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“Top 10 Best Ways To Use Praxis II Practice Test Questions To Pass Faster And Easier”

1.) How To Use Praxis II Practice Test Questions To Boost Your Score To Passing Level

You need Praxis II practice test questions as must as you need a prep book to pass your ETS teacher certification exam. Multiple choice exams like the Math; Special Education; Elementary Education: Content Knowledge; and Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment require more than just content and professional knowledge. You must also have test taking skills and test question analysis skills to pass.
  • First, use a “test readiness assessment” that’s like real ETS exam questions. Then use the “Test At A Glance” outline on the official ETS website. Make sure your assessment’s questions covers the wide breadth of content and competencies measured on your specific exam. Identify what content and test taking skills you’re lacking in now. Pinpoint your blind spots or the content that you need to beef-up in your test prep in order to pass.

  • Dedicate 20% your Praxis II study sessions to building your test taking skills. Remember that even intelligent people are bad test takers. That’s why integrating Praxis practice tests into your test preparation is very important. Often some simple test coaching to tweak how you approach and answer test questions can spike your score dramatically.

  • Don’t wait until your exam date to get familiar with test question structures and answer formats. You must get familiar with the “language of the test” or you’ll fall prey to trick questions. Learn the format, structure of test questions and common pitfalls.

  • Praxis II practice questions help test takers boost their ability to eye-ball correct answers (even when they’re only partially familiar with the question and answer). Even if you know about the process of elimination, sharpen and refine this skill. To get the correct answers you’ll constantly be trimming down four choices into two and then choosing the most correct answer. If you have to guess, do so intelligently. Eliminate 2 wrong answers and at least have a 50/50 of getting the correct answer.

  • Sample questions help you evaluate how well you are progressing with your reading and retention of the content in your preparation guide. Analyzing test questions will also an effective way to review the exam material.

  • Only use practice tests for the Praxis II developed by state licensed educators who passed your specific test. They can help you implement these score-popping exercises.
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2.) Take Praxis Practice Questions Under Real Testing Conditions

Good sample exams allow you to improve your test taking skills and score in real time.

How to speed up if you’re a slow test taker or tend to run out of time:

Divide the amount of total amount of minutes you get to finish your exam by the number questions on your test. This will tell you how much time you get for each exam question. While taking Praxis 2 practice test questions use a watch to practice pacing yourself. Take full advantage of the time allowed to carefully read the question, carefully review the answers and consider the correct answer. If you determined you have 1 minute per question, get in the habit of only using that much time for each question before moving on.

If you tend to take exams too fast:

Praxis ii practice test Your standardized test for educators is not a competition – so don’t treat it like one. There is no advantage to finishing first. Remember to use all of the time that you have, and whatever you do – don’t give in to your competitive side by finishing first.

If you tend to fall into this trap of rushing through exams try the following practice strategy next time you prepare. Follow the same instructions for slow test takers, but work on slowing down, not skimming and scanning test questions and answers. Practice using all the time allotted for each exam question before rushing to the next question and finishing the exam ridiculously early.
Whether you’re a faster or slower test taker never assume the quicker someone finishes an examination, the better they’ve performed on it. Many naive teacher certification test takers rush through the examination and fail. This exam is not a race to see who finishes first.

Even if you think that you’re going to be the last person in the exam room, take all of the time you need to complete your teaching test. Don’t let worries that other test takers might finish before you make you feel as though you should finish first, as this will seriously undermine your focus and determination. For 99% of test takers not using all the time given to you during the exam and walking out of the test center early is foolish. 9 times out of 10 this means the person missed out on some additional points.

Make every effort to answer your Praxis II test questions in order, but if you encounter a difficult multiple choice question move on to the next question. Return to the test question later. Reserve some time at the end to come back and look over answers you skipped. You’ll get clues from other parts of your ETS exam for what the correct answer is. At least you’ll have a better chance of eliminating incorrect answer choices and have a better probability of getting the correct answer.

The rule of thumb to guarantee a passing ETS score is to aim for taking at 1000 different practice questions. You will need to get several different Praxis study guides in order to get a total of 100 different practice questions. The quality of the practice questions is very important, but the quantity ensures that you are covering all if not most relevant subject areas and not leaving holes in your preparation.

If your Praxis II test includes constructed response questions, locate those from the best resources online. For constructed responses or essay writing part, you need to practice explaining key concepts and theories on your own.

