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“These 7 NYSTCE Practice Test Tips Help You Gobble Up More Points And Pass Faster”

Have you found a NYSTCE study guide you feel confident will help you pass? You know you have a tremendous amount of review to do in a very short time. You don’t have any more time to lose.

However, mere familiarity with the test content and memorizing some bits and pieces of information won’t be enough. You must know how to apply the information to the various situations on the New York State Teacher Certification Examination test.

NYSTCE practice test questions are the best way to develop the test taking skills and learn how to apply the information to get the correct answers.

The 7 Best NYSTCE Practice Tips You Need To Pass Now…

Whether you’re prepping for the Content Specialty Test (CST), ATS-W, Literacy, ATAS, ELA, Math, Multi-Subject, Literacy and Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAST), Students With Disabilities, Physical Education, Mathematics or other teaching exam, the following tips will help you get your New York state teacher certification faster.

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1.) NYSTCE Study Guide Tip #1: Your Practice Test Questions Must Cover The Official Testing Framework

No matter how top-notch your NYSTCE study guides are, they’ll mean nothing unless you know how to answer constructed-response questions, for the Computer Based Tests (CBT), written tests like the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) and Assessments of Teaching Skills—Written (ATS–W).

Sample tests can replicate real exam questions and testing conditions giving you practice essential to acing your exam. Example exams get you familiar with the format, structure of test questions, be well-practiced, more confident and relaxed.

Use practice tests for the NYSTCE as an evaluation tool. Notice where you lack knowledge and put time into mastering those areas. See where you need to sharpen your test taking skills and work to bring up those areas before your testing date.

Whatever you do, don’t walking into the testing center unfamiliar with the wording and structure of test questions and answer choices. The exam room isn’t the time to learn the directions and struggle over the types of questions. Be prepared in advance by getting sample questions that mirror the real exam.

Take many practice questions and mock exams as you can to sharpen these vital skills.

2.) Take NYSTCE Practice Test Questions In Under REAL, Test-Like Conditions

It’s critically important to get as much ‘exam-like’ conditions as possible. Being in an unfamiliar test center surrounded by strangers is different than sitting in a quiet study area where you may have done your test prep. This can cause some distraction and break your full concentration. Therefore, you should artificially create some distractions while taking NYSTCE practice tests.

nystce practice test questions That doesn’t mean it’s ok for friends or family to interrupt you during your NYSTCE practice exams (which won’t happen during the exam), it means getting practice with some competing noise and movement in the background.

A noisy library or other location like a coffee shop you’re unfamiliar with where there are people coming and going will do the trick. You’ll be tempted to constantly look up and see what’s going on around you.

You may feel stressed an annoyed at various distractions, noises and movements around you. Practice keeping your focus on the test questions and answers. Breathe to keep your adrenaline and stress low during this exercise. This exam simulation will make you perform much better on the official exam. That is, when you need to concentrate in an unfamiliar location, under pressure with distractions around you.

3.) NYSTCE Study Tip #3: Make Better Use Of LAST, CST Practice Exam Answer Keys

Your NYSTCE study guide has an answer key to the practice tests. It might be tempting to simply score your practice exams using the answer key in the back of your study guide and move on.

-Don’t make this test preparation mistake!

Analyze exactly why you got it wrong. Did you make a mistake with your math? Did you misread the directions? This NYSTCE testing practice helps you understand why you got some answers wrong (as opposed to simply marking it wrong).

You’ll be surprised at how answer keys can provide you with plenty of powerful tips and strategies for each subject area. This can help you to pinpoint your weak test content areas and address them while you still have time.

Some lousy NYSTCE study guides don’t have full answer explanations. If your practice exam doesn’t include rationales and you’re not sure why an answer(s) are wrong then, you must look up the information either online or in reference materials. If you don’t this same concept may surface in a different form on your actual exam and cost you points you need.

Get NYSTCE study materials that include practice exams with full rationales and explanation in the answer keys.

4.) Why Take Timed NYSTCE Practice Tests?
Take practice NYSTCE test questions that are as close to your real New York state teacher certification test as possible.

Think that you’ll have enough self-control to pace yourself during the actual test day? Think again. Those feelings of nervousness and anxiety can cause you to speed through the exam and make foolish mistakes. Pace yourself when taking NYSTCE CST and LAST practice exam questions to give yourself the control you need to finish the exam on time and maximize your passing score.

On the other hand if your standardized testing skills are rusty, you may take too much time mulling over test questions and answers. You need to speed up. Don’t risk running out of time. Don’t wait until your exam date to see how you take the test under timed constraints.

Whether you’re a slow, average speed or fast test taker, do the following exercise at least once per week. Take the total time given to finish your test and divide it by the total number of test questions. This is the amount of time you have for each test question.

Take at least 50 practice test questions out of your NYSTCE test study guide each week pacing yourself at a speed that allows you to fully read the question, consider each test answer and maximize score on the test.

