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NCLEX RN Review – 9 RN Review Advice Nobody Is Talking About…


When you’re staring months of NCLEX review in the face, it can be easy to lose sight of the most effective nursing review.

Because you don’t have a simple yet effective NCLEX RN study guide, you find yourself cutting corners. Reducing your study time. Not spending time on NCLEX-RN review. Watching as your dream nursing career slowly slips through your fingers.

You begin to feel like a failure. Surely, if you graduated from the top nursing schools, you’d be able to manage these RN test questions. But as your family watches you spiral into frustration, pain and depression, you begin to doubt yourself. Especially after seeing the dismal NCLEX pass rate.

nclex rn review and study resources

You know, no NCLEX review class, review book, prep program, tutor and practice exam alone is enough to pass. Worse yet, most of those review materials give you a very poor approximation of typical content tested and types of questions asked.

You find yourself thinking:

“If I was really meant to become a nurse, I wouldn’t have so much trouble with my NCLEX review.”

Ready for the light at the end of the tunnel?

Your growing frustration and pain isn’t a reflection of the quality of your NCLEX-RN review – it’s a reflection on your NCSBN testing date. In this article, I’ll introduce an NCLEX RN review system that’s so simple – and effective – you’ll practically feel giddy with excitement as you rip through your NCLEX practice tests, REAL content and questions!

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Follow this system, and you’ll be just inches away from grabbing your nursing license from the steel-trap of the nursing board.

However, if you choose to ignore this NCLEX review technique, you might as well get comfortable with stress, anxiety and depression over the NCLEX exam – because they’re about to become your permanent bed fellows.

NCLEX Practice Questions – The Science Behind The Supercharge

So what’s the secret NCLEX practice system that’s guaranteed to eliminate the pain, frustration and agony of not being able to master your test practice?

It’s simple: it involves reinvigorating your mind and body for maximum memory retention and test recall.

free sample questions and study resources to pass

A study from Stanford University revealed that when participants were asked to memorize certain items, only 30% were able to recall the items. But when researchers asked them to alternate study locations and combine text and visual cues, their collective memory retention exploded by a whopping 89%.

That means if you want to make the most of your flashcards, graphs and mind maps, you need to “feng shui” your NCLEX-RN review

…And this simple system will help you do exactly that!

Use This System To Crank-Up Your NCLEX Review:

  1. Find a quiet place where you can focus without distractions and interruptions.
  2. Gather up a small amount of your NCLEX practice questions or study material; for example, you could choose to focus on nursing three integrated processes.
  3. Use a clock, watch or kitchen timer to keep track of time in 20 minute blocks.
  4. Pull out a vivid graph or other visual cue that activates the visual learning part of your brain. Study that content for approximately twenty minutes.
  5. After the twenty minutes are up, move onto another space in your home or the library.
  6. Study a text-based section of your selected NCLEX practice. For example, you could read a chapter from your study guide or review a list.
  7. Focus on the text for another twenty minutes.
  8. Continue to switch between visual and text based study material and locations every 20 minutes to boost your retention and productivity of your review time.
  9. Repeat this strategy over and over again each time you study.

With such a sudden increase in your memory retention and test recall (89%, to be exact), you’ll suddenly feel calm, confident, and in control of your nursing review.

Use this system right now without delay. You can accelerate your testing effectiveness and recall of critical NCLEX RN content to unimaginable heights. You can start experiencing the incredible feeling that comes with knowing that you’re about to gain your nursing license once and for all…

…And start living the dream life you’ve always wanted as a registered nurse just by improving your NCLEX practice today.

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Author: Mark Dahlson