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“Do You Know The NCLEX Prep Truth Meter?”

The lack of high-quality NCLEX prep currently on the market is the lead cause of exam failure. It’s also the leading reason for the 24/7 nightmare many RN nurse graduates have about losing a nursing career. As a nursing student, you already own a stack of NCLEX test prep, so you want the best 2013 review info that targets exam-like questions. You’re sick and tired of discovering dumbed-down questions and non-existent rationales in your text review.

You need a strategy that will help you bust real Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) NCLEX RN questions. That is, multiple choice and SATA (Select All That Apply) practice exams complete with rationales that reflect the actual test-taking experience.

The Reason Behind Generic NCLEX Exam Prep

Most NCLEX exam preparation is rarely reflective of the actual test-taking experience for two-reasons: 1) They’re designed to make money, and 2.) They’re “fast-food” versions of the actual exam. In an online article published by Bloomberg Businessweek, many critics claim that big-name brands like Kaplan and Princeton Review are “fast-food” test prep. This means that these companies emphasize quantity-over-quality, and are too generic in their focus and instruction.

How To Use The “NCLEX-RN Prep Truth Meter”

In order to avoid the stumbling block of studying from “fast-food” test preparation, it’s important for nursing students to implement the “NCLEX-RN Prep Truth Meter.” This is a unique strategy that can help nursing students differentiate generic test reviews from truly outstanding sample tests and study guides.

To implement the “NCLEX Prep Truth Meter,” implement the following steps before you purchase or download any test-taking content:

1. Enter “NCLEX prep” in the search bar of Google Books. You should get a list of results based on your search terms, and some of them will contain brand names like Kaplan, Hurst, Nurse Zone, NCSBN Learning Extension, Flashcards and Princeton Review and others offering pass on the try try – guaranteed.

2. Filter through the results to find the study guides and test-taking materials that interest you the most. Write a list of five to ten titles and put this list to the side.

3. Click to the first page of a potential NCLEX test prep materials purchase and check out the year it was published. If the latest revision was released more than two years ago, toss this study guide to the side. The RN exam developed by the NCSBN changes every year, so you need a study guide that will keep up. If the study guide fails to pass this criteria, cross it off your list.

4. Click open a new window in your Internet browser. Go to Books and type in the remaining titles on your list. Check out the customer reviews (these will be ranked from five-star to one-star).

5. Read the best book review, and then read the most critical review. If the words “generic,” “simplified” and “boring” crop up more than once, cross this option off of your list. This means that the test prep won’t provide you with any information you don’t already know.

Once you’ve completed the steps in the “NCLEX Prep Truth Meter” technique, you should have a firm idea of what study guides will give you accurate NCLEX questions and rationales.

What If You Used This Proven System To Find The Best Comprehensive Review?

It’s easy to use the “NCLEX Prep Truth Meter” technique: all you need is to open your online browser and start researching via Google Books and Amazon Books. It’s a fast, effortless, yet incredibly revealing way to weed out the generic study guides that always leave you feeling frightened and uncertain about your NCLEX exam. Use this technique right now to get truly accurate NCLEX test prep.

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