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“CSET Practice Test Questions To Ask Yourself…If You Want To Get Your California Teacher Credential”

Do CSET practice test questions in your test prep books seem like another tedious review activity?

Whether your CSET study guide is for the Multiple Subject or Single Subject exam, a practice test isn’t just a way to review content. Example exam questions are necessary to gauge what sections of your test you need to improve.

There’s no one right method to use your CSET practice. (After all, everyone is unique!). However, there are several study techniques that future credentialed California educators can use to get the most out of their test prep sessions. Study up on these testing tips, apply them to your review, and you’ll ace this life-changing exam.

You can use this free test prep advice to pass the Math, Science, Social Studies, Multiple Subjects, Physical Education, Biology subtest, English, Health Science, LOTE and other exams required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

A CSET Practice Technique Anyone Can Use To Cut Their Prep Time By 50%…

You know you have a lot of information to absorb before your California Subject Examinations for Teachers testing day. And you only have a limited amount of time to learn it. This is where mock exams can help you the most. Just don’t expect to conquer everything you need to know during your first week of exam practice.
  • First, review the domains of your CSET exam at the official NESINC website. Identify areas you need to practice in order to get a passing score.

  • Determine which sections of your examination are responsible for the most points. (You need to put the most reading time into these sections.)

  • Get a California Subject Examinations for Teachers practice exam that you’ve never looked at before. Make sure it has at least 50-100 questions representing as wide a breadth as your test.

  • Take the results of your sample exam, plus the information above and determine where you’re the most vulnerable. Where do you see red flags? What domains or subsections put you at risk of failure? Use this activity as a testing readiness tool to help you, not a reason to beat yourself up. Be grateful for this opportunity to work smarter, not practice longer hours for a failing score.

  • After, make a list of major areas and subsections of the exam you know you need to bring up. Emphasize the content knowledge areas responsible for the most points. Be as detail oriented as possible. Failure doesn’t take any planning, but success does. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and worried about the big gap between where you are now and where you need to be on your exam date, do the following:
  • Failure Doesn’t Require A Plan, But Passing Does

  • Project forward to your scheduled CSET testing date and work backward. Break up what you need to learn into manageable chunks. Take out a calendar and split up the key concepts you need to improve on over the next few weeks. Plan twice as much time for areas of the examination you need to bring up and are worth the most points. This is calendar becomes the main outline of your study schedule. This will force you not to deviate from the straightest line between where you are now and where you need to be on exam day. If you only have 1-2 weeks then break it down into even smaller chunks. For example, review domain subsection A for 4 hours on Saturday morning to review and domain subsection Z for 2 hours on Tuesday night.

  • Imagine your exam as a wheel with spokes in it. Each spoke represents one section the test. The tire is only as strong as its weakest parts. The wheel will roll even if one of spokes are weak; however, you can’t pass if one of the spokes are broken. Therefore, include some practice time for the CSET subtests you’re less proficient in, but aren’t worth a lot of points. The rule is to spend only half the time in the smaller sections of the exam that are worth less points.

  • Determine how much time you need to raise your proficiency to passing level for each section. Whatever estimate you decide, double it. If you think you need 3 weeks of time studying 2 hours per day, double it to 6 weeks. We always under-estimate how much time we need. Unexpected things come up. You may find there is even more you don’t know about this exam once you really dig in. – Wouldn’t you rather over prepare and pass rather than trying to get by with less and failing? After all, having to start test prep this all over from the beginning will cost you a lot more time and money.

  • Even if you’re only 1-2 weeks before walking into the test center getting a tightly focused list of what you need to review will allow you to ‘hit the nail in the head’ much faster. Avoid the ‘loosey goosey’ style of managing your test prep time and you’ll often get twice as much as someone you just starts turning pages in their CSET study guide without a plan.
If you do this exam practice strategy, you’ll maximize CSET test score even if you’re crunched for time.

Do Your CSET Exam Practice During Your Peak Energy Hours

Are you a notorious night owl? Or do you do your best thinking in the morning? Are afternoons the time when you’re most alert and functional?

Whenever you’re the most energetic, schedule your studying and practice test taking for that time of the day. You’ll not only have more confidence and be more emotionally fit, but you’ll get more test preparation done in less time.


Because you’ll work more efficiently and absorb more knowledge when you’re psychologically and physically at your peak. Tired and sluggish people study much less efficiently, much like a car on one cylinder. In that state of mental, physical alertness and energy you’re more likely to stick to your plan and tackle the more difficult areas of the exam that are guaranteed to raise your score.
Use The Answer Key As A Learning Tool
After taking practice questions, always survey the answer key. The purpose is not just to see if you got the answer right or wrong. Rather use it as tool to learn the exam content and master it.

If you have example exams that only provides the answer and not a full answer explanation, then be sure to look it up online and take some notes so you learn the concept. Answer keys are rife with juicy information and tidbits that can help you master everything you need to know to pass and get your California teacher credential.

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