This Praxis test practice process ensures you continue to learn, refine and sharpen your mastery of the required content. As you do, you get better and better at the skill of decoding test questions, disarming the answers and raising your score.

6.) Make Mistakes In Your Test Practice For The Praxis II To Increase Your Praxis Score

Making a mistake never feels good. If you realize you’ve procrastinated to the point of damaging your score, you must take immediate action. Even if you discovered you’ve been reviewing the wrong test content, you can turn things around with the right review book and help from a test prep mentor. Get your test prep program on course. Do not dwell on the way direction you went in before.

Whether you’re taking the Praxis Math, Social Studies, PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching), Reading, English, Elementary Education, Science or any other content area, you know the required passing score is far below 100%. Don’t beat yourself up and stress-out when during the test if you feel you don’t know the answer and have a few wrong answers.

Since this is a standardized test it’s set up so nobody gets 100%. Many test questions are designed to be esoteric so a vast majority of people don’t get them correct. You achieve a passing score by getting the score required that shows you are proficient in the competencies tested.

The more willing you are to accept that you will make a mistake, the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel during your test prep and test taking.

7.) Reduce Stress, Anxiety And Attain Peak Performance Psychology For The Most Effective Test Prep And Test Taking Results

Don’t risk blanking out and losing the passing score you deserve. Don’t wait until your Educational Testing Service (ETS) examination date before you learn how to calm your nerves and your mind. If test anxiety is a problem then do the following techniques to calm those nerves and get the FOCUS you need.

This Praxis II practice method is very simple yet it works incredibly well. Imagine you’re in the exam under real testing conditions and taking the actual test.

Close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out as soon as you settle into your chair. Breathe in for a count of five, and breathe out slowly for a count of six. Repeat for a couple of times. Then imagine yourself in the testing center. Being calm and relaxed you should start feeling ready to tackle your test questions and become more confident and competent in the test taking.

Feel and see yourself relaxed, calm, recalling the information and accurately answering the test questions. Why is this considered a powerful test taking tip? Simple: the more you practice calming your nerves and reduce excess adrenaline the higher your mental capacity and concentration to pass.

This will dramatically improve your concentration, memory of correct answers, test taking performance and increase your test score at least 8-21%. Do this exercise several times per week. It works the best early in morning when you first awake and right before you fall asleep.
8.) Don’t Skim And Scan
Praxis practice test questions Don’t get in the habit of skimming and scanning. Taking Praxis exam practice questions should be all about creating good test taking skills and increasing your knowledge you’ll leverage to a passing score. No matter how many times you’ve taken Praxis practice exams, never get in the habit of skimming over the directions for each section. You might end up losing valuable points on the actual exam simply because you didn’t take the time to thoroughly read the directions.

Get in the habit of reading each Praxis II test question carefully. While you know that the test developers at the Educational Testing Service design multiple choice questions to make sure you understand the content, did you know that there are plenty of ‘easy to avoid’ test question traps that many test takers fall for? In your practice test questions and during the exam be aware these potential testing pitfalls: words like except, not and least, as you’ll be expected to choose an answer that doesn’t fit in with the rest. It’s very easy to lose points with questions like these, so prepare for them by staying alert for these words during your ETS preparation.
9.) Use Plenty Of Scrap Paper In The Test Center
Get in the habit of using scrap paper during your Praxis II test prep sessions as a tool so it feels natural using this to increase your score during the real exam. Your testing booklet can be used for scrap paper – so if you’re more of a visual person, use the scrap paper to your heart’s content! Drawing diagrams can help you to envision a problem more clearly, especially when it comes to those difficult Praxis math problems and/or outlining your thoughts for writing an essay or constructed response.
10.) Know When NOT To Change Your Answers
Use Praxis II practice exams in your prep books to teach yourself how to trust in your answers. If you find yourself frequently questioning your answers on the test, make sure that you change the answer only if you have a good reason to do so. Typically, your first instinct is the right one. The last thing you need is to stress-out doubting your answers. You’ll have enough have enough test anxiety and memory recall to contend with on your testing date.

Don’t wait until you’re staring down your Praxis II exam before you realize you’re wasting a lot of time in things that aren’t important in the big picture when you should be studying. If you exploit these simple preparation tips and you’ll dramatically improve your chances of getting a passing score. These preparation materials for ETS test takers will not only teach you good study habits, but will blast you into the classroom as a certified teacher.

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