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NYSTCE Exam Prep – How To Combat Test Stress With These Practice Tips

No matter how ready you think you are for your field based, computer or paper testing, your New York State Teacher Certification Exam can cause you a lot of stress. Even the most self-assured and knowledgeable test takers become extremely nervous.

Test Practice Tip #1: The REAL Reason You’re Stressed

Does the thought of your NYSTCE exams? make you feel nervous?

Experts have dug up plenty of testing research that shows people experience stress primarily because they don’t feel in control. Since taking a standardized test like your New York teacher certification exam causes many test takers – no matter how well they might have done on tests in college – to feel completely out of control, it’s no wonder that stomach butterflies are an epidemic.

Don’t let poor NYSTCE study techniques steal your teaching career dreams. If you want to manage your anxiety on the day of your CST test, then you need these top stress management and preparation strategies.

It doesn’t matter if your teacher license assessment is Mathematics, Social Studies, Bilingual Education, Liberal Arts And Sciences (LAST), Health Education, Social Studies, Earth Science, Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills Written, Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills Written, English to Speakers of Other Languages, English Language Arts, Students with Disabilities, Multi-Subject and Sciences or one of the others. The following test prep advice is so effective that they’re guaranteed to nip those stomach butterflies right in the bud.

Tip #2: Don’t Increase NYSTCE Study

It seems like a contradictory concept, but the more you ease up on your NYSTCE exam study before the big day, the better you’ll do on your test. Easing up on your review schedule three days before this educator assessment will make you feel more rested and relaxed.

In other words, cramming the night before won’t just make you feel tired – it can actually increase your feelings of being stressed!

Tip #3: Become Familiar With Your CST Exam Site

While becoming familiar with the layout of the test center won’t replace doing sample questions and reading your study manual, it can work wonders on any potential nerves you might experience on your testing date. Know where you’re going ahead of time: get directions to the center, time how long it will take you to get there and visit the room where you’ll actually take your teacher certification test.
Tip #4: Do Things You Enjoy The Day Before Your For NYSTCE CST Testing Date
Ever wonder why athletes don’t practice the day before a game or race? Be it an Olympic race or NYSTCE examination, our bodies need approximately 24 hours in order to gather up the energy and resources that we need to succeed. Don’t deplete your resources the day before your test – instead, do things that you enjoy to give your mind and body a well-deserved day off.
Tip #5: How To Remove Stress Before Your NYSTCE Test Date
Stress can quickly mount when you realized you have so much to do and so little time a few days before you walk into the test center. Have a little foresight to get those errands out of the way before your testing date. Fill up the gas tank of your car, lay your clothes out in advance and above all, get directions to the testing center ahead of time. The peace of mind you’ll feel with all of these completed tasks under your belt will do much to get your relaxed and ready for test day.

Don’t let your nerves get in between you and your future teaching career – not to mention that healthy New York state teaching salary.

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