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The REAL Secret:
How To Pass The Praxis II Test…

If you want to know how to pass the Praxis II, this article will detail some steps thousands of others have used in achieving a passing score. These test prep steps are critical in your exam and teaching success.

You should know, even most diligent test takers who use the best Praxis II practice test, prep guides and who study long hours end up failing. They become uncertain about their teaching career. That's why you need this test practice advice, the best test prep books and study materials.

How to pass the Praxis 2 for your specific exam requires studying content covering a wide range of subject areas. Your ETS exam requires much more test taking and test practice than the usual Reading, Writing and Math you may have done for the Praxis I.

Some teacher certification candidates are required to take a combination of Praxis II exams upon evaluation of their college transcript. For this reason, if you expect to pass the Praxis exam you should begin preparation 8 to 10 weeks before your Praxis II test date.

This is how much time you would need to cover all the content included in the Test at a Glance page from the ETS website. However, not all candidates have been successful in passing the Praxis even if they stick to their study plan and devote weeks to solid studying.

Many teacher certification candidates don't know how to pass the Praxis II because of the following reasons:

  • Their study books are not updated and reflect an older version of the ETS Praxis II test.
  • Review materials don’t cover the exam material and/or contain factual errors.
  • Their practice exams hardly mirrors the degree of difficulty of the actual test (Which makes it impossible to help you pass the Praxis 2.)
  • The supplementary prep manual does not explain teaching theories in a brief and concise way.
  • Lack of test taking tactics and strategies. Why? Too much time devoted to reviewing content.

Links To Praxis II Practice Tools And Tactics

The above-mentioned issues are the more common mistakes that lead to failure in trying to pass the Praxis II test. In figuring out how pass Praxis II exams, test takers must maximize the time they have for studying relevant content. They must also reduce the amount of information knowledge they need to recall to only the essentials of what is really tested.

There is no secret exam practice formula or shortcuts to figuring-out how to get a passing Praxis score. However, you can make your review faster and easier and greatly increase the probability that you pass the Praxis exam (on your first attempt).

The first thing you need to do is avoid the common Praxis II prep mistakes listed here, but how would you exactly do that? How would you determine which content will appear on your educator assessment? How would you know that you have done enough relevant practice tests?

It is pretty obvious that the only possible person who can answer your question is a former test taker with years of experience applying theories, instructional methods in an actual classroom and who passed the Praxis II exam. What you need is a personal coach or tutor to help you identify the right study guides to use and other pertinent practice materials that will aid you to pass the ETS Praxis examination.

To understand how to pass the Praxis, a test coach is your best bet. Not even the best study materials or the most in-depth review class can ensure that you have effectively absorbed the study materials and will be able to use them in the actual test.

In order to get a passing Praxis II score, candidates need to go over various subject areas and learn to apply the theories and methods in a hypothetical classroom.

How can a current certified teacher and former test takers help you pass the Praxis 2 exam faster and easier?

  • A licensed educator can help you find only the relevant prep books you need.
  • A test preparation coach helps you create a study plan and pace yourself according to your particular study methods because a review class sticks to a schedule unless all the students ask for extended lecture on a particular subject.
  • An exam practice mentor clarifies points that you are struggling with because your study guide may only make two or three explanations coupled with a single diagram or chart for a visual description.
  • A real teacher who uncovered how to pass the Praxis test can give you immediate feedback on where you did wrong and what subjects need more reviewing.
  • A test coach helps you deal with test-taking issues you may have.
  • An educator can be your hypothetical classroom student to whom you could practice explaining key concepts or theories.

Tips for how to pass the Praxis exam: Have someone to guide you through the fastest and easiest way to get a passing score. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to study and can just relax in a hammock the last 2 weeks before your exam date. It only means you can cut-out banging your head against the wall in preparation frustration and reduce the amount of hours you need to study. Having a Praxis II prep mentor means you can save weeks or more time in test preparation time.

To pass the Praxis 2, your test tutor must be well-versed in various subject areas, but this does not mean that you will be spared from long hours of studying.

Let us make a few illustrations on how a test coach can show you how to get a Praxis II pass.

