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Praxis II Chemistry: “How To Break The Mental Barriers Blocking You From Passing!”

Praxis II Chemistry practice test got you down?

  • Do you feel no matter what you do you’re NOT getting any closer to a passing test score?
  • Do you feel you’re spending at least half your time in your Praxis II Chemistry study guide content that won’t show up on your real exam?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed having to cram so much content knowledge into your brain…and in so little time?
  • Do feel like this is getting hopeless and the key to pass is eluding you?

Then you’re probably suffering from what I like to call a mental barrier. You anxiously flip through your Praxis II test preparation materials, hoping your brain will suddenly roar back to life. But no matter how many pages you turn… …No matter how many Praxis study guides you read… …No matter how often you call your study buddy for advice…It’s too late.

You’re trapped in the midst of a mental barrier – and you haven’t the slightest clue on how to get out.

Thousands have incorporated these tips into their study plan and passed on the first try. Others have even applied this advice and passed the Praxis II Middle Grades Mathematics, Social Studies and Elementary Education tests.

Get Ready To Get Your Praxis II Chemistry Practice Game On

Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news: these Praxis II Chemistry study and mental barriers aren’t permanent. In fact, with a few super fast tricks, you can train your brain to not only work around these obstacles…

…You can actually make yourself smarter. Just try getting that kind of a promise from your study guide!

Here’s the not-so-good news: if you’re a fan of traditional test prep methods, then you might not be a big fan of the following mind-blowing tricks for firing up those neurons. So if you’re happy staying in the slow lane with your study guide, then watch out for your fellow test takers…Because they’ll be speeding right by you!

Your Praxis II Chemistry study guide not all that it’s cracked up to be?

Try this mental tip to sharpen up your foggy brain: Head over to and type in the search term “nature sounds”, then use just five minutes to listen to the beautiful sounds (bonus points if it comes with imagery).

A University of Michigan study discovered that exposing ourselves to “natural” sounds and imagery can increase our brain performance by up to 20%.

Unleash your inner child and play your favorite video game, like Tetris or Solitaire. According to Shelley Carlson, author of Your Creative Brain, ten minutes of game play can quicken your thought processes and help you see important connections faster when studying for tuff exams like the Praxis 2 test.

Additional bonus: Games distract you from your testing anxieties, which can form those debilitating mental barriers and cripple your productivity in your Praxis study time.Think these sound too easy? Give them a go yourself to discover just how powerful these brain-boosting techniques can be. It’s like funneling caffeine directly into your mind!

So once your brain ( and Praxis II Chemistry practice test) is feeling tired and burned-out give it rest and a boost with one of these activities today.

There are more amazing techniques for boosting your test score, so get started right now.

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