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“PLACE Test Prep Time Squandering You Can’t Afford…”

I want you to take a break from your PLACE study guide and practice tests for a minute. Take a look at your study books for your Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators examination.

Chances are you may have a lot of PLACE test course handouts, free download and review guides. And I don’t think I’d be hedging my bets by saying that most of those study guides are busy collecting dust.

Believe me, you’re not the only one to encounter this phenomenon. In fact, with this standardized test being so difficult to most education students, many potential Colorado teachers are buying more to prepare for their PLACE tests.

So if all this time and money is being spent on PLACE exam practice, why do so many test takers fail their Colorado teacher certification testing?

It’s what I like to call shelf-help – and if you want to get your Colorado educator license, it’s the worst frame of mind you can find yourself in.

Balance Colorado Teacher Testing Scales

Picture the scales of justice that are used to depict courtrooms.

On the one hand, you’ve got your “Why-I-Have-To” reasons. On the other, you have your “Why-I-Can’t” reasons. Every moment of your life is spent balancing out the reasons between these two powers. And any decision you make after that is likely to be influenced by the winning side of the scale – and your Colorado PLACE teacher certification examination is no different.

On the one side (your Why-I-Have-To side), you’ve got reasons why you should crack on with your study:
  • You want to pass your PLACE exam and get your teacher certification;

  • You want to start earning a stable teaching salary;

  • And you want to accomplish your life-long career dream.
On the other side (your Why-I-Can’t side), you’ve got reasons why you’ve been avoiding preparing for your testing date: you’ve got a million other things to do; you feel like you aren’t ready yet; and what if these preparation manuals don’t work for me?

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on your PLACE test study guides, then what’s wrong with this picture?

Stear Clear Of The Colorado Education Preparation Iceberg Dead Ahead!

Studies from esteemed universities like Harvard, Stanford and MIT have all confirmed that when it comes to our brain activity, we only use 10% of our brains. This is often referred to as our Conscious mind. The remaining 90% is hidden below the surface, much like an iceberg – and that is our Subconscious mind.

Your Subconscious mind is an unexplored terrain that literally controls our behaviors, fears, thoughts, dreams and actions. It’s like a locked room where you know you’ll never be able to find the key. And when you can’t see what’s inside the room, it’s awfully hard to change what’s in there.

Which is why thousands of potential Colorado teachers are still stuck even after buying their weight of review books after test selection, registration, fee payment and choosing an exam site and date.

After much study, I’ve determined that our “Why-I-Have-To” reasons are held within our conscious minds; and our “Why-I-Can’t” reasons are held in our subconscious minds.

At a conscious level, everyone wants to succeed in their Colorado teaching exam. After all, no one purposefully signs up to take this evaluation hoping to fail.

But because your subconscious mind is afraid of failing, it’s like you’re driving down the road with your PLACE test guide and practice tests with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. I can show you how to get that foot off of the brake – now.

Go to: How To Pass The PLACE Test Much Quicker And Easier Now right now.

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