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NCLEX PN Questions – A 3-Step “Domino Method” Helps You Crush Tough PN Questions Now

No matter how good your NCLEX PN review class is, looking at actual test questions is enough to make you crumble with nerves.  The answer choices are utterly confusing, especially when all of them could technically be the right one.

You’ve encountered so many NCLEX PN questions like this that they’re breaking you down.  You’re so disheartened that your exam practice has become practically non-existent.

nclex pn exam questions for lpn practical nurse candidates
Fortunately, you’ll learn how to deal with these frustrating NCLEX PN questions using an innovative tactic to reveal the correct answer choice – for a 100% pass guarantee.

Why These NCLEX PN Questions Matter?

NCLEX PN questions that have similar answer choices are the most common on the exam; therefore, they are critical for achieving a passing score on the NCLEX.  These questions are developed to accurately assess nursing ability, as it allows candidates to demonstrate that they understand prioritization with regards to patient safety and care.

According to 2021 nurse licensure and NCLEX Examination statistics, 90% of U.S. educated candidates were able to pass the exam on the first time. Much of this success can be attributed to learning test-taking techniques like the “Domino Method.”

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Blast NCLEX PN Questions With The “Domino Method”

The “Domino Method” is a unique test-taking technique that can help you master the test format, particularly when it comes to multiple-choice questions with similar answer choices.  At first glance, this can be very confusing, as you might not know which answer to pick.  However, use the following guide to locate the correct answer:

    1. Take a look through all the answer choices and make note of what the question is asking you.  Assess if all the choices could technically be correct.  If you find that you’re stuck, see if at least three answer choices could be correct.  If this is true, use the “Domino Method” to find the correct answer.

Here is an example of a question that can use the “Domino Method”:

“A nurse working in the trauma unit has received notification that several survivors who have been found in the mountains are suffering from exposure.  They are on their way to the hospital, and she must prep for their arrival.  The initial nursing action of the trauma unit nurse is which of the following?

      • Supply the emergency room with sterile water and saline.
      • Ensure that a supply of warm blankets is prepared.
      • Call the nursing supervisor to active the hospital’s disaster strategy.
      • Request that more nurses be sent to the trauma unit.

In this question, it’s evident that all of these answers could be appropriate for preparing for the arrival of patients who have suffered from the cold.  This is when you should use the “Domino Method.”

    1. Assess the answers and determine which one could be considered a general statement that can contain other options.  This will be known as the “Domino.”  The “Domino” answer embraces the use of the other answer options, and will typically be worded in a more general manner.


In the example question, we can see that Answer C could fit this criteria, as the other options could be included in the hospital’s disaster strategy.  Therefore, there is a very high likelihood that Answer C could be our correct answer.


  1. To help assess the potential “Domino” answer, envision how the question would occur in a hospital setting.  Would you be able to conduct any of the other options before the “Domino” answer?  If not, you’ve found the “Domino” answer, and this will be the correct one.

In the example question, Answer C is the most logical step to take first, as the other options could be steps within the hospital’s disaster strategy.

What If You Use The “Domino Method”?

Answers are made incredibly easy, thanks to the “Domino Method.”  If you use this method during your own review, you’ll discover what it’s like to really be prepared for the NCLEX PN.  You’ll no longer have to worry about trick questions or exam cram.  The “Domino Method” will help you tackle some of the more complicated NCLEX PN questions for a 100% pass guarantee.

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Author: Mark Dahlson