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“The Top 7 Ways To Practice And Get A High Score On The TOEFL Reading Comprehension Test”

Are you beating your head against the desk? Are you struggling to read fast enough for the TOEFL iBT reading comprehension exam? Are you always running out of time on practice tests? On test day, you will only have 60 to 80 minutes to read 3 to 4 university-level passages and answer 12 to 14 questions for each one.* That’s less than 2 minutes per question. And that doesn’t even include the time you are reading!

If you procrastinate on your TOEFL reading practice, you could lose confidence on test day and run out of time before you even finish the reading passages. It happens to people who are unprepared. But there is a way to be prepared and regain your confidence: By using the simple and free 7-7-7 Method, you can earn a top score when you take the iBT online test.

I created the 7-7-7 Method by combining the best TOEFL test practice of the most successful, high-scoring reading comprehension test-takers. The 7-7-7 Method gives you a way to consistently practice and consistently improve your reading speed and comprehension.

  1. Download Useful TOEFL iBT Reading Practice Articles: Psst! Here’s something that a lot of TOEFL iBT reading test-takers don’t know: On test day, your reading passages will all be on scientific topics. That mean when you are practicing your test skills, you need to be reading scientific articles too. Fortunately, there is an incredible and free online resource, Scientific American. It posts new articles every day with the same length and difficulty of reading passages on the TOEFL reading comprehension test. So, download 7 free articles that look interesting to you.

  2. Skim The Reading Passage To Improve Comprehension: Take the first one and put the others aside. Skim it for 7 seconds per paragraph. For example, if it has 5 paragraphs, give yourself 35 seconds to skim the article. Try to determine the main topic of the article, and identify what each paragraph is about. Skimming is an important technique on the TOEFL reading comprehension test.

  3. Read Closely To Simulate The iBT Test: After you have skimmed the TOEFL practice article, go back to the beginning, and this time read it closely. You have 7 minutes to read the whole article. If 7 minutes is not enough time at first, just read as far as you can in 7 minutes. With the 7-7-7 Method, you will get faster the more you practice.

  4. Practice Critical Test Skills: After you finish reading the article, you 7 have minutes total to write down your answers to these 7 questions:
    • What are 7 potential TOEFL iBT vocabulary words from the article that you weren’t sure about?

    • What is the main topic of the article?

    • What are the author’s arguments?

    • What evidence does the author use to support his arguments? (research, statistics, etc.)

    • What are the author’s hypotheses?

    • What does the author say should be done?

    • What are the counter-arguments that the author discusses?

  5. Make Flash Cards To Learn 7 New Vocabulary Words: Make flash cards for the 7 new potential TOEFL vocabulary words you identified. On one side, write the word. On the other side, write the definition of the word, and write your own original sentence that uses the word.

  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Repeat steps 2-7 for the rest of the TOEFL practice articles you downloaded, until you have read and analyzed all 7 articles.

  7. Achieve Your Goals With The 7-7-7 Method: Now that you know the 7-7-7 Method, use it to read and analyze 7 new articles every day. If you don’t have enough time to do 7 per day, it’s OK. Do as many as you can. The most important thing is to practice every single day for the TOEFL reading comprehension test. Ideally, you will use the 7-7-7 Method for at least 7 weeks before taking your test.

Succeeding on the TOEFL reading test is within your reach with the 7-7-7 Method. Get out there and get started! Go to the Scientific American website, download 7 articles, and become a faster test-taker today.



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