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“How To Pass The Praxis II Test Faster And Easier”

If you need to pass the Praxis II test who do you think is in a better position to give you test preparation tips and strategy you need for a passing score?…

…a lowly writing assistant who’s paid a rock-bottom salary by a major test prep publishing company…

…or former test takers, experienced Praxis tutors and state licensed educators who’ve done the dirty work themselves to learn how to get a passing score?

The answer to the question: “What test practice method will give you the highest chance of score?” has become illusive to many prospective teachers. And one of the reasons is because most Praxis II study guides and practice tests simply don’t teach prep techniques you need to pass your teacher certification test. Luckily for you, I’ve got former test takers to reveal how they conquered all test requirements.

Tips And Strategies To Bust Test Requirements And Achieve A Passing ETS Score…From Those In The Know

So what are some of the best exam preparation tips? You can use these free study tips online for English, Social Studies, PLT 7-12, 0041 exam, Reading, Science, Elementary Education or any of the other Content Knowledge tests. Here are some goodies that you can use TODAY:
  • The longer test answers on your exam have the greatest probability to be the correct answers;

  • Avoid choosing answers with words like all, any, always, never and none;

  • If you have to guess, choose one of the middle answers as opposed to the first and last answer choices;

  • Choose related answers instead of unrelated ones;

  • If you are having a hard time choosing between two similar answers, use the true and false strategy by determining which answer choice sounds more accurate than the other; (Believe me this has the greatest power to help you pass the Praxis exam.

  • An answer that has technical jargon might sound right, but it’s usually not;

  • Read all of the answer choices before you make an actual choice, no matter how sure you are of the answer;

  • Decide what the question really wants from you by looking at certain keywords.

Passing The ETS Praxis Exam Faster And Easier

When taking your educator certification examination, make sure that you underline words that are important and think about how they impact the meaning of the question. Pay close attention for certain language that has been used by your education instructor or in textbooks from your teacher certification classes as these are usually the correct answers.

If you want a passing Praxis II score don’t change your first answer unless you are absolutely sure that it is incorrect. Your first choice is usually right, so go ahead and put a line through the answers that you’re sure are not right. Even if you’re sure an answer is incorrect, give yourself a minute to really think about the question. This will guarantee that you don’t fall victim to any nasty testing traps!

Also to ensure you get the test results you want, pay attention to answer selections that are opposite. If you have four choices, bring it down to only two choices by eliminating the ones you know are false. If one of the last two is opposite, then it is easier to choose the right one.

How To Prepare For A Praxis II Pass

Need more exam preparation help to master each proficiency in your teaching assessment? Want to blow your Praxis score out of the water? Then get the support of a tutor or mentor who knows exactly what it takes to succeed…and what study materials i.e. practice tests, study guides and other preparation books will make you pass the Praxis test faster and easier.

An educator who passed the ETS assessment can help you improve any areas of weakness that you have on this exam. After all, you need to speak to someone who’s objective and who has your best interests at heart – not to mention someone who’s been there before!

You know discovering how to pass the Praxis II test will help you make more money, live a better life and help young people who need you…so what are you waiting for?

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