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“Ditch Your Praxis 2 Study Guide…See Why This Helps You Pass Quicker”

You know you must get the best Praxis 2 study guides to pass and get your teacher certification. Passing your ETS exam is the key to the teaching career that you’ve always dreamed about – not to mention that secure and recession-proof teacher’s salary.

But using the WRONG study guide for the Praxis 2 exam can leave you feeling overwhelmed. After all, most Praxis II study materials suggest you memorize an overwhelming amount of information that MIGHT or ‘MIGHT Not’ appear on your test. You need highly focused practice and real exam content if you expect to pass your Praxis II series exam. With so many poor free test prep books online out there, it’s no wonder that so many fail and go back to square one: studying the same mediocre practice questions over and over again!

You can pass the first time. All you need is the flashcards, notes and sample questions that have been optimized to reflect actual exam questions.

Effective Praxis 2 Study Guides Teaches You The Real Exam, NOT Fluff

Taking every Praxis practice test on the planet won’t help you raise your score. But for some test prep books, that seems to be the only method they know.

Whether your taking the Math, Reading, Government, Elementary Education, Social Studies, PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching), Science, Spanish, Special Education or other ETS test, you know the best Praxis 2 guides help give you a FOCUS, not overwhelm you. After all, you want to avoid having to retake this assessment second or third time. Especially since just one testing failure can delay your career in education and cost you around $40,000 in first year teacher salary…right?


What you need is a Praxis study materials written by fellow test takers – not some underpaid bum sitting at a desk who has never seen the real examination by the Educational Testing Service or ever passed your test. Use review tips authored by an educator who actually passed the same exam you’re going to take. Then you won’t waste time with fluff, filler and long winded jargon you won’t see on your testing date.

Find A Study Guide For The Praxis 2 That Cranks It Up A Notch

Nothing can replace the benefit of one-on-one mentoring with an experienced tutor or mentor. Combining top notch practice exam, the most up-to-date study manuals and test coaching in your preparation blasts your test score to passing level in a very short period of time.

A certified teacher who already took your specific exam can give you details about the structure and format of test questions, the best Praxis II study methods and the specific things you need to achieve a passing score.

Additionally, exam coaching isn’t expensive; in fact, there is tutoring help out there that offer coaching as a supplement to a review book. That’s perfect for those future teachers on a tight budget.

So if an ETS study manual offers you that, you better jump at the opportunity.

Find A Preparation Book That Does More For You

Don’t be afraid of taking an unofficial testing readiness assessment. Such an assessment will test your core knowledge. It reveals you where you’re weak and vulnerable to failing. Once you see your blind spots you can ‘fill the gaps.’ You’ll know what to FOCUS in on in your study sessions. It’s not impossible to pass your teacher certification test if you study smarter and not harder.

But you have enough on your plate: so let me help you get the Praxis 2 exam study guide that will put you in front of your own classroom faster.

Your future as a certified teacher is on the line. Don’t lose hope.

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