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Praxis Test Preparation: “What To Do About The Overwhelming Amount Of ETS Praxis II ‘Information Overload’ You’re Required To Know?”…

Maybe you’re like me (before I figured-out how to kill this monster)….

  • You’ve taken the Praxis II exam 1-4 times.
  • None of the information you studied helped.
  • Your entire teaching career, family and life is placed on hold because your Praxis II test preparation plan was a complete failure or simply didn’t exist.
  • You feel depressed and now fear you may not being able to keep your current teaching job you depend on to maintain the standard of living you and your family now take for granted.

What Could Wrestling The Praxis II Monster Cost You?

The people who profit from the Praxis II couldn’t ever pass this exam and never have to face losing their jobs, dignity, homes and possibly their families!

You may have been wrestling this monster for over a year. Each time you miss the Praxis II testing mark by small margins.

You, your teaching colleagues and maybe even your principal thinks you’re an excellent teacher. You found by now this whole thing is ridiculous.

The ETS Praxis II has little to do with measuring your ability to be a good teacher. Hell, half this stuff covers things you’ll never teach and isn’t even part of the K-12 curriculum!

The Cruel Joke Of Praxis II Testing

The overwhelming amount of content knowledge is thrown at you in Praxis practice tests and study books in a big slop of impractical and unusable brain dump.

Nobody else in any other field would be required to take and pass a test that is so broad and so little to do with measuring performance in their profession. What other situation would you be given an examination based on information that wasn’t covered in the course work to prepare you for your career?

If it wasn’t so tragic to the students quality of education…this would be a joke!

You’re a great asset to your school and district. Now the system is telling you you’re not qualified due some ETS Praxis II irrelvant to the teaching talents you’ve demonstrated for years. You’re valuable teaching experience and skills you’ve developed over the years could be used to mentor and coach new teachers who come to the classroom cold with only textbook skills.

Now those “fresh out of college youngesters” are the ones that will likely steal the education career you’ve worked so hard to develop. If you could just get a hold of accurate Praxis II prep materials that reflected what was tested pulling this thorn out of your side you wouldn’t be pondering what job you might have to get if you lose your teaching position.

Of course, that Praxis II prep book you got from the ETS store wasn’t helpful nor was it test oriented.

You have such an enormous amount of information to “memorize” that it puts you in a paralysis. You have no idea what will actually be tested anything is ‘fair game.’

The True Cost Of Praxis II Preparation Stress And Overwhem

If you don’t get this stress handled and dealt with it can cripple your health and ruin the relationships in your life. It’s NOT them that you should take it out on! It’s this encylopedia of ETS Praxis II test content you must memorize and exam questions they use to purposely trip you up.

Have you ever thought you found an insight into passing the Praxis II only find you’re further down the tunnel of ‘analysis of paralysis’? …And now even MORE confused and overwhelmed?

Why don’t they just decide what’s the core of information and skills critical for teacher effectiveness? It’s like the great gods of the Praxis II don’t really know, have no clarity or agreement what that really is so they throw this slew nearly impossible, esoteric, impractical test questions at you. — And maybe after they nearly destroyed the confidence, teaching careers of the best educators, reeked havic on teacher’s families and you finally pass this thing after 5 tries you’re “worthy of being a teacher.”

Are You Committed To Pay The Price Of Praxis II Test Success?

After all the money, time and stress this “Praxis II exam information overload” cost me, I could’ve got at least 2 PH.D.’s. It would have required a lot less rote memorization of facts and trying to think of schemes to pass or how to out think trick questions thrown at me.

I could have put thousands of hours into my teaching career, not trying to navigate through a maze in and a bureacratic nightmare created by people who couldn’t pass the exam themselves!

What I Did To Break-Through The Praxis II Content Overwhelm And Self-Pity…

What finally got me through this in the end is focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. The day I stopped complaining and focusing on how this test is so unfair, I really narrowed by energy and time on doing the few key things it takes to pass the Praxis II.

You see it’s so easy to fall into that trap of thinking it’s impossible. Gravity and the environment pull you there automatically. You must put the mental energy forth to focus your time, resources and attention on the SOLUTION, not wallow more and more in the problem.

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