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Top 5 TOEFL Test Preparation Tips: How To Get Into A Great School Now

You know practicing for and taking the TOEFL test online can be extremely stressful and frustrating. Don’t gamble with your future. Your dream college, university, or career depends on your preparation and test skills.

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If you don’t prepare well enough, you will struggle on test day and you might never achieve your goals. However, by reading this list, you can arm yourself with valuable knowledge about how to get a good exam score. Knowledge is power, and it will help you conquer this difficult English language test.

You can reach your U.S. college and university admission goals. The TOEFL iBT was introduced by ETS in September 2005, and is now accepted by approximately 8,500 colleges, universities, and licensing agencies around the world. [1] More than 800,000 students take the TOEFL each year. [2] With this top 5 list, you can raise your score faster and get the college admission you need.

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    1. Know The Secrets To The ETS TOEFL’s Speaking SectionFor many test-takers, the speaking section is the most difficult part of the TOEFL test online. You will have to record yourself speaking for 45 to 60 seconds on six different questions—that can be tough! Although fluency and pronunciation do affect your score, the most important thing is organization of your thoughts. For each question, use your preparation time (between 15 to 30 seconds) to plan your speech as a “mini-essay.” You need to make sure it has an introduction with a main idea, two to three examples or arguments, and a conclusion. Use smooth transitions and speak confidently!


    1. Know What TOEFL iBT Score You Really NeedWhen you take the TOEFL test online, the maximum possible score is 120. But the admission officers at each college, university, or agency have different requirements. The top colleges and universities like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale all require 100 or higher, whereas others require scores in the 60s or 80s or do not even have a cut-off score. [3] Your best option is to contact your preferred schools and ask them directly, or start your search at the official TOEFL Destinations Directory.


    1. Know Whether Your Writing And Grammar Are Good EnoughAfter speaking, the writing and grammar sections are often the most difficult for students taking the TOEFL test online. Many students need feedback on the structure and vocabulary of their practice essays. Fortunately, there are many internet forums where other users will read and critique your writing. Try the TOEFL section of the GMAT Club Forum or Both sites have many friendly and helpful users, not to mention free registration.


    1. Know Where To Find Kaplan TOEFL Practice Tests And Other Preparation ExercisesKaplan is one of the premiere publishers of practice tests and courses for the TOEFL test online. They offer classes to help you improve not only your speaking and writing skills, but also your reading and listening skills.
      Other excellent resources include:
      • The TOEFL Practice Online test on ETS’s official website;
      • The NoteFull training course, and;
      • The official TOEFL iBT Tips document


  1. Know When To Retake The TOEFL Test OnlineFortunately, you can retake the iBT exam as many times as you need (but not more than once every 12 days). But many students do not know when it is necessary to do so. Generally, the best way to know is to learn about your specific college or university’s requirements. If you meet them, you may not need to retake the exam at all. Otherwise, you should consider retaking the TOEFL test online if one of your scores (writing, speaking, reading, or listening) is about 10 or more points below the rest. Also, consider retaking it if you feel very confident you can do better the second time around.

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Now that you are equipped with all this knowledge, take control of your future and click through to all the free materials provided in this article. Your success with the TOEFL test online depends on using the resources that are available to you!

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some schools allow waiver if undergrad instruction was in english- call school

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