During this exercise and your exam date, skip questions you genuinely do not know the answer. Reserve a little extra time in the last 10 minutes of the exam and come back to those questions. Doing so will give a 50% better chance of answering them correct.

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5.) How To Identify Test Prep Challenges And Make Plans To Solve Them Now.
There are plenty of unexpected NYSTCE study challenges which will pop up during the course of prepping for your testing date. The best defense for the inevitable time crunch you face in your review is a good offense. Prepare yourself for these hurdles long before they present their ugly face. This will dramatically lighten these inevitable test prep ‘bumps on the road.’

For example, if there are situations and people who keep you from doing the preparation necessary to pass, make a written plan how you’re going deal with that before it happens. If you wait until the situation is upon you, you’ll make it more difficult for yourself. If test anxiety or feel you’re ‘just not a good test taker’ make a short, written plan on how you’re going to find resources and develop skills to greatly reduce these obstacles to your passing score.

Planning upstream and being proactive to solving barriers to your passing score is the only way to guarantee you pass the NYSTCE exam.

There isn’t much time. The clock is ticking so take action now!

6.) How To Find Enough Time To Prepare With An Already Busy Schedule
Whether you’re still in school or have a busy career to contend with, finding the time to devote to your study for the NYSTCE around your already-busy schedule can be a challenge. After all, between homework, meetings, late nights and other unexpected schedule busters, it’s no wonder that many preparation guides and practice tests for the NYSTCE from, Kaplan or Barnes and Noble are left to the wayside. For example, one poster on a test prep forum wrote: “I thought I could follow the schedule listed in my preparation guide, but it was too unrealistic. I barely have time for my own life, let alone an intensive practice schedule!”
  • Prioritize your NYSTCE study.

  • nystce study guide materials By prioritization you mentally determine passing the test and getting your New York teacher certification is more important than a lot of lower value activities like watch TV, socializing, surfing the internet, etc. You then schedule several study sessions into you schedule each week in a day planner or just a “to do” list. Write down and schedule a definitive start and stop time for each preparation session. (You deliberately “not schedule” lower value, time waster and more enjoyable activities out i.e. talk on the phone or go mess around.)

    These scheduled study sessions will serve as a block time. You won’t do anything else, but prepare. This helps keep procrastination and interruptions at bay. This way, you’ll ensure that you stick to your study schedule and don’t lose weeks of precious review time little by little in low value activities and time wasters.

  • Make your NYSTCE test practice social.

  • Even the most sincere intentions to crack open your NYSTCE study manual can be punctuated with family responsibilities and an active social life. While it’s extremely tempting to put aside your preparation materials for a night out with friends, don’t fight against your instincts. Instead, form a study group that will fulfill both your social needs and test prep needs.

    If you have a family, why not get them involved while you read your practice for the NYSTCE? Invite your children and/or partner to quiz you so that they feel involved with the process – and you’ll find it much easier to balance both aspects of your life.

  • How to squeeze in more quality review each day and week even if you have a very busy schedule
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It’s no wonder that many posters on New York teacher testing forums feel as though they don’t have enough time in the day to devote to their New York teacher certification practice guides. However, it’s important to realize that a two-hour chunk of time won’t simply fall from the sky. Instead, you need to carve out the time you need from your day you need for prep sessions.

Try taking your NYSTCE test prep books with you to work, where you can get in an hour’s worth of study during your lunch break. Carry your review resources around with you at school in case you can grab ten or twenty minutes for review.

Record the information you most need to learn in your study guide into an Mp3 recorder. Listen to the content as you drive in your car, do errands, sit on the bus or other time you can wear headphones.

Create and whip out some flashcards when you’re eating dinner, waiting for an appointment or have few minutes of idle time.

What about 10 minutes before you go to bed each night?…

…You’ll be surprised how all the otherwise wasted minutes of the day add up hours of high quality review.

7.) How To Choose NYSTCE Study Guides…That Actually Help You Pass
The best NYSTCE guides are those that teach you only what content is really tested, not a slew of general academic knowledge. You just don’t have time to learn the finer points of various concepts if they won’t help you get your New York state teacher certification. Be wary of national publishers who print NYSTCE exam review guides. Most are authored by corporate writers who edit novels and books like “how to garden for Dummies.” Even the ivory tower PH.D.s in education they contract to write study guides haven’t taken a standardized exam in 20-30 years.

…He never passed your NYSTCE test!

Free NYSTCE exam study guides online aren’t going to give away the test. These are a sample of ‘may be’ material and mostly general academic information.

If you’re really serious about passing your teaching exam, get preparation materials created by New York teachers who passed and have several years of experience helping test takers succeed. The most powerful New York State Teacher Certification Examination preparation programs are those that combine study guides, practice tests and one-on-one coaching and tutoring.

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