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TExES Test Prep: “How I Finally Passed”

While doing your TExES test prep, you might not think that a dead 19th-century author can give you the kind of surefire help you need to get a passing score on your Texas Examinations of Educator Standards.

After all, what does a dead author have to do with showing you the kind of rip-roaring test practice that you need to get your Texas teacher certification? After all, you’re looking for a TExES study guide book and practice questions…

…And the kind of test-taking tips that will make your TExES tests look like a pop quiz on your ABCs.

But as the cliché goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Especially when that gift horse can show you how to master the toughest part of your Texas teacher certification test: eliminating incorrect answers!

How POE Eliminates the TExES Testing Blues

Edgar Allan Poe was one crazy author. But that’s not the focus the focus here – instead, we want to take a close look at his last name: POE. And when it comes to your teaching exam, what does POE stand for?

Process Of Elimination.

You might have seen SBEC and ETS review tips in your test prep book before.

Heck, you might have gotten a few prep ideas in a TExES Exam Prep Review course online. But you’ve never seen these POE tips and techniques before. That’s because I’m dedicated to providing you with the very best TExES test practice techniques to use on your testing date.

And what’s more, we’re dishing them out to you for free online.

So if you’re ready to identify wrong answers to real exam questions with the precision of an eagle-eye sharpshooter, then get ready…

…Because these POE secrets will eliminate your test preparation blues!

TExES Tests Can’t Stand Up To These Questions

If you’re face-to-face with a sample question or a real multiple choice question that contains all of the information within the single question, then this will really come in handy. Before you even take a look at the answers – and this is important – identify the scenario that the question poses. Ask yourself these five-star practice test questions:
  • Is this TExES test question focused on educational theories/competencies?

  • Is it asking me about what should happen within an ideal Texas classroom?

  • Is it asking me to get parents and/or school support staff involved?

  • Does this practice test question (or actual test question) want me to focus on student emotional, mental and physical development?
These four questions will be your Texas teaching certification savior. And why is that, you might ask? Because they’ll help you eliminate answers right from the get-go.

Passing Results On Your Texas Teacher Certification Guaranteed With This Practice Tip

Now that you know what you need to look for, take a look at the answers. Eliminate the ones that don’t fit what you’re looking for. And now that that’s done, take a look at this technique…

…With your practice exams and actual test questions, you’ll notice a pattern with the answers: there’s always an odd one out. For example, if a math, PPR, Generalist or any other test question has three positive answers and one negative, immediately cross out the negative answer. It’s a simple statistical certainty that your answer will be a positive one.

It’s the kind of strategy that will send your TExES exam packing!
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