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Praxis II Elementary Education

You know effective Praxis II Elementary Education study requires an investment of time and funds for prep materials…if you're serious about passing. Dedicate at least 8 weeks to intensive test practice as well as use the best Praxis 2 study guide available

Prior to starting test preparation you must know how to choose and use a Praxis II Elementary Education study guide that will help you get your teacher certification. Ideally, you need 2 to 3 study guides for the Praxis 2. For some test takers doing more practice questions helped in preparing for the ETS Praxis test than studying more and more test content. However, to optimize your Praxis 2 study effectiveness and maximize your exam score candidate you should do a combine of reviewing and taking sample exam questions.

When it comes to the best Praxis 2 study books, there is an ongoing contention as to which one is best and just how many practice manuals you need.

You need to be particular in choosing the Praxis 2 guide for your study because it could be the key to acing your ETS examination. Like what its name implies, study guides help test takers identify the content they need to study for the Praxis 2. This is because a good study plan allows you to pace yourself so that you will be able to review all the relevant content.

For your Praxis 2 Study, know that you can use two different kinds of test prep books.

  • A comprehensive Praxis 2 test study guide is ideally recommended because you have a lot of content knowledge to cover. It should come complete, not only with text descriptions, but also with charts, diagrams or tables as well as practice tests.
  • A supplemental study guide for the Prxis 2 is relevant, but may not be enough to cover all the domains and competencies included in your teaching exam. If you already have the Praxis 2 study notes and your old textbooks, then you need not review any other voluminous book to overwhelm you.

It is best to do some Praxis 2 study for what is available in the market, both online and on an actual bookstore. Just make sure when choosing the best Praxis 2 study book get one created by actual educators who passed.

There are many Praxis 2 study guides at your disposal for various subject areas like in English, Reading, Math or Praxis II Social Studies to name a few. The ETS study guide can be downloaded for about $20 or less depending on the teacher exam you will be taking. While there have been test passers who claim not to have used a single book in for their Praxis 2 study, you may want to invest on Cliffs, Test Score Breakthrough or Kaplan, which often get good reviews.

Using a good Praxis 2 exam study guide can help you ace your testing as long as you take concrete steps on how to cover voluminous content. Typically, Praxis 2 study entails going over voluminous content with as much as 400 pages to review.

Here are a few tips on how to effectively use your practice books:

  • Create a Praxis 2 study plan based on your study habits so that you can pace yourself accordingly when you study. Sticking to a study plan no matter how well organized it is may be difficult especially if you have work and a family to take care. This is why a reviewer class or a refresher course has become popular because some people cannot study alone. A good option is to join a study group. You can divide the content in your Praxis 2 study guide by chunks and designate a study leader per week. In this way, the study load becomes easier.
  • Identify your blind spots so that you can allot more time on the difficult areas on your study guide. Adjust your Praxis 2 study plan by allotting more time on difficult areas. You can identify your blind spots by going through the table of contents of your study guide and taking a practice test. In this way, you need not dwell on areas that you already know.
  • For your Praxis 2 study materials, use your old notes and textbooks if you still need more clarifications on a particular area. A good study guide must be pretty straightforward and will make use of charts and diagrams to illustrate a point rather than use lengthy and boring text all the time. However, you may come across topics that you still need clarification. You may want to supplement your study guide by other materials like your old college notes or textbook.
  • An effective use of a Praxis 2 guide requires apportioning a bigger chunk of your time on the practice questions. Study guides have practice questions with full rationales. Your goal is to answer as much as 1000 to 2000 practice questions if you want to ensure a passing score. Some tests like in Elementary Education: Content Knowledge, Special Education has only multiple choices. However, for the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and Teaching Foundations tests, you will need to practice answering constructed responses.
  • Make flashcards. There are many technical terms to memorize and theories to familiarize in your study for the Praxis 2 test. Hence, you need to optimize your time reviewing by reading flashcards as you wait for your kid in ballet class or riding a train on a way to your study group session.

The desire and motivation to pass, your commitment to learn, stay positive and confident during your Praxis 2 study sessions will still be your biggest asset.

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