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“Short Free TOEFL Preparation Course That Can Help You Get A Higher Score”

Let’s face it: if you want to study at an American university, then you need to learn the necessary skills to ace your TOEFL-iBT or Test of English as a Foreign Language exam.

But if you’re like thousands of other test takers, it’s likely that you’re making a crucial mistake on your very first day of TOEFL test preparation. Take a look at the following scenario and see if you can spot what the testing candidate is doing wrong:
  • “Pasi is confident that he’s making the most of his TOEFL iBT practice test , study books and other materials like flashcards and class notes. Every night after work, he sits down and reviews his expert-approved study guide and practices vocabulary, reading and writing questions. His exam prep is a priority over everything else; in fact, his friends even joke that he’s abandoned his social life altogether! But because he spends his study time carefully reading and writing in English, he’s confident that he’ll pass this ETS examination.

  • So it’s no secret that when he was notified of his failing score, Pasi was in serious shock.”
Can you spot what Pasi did wrong?

Get ready for a shock, because the answer might surprise you.

When It Comes to Your TOEFL Preparation Listen Up!

The Test of English as a Foreign Language packs a pretty mean punch – however, most test takers wrongly anticipate where it’s going to hit.

Surprisingly, the hardest section of the TOEFL exam preparation isn’t the reading or writing section (which is the one that students will prepare for the most)…

…It’s the Listening section.

The Listening section is surprisingly tough due to the advanced vocabulary that’s used within this notoriously hard section. Because test takers might not be used to hearing such advanced vocabulary, they often struggle to translate the Listening category into a suitable pass rate.

Unfortunately, listening to English isn’t something that even the best TOEFL preparation books can prepare you for – but luckily for you, we’ve got the tips you need to make the most of this tough testing section.

Wait ‘Till You Hear These Top-Notch Preparation Tips For THe TOEFL Test

Don’t let the listening section prevent you from getting into the American university of your dreams. Follow the tips below to improve your English-listening skills!
  • Take to the Internet and listen to English clips on as part of your TOEFL testing preparation. But don’t let those cute kitten videos distract you; stick to video clips posted by respected news channels, like BBC America and NPR (National Public Radio) to get attuned to the kind of English you’ll be hearing.

  • Make that subtitled English movie work for you by translating dialogue-heavy scenes into English. After watching a scene with the subtitles off, write down what you think you heard. Now play the scene again with your language’s subtitles turned on. How close was your translation? What did you miss? Keep up this TOEFL prep method to get as much practice as you cant hearing English over and over again each day. Better yet, listen more academic type dialogues and descriptions like documentaries and public radio as that will give you even a better review for this Educational Testing Service English exam.

  • If you have any English-speaking friends, agree to buy them a round of coffee in exchange for an hour of their time. For that entire hour, speak only in English. You might be a bit nervous at first, but as time goes by, you’ll get more comfortable with listening to and speaking in English.
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