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Top 9 Methods To Create A TOEFL Sample Test And Achieve A High Score

Scoring well on your TOEFL IBT test can open up a world of opportunity. To get a good score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language, you should find the best TOEFL speaking section resources, books, practice tests, classes and even tutors.

You should also make your learning active. Create your own TOEFL practice test questions. Making a short TOEFL sample test will engage high order thinking. This activity alone will bring your test preparation to a whole new level.

You’ll automatically learn the material faster. You’ll retain more information easier. By researching the format of TOEFL iBT tests on your own, creating lists of sample questions, and practicing on those sample questions, you will be better prepared to take and excel on the exam than just passive reading in your TOEFL study guide or doing practice test drills.

toefl sample test questions for reading listening speaking writing
Below are 9 simple steps you can use to quickly boost your score by making and using your own TOEFL sample tests:

    1. Identify Which TOEFL iBT Test Section To Focus On: The TOEFL iBT test has 4 different sections and it evaluates the ability of students to read, write, listen, and speak English at the level of a university student. Depending on where a student is in the study process, creating a sample test means focusing on 1 of the 4 test sections of the TOEFL. The following recommendations will assist students in creating TOEFL sample tests which focus on reading comprehension.
    2. Use Authority Sites To Research TOEFL Sample Questions: The TOEFL iBT Test is administered by the Education Testing Service (ETS). On Their website at, the company offers free TOEFL iBT sample questions with audio instructions. This is a great place to begin in starting to prepare because you will see exactly how the exam is structured. This will help you create TOEFL iBT sample test questions that look like the real exam.
    3. Follow The Format Of The Reading Section Of The TOEFL iBT Test In The Sample Test: The TOEFL iBT reading test is between 60-100 minutes long. The exam is structured in 3-5 reading passages which are selected from university level of textbooks. Each reading passage is followed by 12-14 questions. Each question falls into several different categories. When researching and writing sample questions make sure that the questions are about the argument, vocabulary, sentence structure, comparison, or cause and effect. Make sure your sample test follows this format.
    4. Spend 30 Minutes A Day Reading A New College Level English Text: The educational literature has demonstrated that true reading comprehension is different from memorization of words and mimicry. (Zamel) In order to score very well on the reading portion of the TOEFL iBT Test, students must find opportunities to tackle and read new subjects and passages which are new to them without prior preparation. Students who don’t challenge themselves with new material, can mistake memorization for reading comprehension. The TOEFL reading test includes passages which are new to students. Practicing with unfamiliar literature is an excellent way to recreate testing conditions.

      After each 30 minute reading session you will predict likely test questions worded and structure like the actual exam as instructed next.

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  1. Select 3 Passages Which Are 700 Words Long From A College Level Text: The TOEFL iBT reading test passages come from many different college courses. A great way to prepare is by selecting reading passages from 3 different college courses such as literature, history, and science. Make sure that the reading passages have enough information so that you can create at least one TOEFL iBT sample question about the passage.
  2. Generate TOEFL Sample Test Questions: Each passage needs at least one question. Questions should ask the reader what is the subject of the passage, who is writing and to whom are they writing, what do they want to explain, how are they explaining it, what is the main point of the reading passage, define the vocabulary being used, and identify what kind of sentences are being used. Remember to answer each question and create a corresponding answer sheet.
    questions practice test guide free online

    Make sure you have followed steps 1-3 above. That’s critical so you know how to write questions in the format you’ll likely see it on your real Test Of English As A Foreign Language examination.

    Create multiple choice question that are structured the same way as the Educational Testing Service. At the very end do a brief TOEFL writing sample explaining and providing a rationale why the correct answer is correct and the others are not. This will not only help you learn the academic language this exam measures, wording and structure of the test faster, it will improve your academic writing at the same time. You improve 3 critical TOEFL exam proficiencies in 1/3 the time. Now that’s productivity and not wasting time!

  3. Create A 3 Person Study Group: Studies show that new language learners retain more information when they work in groups. (Klingner) Students will also benefit from having at least two additional perspectives. Most importantly, creating a 3 person study group for creating TOEFL sample questions means less work for everyone because you can divide up the research and creation of the sample test. At the end of the study group’s efforts, there will be three TOEFL iBT reading sample tests for practice.
  4. Create The TOEFL Test In Google Word Documents: Using Google Drive to store your sample questions and create your TOEFL sample test is vital. This platform will allow students to access their exam information from anywhere. Additionally, students studying English will be able to take advantage of the Google Drive collaboration functions and templates in order to exchange sample tests and answer sheets with peers.
  5. Take The TOEFL Sample Test Under Test Conditions & Have It Scored By The Study Group: Finally, an excellent score means taking many TOEFL sample tests. Students should read and answer the questions for each reading passage in 20 minutes or less. Remember that the TOEFL sample questions that were created don’t have clear answers. Buy by exchanging the TOEFL sample tests within the study group, each student will get the chance to both take sample exams and think through the answers when correcting the sample test of their peers. By evaluating good or bad answers, students will set themselves up for success.


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