  • If you are taking PLT or the Principles of Learning and Teaching, then your coach will help you go through the theories of Erickson, Gardner and Pavlov. Together you will learn and apply the different learning styles that elementary students easily grasp like using visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements.
  • For Social Studies, you may need to work on your ancient and world history for this is a difficult multiple choice exam covering extensive subject matter. Moreover, the Social Studies: Interpretation of Materials is a 5 part essay writing test that your test coach can score where a practice test may not. Let your test coach walk you through the whole gamut covering Economics, Behavioral Sciences, Geography, Political Science and Civics to make sure you pass the Praxis exam.
  • To learn how to get a passing score on the Science exam, your exam practice mentor will help you recall your high school and middle school Science subjects including all the important experiments.
  • In English Language, Literature and Composition, you can get valuable help discussing about various authors and their works as well as in knowing your split infinitives and other grammar theories, which could make up the last three points you need to pass the Praxis 2.

To pass the Praxis II, you need to invest even if in the short-term it’s a more expensive option. The cost of failure is usually thousands of dollars higher. The mental pain of exam failure, delaying your education track and teaching career isn’t worth saving a few dollars today.

You can find test coaches specializing in the Praxis 2 online or from various universities. Nonetheless, how to pass the ETS Praxis still rests on good old-fashioned studying. True, there is still work to do, but the burden seems easier and your progress a bit faster because you will be getting a study buddy and a teacher rolled into one.

For more help to pass the Praxis II with help from a real educator who got a passing score, go to: Report About Passing Your Teacher Certification Exam now.

“How To Pass The Praxis II Test Faster And Easier”

If you need to pass the Praxis II test who do you think is in a better position to give you test preparation tips and strategy you need for a passing score?…

…a lowly writing assistant who’s paid a rock-bottom salary by a major test prep publishing company…

…or former test takers, experienced Praxis tutors and state licensed educators who’ve done the dirty work themselves to learn how to get a passing score?

The answer to the question: “What test practice method will give you the highest chance of score?” has become illusive to many prospective teachers. And one of the reasons is because most Praxis II study guides and practice tests simply don’t teach prep techniques you need to pass your teacher certification test. Luckily for you, I’ve got former test takers to reveal how they conquered all test requirements.

Tips And Strategies To Pass The Praxis 2…From Those In The Know

So what are some of the best Praxis II test preparation tips? You can use these free study tips online for English, Social Studies, PLT 7-12, 0041 exam, Reading, Science, Elementary Education or any of the other Content Knowledge tests. Here are some goodies that you can use TODAY:

  • The longer test answers on your exam have the greatest probability to be the correct answers;
  • Avoid choosing answers with words like all, any, always, never and none;
  • If you have to guess, choose one of the middle answers as opposed to the first and last answer choices;
  • Choose related answers instead of unrelated ones;
  • If you are having a hard time choosing between two similar answers, use the true and false strategy by determining which answer choice sounds more accurate than the other; (Believe me this has the greatest power to help you pass the Praxis exam on the 1st try.
  • An answer that has technical jargon might sound right, but it’s usually not;
  • Read all of the answer choices before you make an actual choice, no matter how sure you are of the answer;
  • Decide what the question really wants from you by looking at certain keywords.

Passing The ETS Praxis Exam Faster And Easier

When taking your teacher certification exam, make sure you focus words that are important in the question. Think about how they impact the meaning of the question and the possible answer. Pay close attention for certain language that has been used by your education instructor or in textbooks from your teacher certification classes. These are usually the correct answers.

If you want a passing Praxis II score, don’t change your first answer unless you are absolutely sure that it’s incorrect. Your first choice is usually right, so go ahead and put a line through the answers that you’re sure are not right. Even if you’re sure an answer is incorrect, give yourself a minute to really think about the question. This will guarantee that you don’t fall victim to any nasty testing traps!

Also to ensure you get the test Praxis test results you want, pay attention to answer selections that are opposite. If you have four choices, bring it down to only two choices by eliminating the ones you know are false. If one of the last two is opposite, then it is easier to choose the right one.

How To Prepare For A Praxis II Pass

Need more Praxis test prep help to master each proficiency in your teaching assessment? Want to blow your Praxis score out of the water? Then get the support of a tutor or mentor who knows exactly what it takes to succeed…and what study materials i.e. what Praxis II practice tests, study guides and other preparation books will make you pass the Praxis test faster and easier.

An educator who passed the ETS assessment can help you improve any areas of weakness that you have on this exam. After all, you need to speak to someone who’s objective and who has your best interests at heart – not to mention someone who’s been there before!

You know discovering how to pass the Praxis test will help you make more money, live a better life and help young people who need you…so what are you waiting for?

Ready for more top-notch review tips on how to get a passing exam score and rocket thrust you to the classroom faster?

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