX by performing a Google search (“NCLEX review classes”) or heading to NCLEX Study Guide for an in-depth look at the best – and most affordable – review courses.
How Can I Get Affordable NCLEX-RN Review Classes And Study Materials Right Now?

If you start searching for the best NCLEX review classes now, you’ll discover that you don’t have to fork over your yearly salary just to get high-quality review material.

You’ll feel positive, energized and motivated knowing that you don’t have to be rich to have a change at becoming a registered nurse.

Finally, you’ll see it’s better than any NCLEX review classes you have to commute to when you accelerate your testing from zero to sixty.

For more advice to pass click on this blue link here: “NCLEX-RN Practice Questions” right now.

Yet despite this fact, NCLEX prep teachers tend to forgo revealing this secret and instead focus on expansive, exhausting and ineffective content review…

…Meaning you still wouldn’t get your money’s worth.

It’s time to spare your pennies and accelerate your NCLEX review so you power through any test question!

A NCLEX-RN Prep Class Won’t Teach You This!
  • Take out a real exam question. Take a look at what it’s asking you – but don’t look at the answers yet.
  • Before you look at the answers, understand which integrated process is being used. Is it communication? Documentation? Caring? Learning? Teaching?
  • Look for clues as to the person’s age, as this can influence the client’s needs.
  • Anticipate your own answer before looking at the choices. Since the NCLEX tests minimum competency, your first instinct is usually the right one.
  • Select your answer, being sure to avoid unique and rare nursing practices. The NCLEX makers want to see that you know safe nursing practices.

So what happens if you use this process?

You’ll start to notice that those practice test questions start to become easier. You’ll start to feel your inner confidence grows as your exam score skyrockets well pass the minimum rate. And you’ll feel absolutely on fire when you realize that you didn’t have to spend a single penny to get the kind of NCLEX prep class that others have to pay thousands of dollars for.

Try out this mini NCLEX review course and its attack framework today. More important, be sure to use this on your testing date.

Author: Mark Dahlson