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RICA Test – “What Every RICA Exam Taker Ought To Know Before Walking Into The Testing Center”

Understanding the creation and development of the RICA test will support your test preparation and even aide in getting answers correct on the real exam. Make sure your RICA test prep book takes the same paradigm as the information below.

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Getting your K-8 Multiple Subjects credential in California means you must get a passing score on the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA).

The California legal code for education is straight to the point: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) must “develop, adopt, and administer a reading instruction competence assessment…to measure an individual’s knowledge, skill, and ability relative to effective reading instruction,” according to Section 44283, and is committed to improving student’s reading skills. In order to achieve this legislated mandate, the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA) has been developed.

The purpose of the RICA exam is to make sure that candidates have the necessary training to deliver effective reading instruction to students. The goal is that students will have the ability to appreciate and interpret all kinds of texts.

You’re advised to begin your test prep as early as possible to avoid risking delaying your credential and having to pay expensive RICA testing fees a second or third time. Be sure you use a high quality RICA study guide from the very beginning. Don’t waste critical review time with free RICA practice test questions and study materials.

California has contracted the Evaluation Systems at Pearson to assist in the development and administration of the exam.

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How To Register For The RICA Test

  • Candidates can register for the written exam on the RICA test website. For Video Performance Assessments registration must be done by mail.
  • In order to register for the RICA exam, applicants must provide their Social Security number and date of birth. This information will allow test-takers to view their scores on line.
  • The cost of both the written examination and video assessment is $171. Additional charges will be incurred for extra copies of the test results, or a change in registration.
  • Payments can be made using Visa or MasterCard, or a debit or check card that has a VISA or MasterCard logo and doesn’t require a pin number. Payments made by mail must be paid by check or money order.
  • RICA test registration should be done as early as possible as appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and seating is limited.
  • The location Computer based test centers can be found on the RICA website and are available throughout California.

What You’ll See At The RICA Exam Center

Candidates should plan to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled test time. Arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time could result in not being admitted to the test, and no refund will be offered.

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At the test center, part of the verification process involves applicants being photographed, palm scanned and providing an electronic signature. Failure to comply with the verification process will result in not being allowed to take the test and not being reimbursed.

Understanding the contents of the test will bring you one step closer to passing!

There are two RICA test options available, the Written Examination or the Video Performance Assessment. The written test is available year round in a computer based format.

The Video Performance Assessment evaluates an applicant’s knowledge and skills based on classroom performance. A candidate must create a video of themselves as they teach students to read which will then be assessed.

The Reading Instruction Competency Assessment written examination allows applicants 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the exam. It is divided into five domains and has a total of 70 multiple choice questions.

  • Planning, Organizing and Managing Reading Instruction contains 10 multiple choice questions and is weighted at approximately 10 percent of the total score.
  • Word Analysis contains 24 multiple choice questions, 1 word response, and represents 33 percent of the test.
  • Fluency contains 8 multiple choice questions, 1 word response, and is 13 percent of the final score.
  • Vocabulary, Academic Language, and Background knowledge contain 15 multiple choice questions, 1 word response and are weighted at 20 percent of the final total.
  • Comprehension has 13 multiple choice questions, 1 word response, and represents 23 percent of the test.
  • The RICA exam also includes one case study that assesses all domains and requires 300 to 600 words and is worth 20 percent of the exam.
  • The multiple choice questions are computer scored and are based on the number of correct answers. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so when uncertain, it is better to guess.

Reading And Interpreting Your RICA Score Results

RICA exam results will be available on the published score report date and will be available on line for 45 days thereafter. The raw score from the test is converted to a scaled score that ranges from 100 to 300. In order to pass an applicant must achieve 220 or higher.

The RICA test score report will indicate your passing status. If you failed the exam it will show the score. Other performance indicators include indices for each RICA domain. If you passed the exam, you will receive a Passing Status Verification Slip, which you may need to provide to your college or University before receiving a recommendation to take the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential or the Education Specialist Instruction Credential.

The best way to prepare is to get RICA practice tests and preparation materials by real credentialed California educators who passed.

Teaching young minds is an important job! Make sure you have the necessary skills to succeed!

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Author: Mark Dahlson