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“Praxis Math Content Knowledge Test 0061 Formulas And Practice Tips You Need To Pass Now”

Are you dreading your teacher testing date?

You may have taken a full length practice test and looked over hundreds of pages in your ETS prep books. However, you’re fearful that your Praxis Math 0061 content knowledge exam score will be dragged down by your shaky test taking skills and test content knowledge?

I’m Steve Johnson. I’ve seen these same worries over and over again from mathematics test takers who need a passing score on their ETS exam. Sometimes it seems there’s so much to learn and prepare for to pass your teacher certification mathematics exam. Sometimes you may find yourself doubting your testing readiness.

But I want to let you in on a little secret: Praxis math practice and test taking strategies for this exam are surprisingly easy – and I’m going to show you how in this brief study guide.

Free Cut-Throat Praxis II Math Practice Technique Revealed

Contrary to popular belief, memorizing is a useful method during practice for the ETS math 0061 exam. – You see, it’s all about what you choose to put into your testing memory bank.

Memorization and knowledge aren’t the same thing, but they’re related. It’s possible to remember many isolated facts, but not be able to synthesize them into something you can use on a high-stakes Praxis test in mathematics. On the other hand, knowing how and when to apply the quadratic formula isn’t much good if you don’t remember it.

Through many years of research, my team has come up with some practical Praxis exam prep recommendations for what to memorize to achieve a high score. And I’m about to reveal the formulas, figures and theories that WILL appear on your examination that practice test questions and preparation books won’t tell you!

Practice With These Content Knowledge Concepts!

Here’s a definitive list of what you should memorize before you settle in to take your mathematics examination. Notice that some of these important formulas won’t show up in your free math study guide online or the widely used bookstore manuals. – It’s just another example of how some publishing companies put profit before content!
  • Eron’s area formula for triangles
  • Fundamental trigonometric identities
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Formulas for the areas of triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles (also circumference)
  • Basic factoring formulas (e.g. difference of two squares, etc.)
  • Quadratic formula
  • Binomial theorem (Make sure your Praxis math practice questions cover this!)
  • Fundamental equations for lines, circles, parabolas and ellipses
  • Logarithm change of base formula
  • Laws of exponents
  • Basic rules for integration and differentiation
  • Divisibility rules for 2-10 (with the exception of the rule for divisibility by 7–it’s easier just to check by dividing in most cases)
  • Order of operations (does PEMDAS ring a bell?)
  • Commutative, associative, and distributive properties for addition and multiplication

The Road To Praxis 2 Math Exam Success

This list is a great start for those who might not have much time to practice for Praxis math testing. So memorize these important formulas and theories so that you have the edge on your exam date.

But don’t just stop there. If you want the kind of test-busting preparation techniques that lead to a passing ETS 0061 Mathematics Content Knowledge score, get the definitive study materials and practice exam questions you need for a successful future as a mathematics instructor.

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