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“PLACE Practice And Study Guide Tips Anyone Can Use To Pass And Start Teaching In Colorado”

Let’s face it: when it comes to your Colorado teacher certification exam, some of us already have some frustrating experiences. Your Colorado PLACE study guide may cover a lot of the test content, but does little for some of the biggest problems test takers face like test anxiety. After all, if you can’t concentrate during your test practice or ‘blank-out’ in the testing center, you’re not going to get a passing score.

When some Colorado teacher candidates walk into the exam center, they feel their palms getting sweaty. Our throats will feel itchy. And as soon as they sit down in that creaky testing chair, their hearts start to race as they realize that they’re about to take the notoriously difficult Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators exams.

But there’s a light at the end of the test anxiety tunnel. Because if we know that we’re about to suffer a debilitating stress attack, or will experience those all-too-common nerves, then we can take steps to reduce the amount of anxiety we’ll feel. Doing this will help you improve your testing performance and score results.

Incorporate these PLACE practice tips when using your preparation materials. They’ll really supercharge your review sessions and of course raise your score to passing level.

Is Mastering The Content In Your PLACE Study Guide Enough To Pass?

Well, guess what? We’re considered the lucky ones. Because there are some potential Colorado teachers out there who don’t know that deep within their bellies is a storm brewing. They don’t know when or where it’s going to appear, but one thing’s for sure…

…They have no idea that they too will become victims of their Colorado educator PLACE practice tests and prep books.

Studying for this exam is half of the battle. Have you ever heard of that expression that knowledge is power?

Well, when it comes to Colorado PLACE test anxiety, preparation for the PLACE is half of the battle. After all, if you know that you’re going to suffer from test anxiety, then you can study up on the best test anxiety techniques that will reduce your nervousness and tension.

But what if you’re simply unaware that you’re going to suffer from anxiety when you sit down in front of your PLACE tests? Exam anxiety can be in the form of a slightly clouded head due to the adrenaline and nervousness of this high stakes evaluation that determines if you get your state educator license in Colorado. That’s enough to make anyone stressed and possibly make foolish, but avoidable mistakes on their testing date.
Whatever the case may be, if you haven’t prepared for a potential test anxiety attack, then you’re bound for real trouble.

FREE Preparation Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Test Anxiety

So how can you tell if you’ll soon find yourself in the grips of test anxiety? Read on for the biggest behavioral indicators:
  • You find yourself unable to get involved with your PLACE study. You skim through the sections, but you don’t take the time to really read through each page.

  • You suffer from what’s known as a “flash temper”.

  • You don’t express your feelings; instead, you leave them bottled up inside until they explode.

  • You’ve had a history of panic attacks, even if the last panic attack you’ve ever had was as a child a few decades ago.

  • You often convince yourself that if you don’t know how to do a task, then there’s no point in learning how to do it. This often gets you into trouble at work and in your teaching classes.

  • You haven’t left much time for your review schedule.
According to behavioral experts, these are all the biggest indicators that you’ll fall victim to serious anxiety even weeks after you’ve mastered the material your books and practice exams.

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