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CNA Practice Test And A Higher Score: The Shocking Connection

When it comes to CNA practice, you commonly associate this experience with intense frustration and anxiety. Your test prep goes a little something like this: you spend most of your time preparing and studying. You take a CNA practice test in your CNA study guide. You note your low score, so you repeat the cycle. Yet with every nurse aide practice exam you take, your score refuses to budge.

If this never-ending cycle of frustration and disbelief continues to torment you, then listen up. You can save time and stress by discovering the shocking connection between CNA practice exams and a higher score.

Why A CNA Practice Test Is Better Than Any Study Tool

A recent study discovered that the best way to pass on the first try is to use CNA practice questions instead of traditional study sets and learning tools. Two groups of students were required to take practice tests for the CNA examination, while two other groups just studied. Here are the results regarding the amount of material they could recall:

cna practice test questions The researchers reported that the results of the study clearly show that the key aspect in high performance is repeated testing of the material, not repeated CNA study material.” Graph on left courtesy of Science Blogs.

How To Maximize Your CNA Practice Exam Questions

Now that you know that CNA practice questions are better than any other study method, it’s time to retrain your brain so you can take advantage of this shocking connection. By focusing exclusively on full CNA practice tests and explanations, you may discover that it’s much easier than you thought to pass on the first try.

In order to retrain your brain to make the most of your practice exams, plan your test-taking schedule according to our “100% Pass Guarantee” study formula. It’s important to gather an extensive collection of practice tests before you use this formula.

1.) Take your first CNA practice test. Mark your correct answers and write down your score in a notebook. Keep this by your side, as you’ll be recording more information here.

2.) Return to those incorrect answers. Flip to the full explanations and carefully read the logic behind the answers you got wrong. Devote one or two hours to this venture. Be sure to mark down which questions you got wrong in a numerical format, as you’ll be returning to these questions in just a few hours.

3.) Give your mind an hour or two of relaxation. Then take the practice test again, but only focus on the questions you got wrong. Mark down your answers and look to see what you got right. While you may have improved your score, the point here is to help solidify concepts that you had trouble with on the first practice test.

4.) Resist the temptation to study your notes and other learning tools. Instead, take another CNA practice exam just two days later. The day between the tests gives your mind time to absorb knowledge from your testing experience.

5.) Mark your practice test and write down your score in the notebook. Review the full explanations of both the right and wrong answers.

6.) Repeat Step 3.

7.) After marking this practice exam, only read the explanations for the answers you got wrong.

8.) Repeat Step 3.

9.) Take another nurse aid practice exam and record your score. If you see your score increase, only study the explanations behind the answers you got wrong. If your score didn’t change or decreased, study the explanations behind all answers.

10.) Repeat this schedule until two days before your certified nurse aide test. Remember to adjust your review tactics according to your practice exam score.

What If You Use This CNA Practice Test Technique?

If you use the “100% Pass Guarantee” study formula, you will discover that your test scores start to rise with every practice exam you take. Whether you’re a few weeks or a few months away from your NNAAP test, this technique will give you the confidence and real-time results that demonstrate you WILL become a certified nurse aide.

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