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The Top Five CNA Test Prep Methods For A Guaranteed Pass Rate

Let’s face it: you’re looking for CNA prep methods that practically guarantee you’ll start a career in nursing. You need fired-up CNA practice test questions and books that help you ease your crippling fear and anxiety – not add to them.

That’s why we present you with the top five CNA study methods for a guaranteed pass rate on your certified nurse aide exam.

1. CNA Test Prep And Real-World Experience: The Perfect Blend

Test prep for the Certified Nursing Aide exam is unique in that you’ll need to blend together real-world experience with your CNA prep. Because a large portion of your state test is based on a hands-on skills test, you need to be comfortable applying your comprehensive knowledge in a real-world setting.

To do this, try the following technique: have a friend or family member pretend to be the test assessor. Rather than walking through what you’re doing, have the test assessor interrupt you every time you say something that he or she doesn’t understand. At first, you’ll be interrupted a great number of times. However, your CNA exam assessor wants you to walk through your skills assessment in a way that a layman will understand. If your friend or family member needs an explanation, you’re not explaining your demonstration in an effective manner.

Again, this technique can be frustrating. However, multiple interruptions can help you catch yourself, refresh your brain, and explain your skills in a way that will score higher on the CNA test.

2. Break The Procrastination Habit

No examination of top CNA study habits would be complete without examining the best way to beat procrastination. According to an article in “Psychology Today,” procrastinators actively look for distractions, particularly ones that don’t require a great deal of commitment. This is because it helps individuals regulate their primary emotion: fear of failure.

To help defeat procrastination, plan to devote only 15 minutes of your time to CNA study. The amount of time seems small in terms of commitment, but multiple studies demonstrate that 10 to 15 minutes is all you need to get fully wrapped up in a task.

3. Spread Out Your CNA Study Guides

When it comes to getting your nurse aide certification, it pays to take as many practice tests as possible. In fact, experts even suggest that you should spend more time taking practice tests than studying. The reasoning behind this is simple: the more practice tests you take, the higher your exam score will be. Practice tests help us retain knowledge better than simply trying to memorize blocks of information. Hands on learning or learning by doing can help you get 1-3 times more accomplished in each study session than just turning pages in your study guide.

Beef-up your use of practice exam starting today. Take a new practice test every two to three days to make the most of this CNA study technique. Just don’t use the same sample questions day after day. Keep locating new sources of high quality example tests that strengthen your test taking skills and challenge your current nurse aide knowledge.

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4. Supplement Your CNA Study Guide

If you want to take your CNA study guide to the next level, supplement your reading with YouTube videos. Watching YouTube videos can help you practice explaining your skills to the test assessor, as one successful test-taker mentioned in her forum post: “I actually looked up YouTube videos today. And have been watching them all day. I see most are just explaining their way through the whole skill. So that is probably what I will do, to help the conversation part.”

5. Focus On Key CNA Study Secrets

If you only have a few weeks to devote to CNA study before your state test, here are key secrets that you must remember during the skills test:

    • Always introduce yourself to the “patient.”


    • Never wear long nails to the test. Make them as short and as clean as possible, as your assessor can deduct serious points from your skills test score.


    • Check the patient’s name band.


    • Provide the patient with some level of privacy. Draw the curtain, don’t shout, and ensure that the patient is comfortable.


    • Ensure that the call light is within reach of the patient.


  • Put the side rails up and keep the bed in the lowest position when tending to the patient.

These CNA study secrets emphasize cleanliness and safety and interacting with patients, which are two crucial areas that will be highlighted in your skills test.

Remember, you don’t have to give into fear, anxiety and frustration regarding whether or not you’ll pass and start a career in nursing. With these CNA study secrets, the pass rate is guaranteed.

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Author: Mark Dahlson
Last updated: 03/21/2020