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When it comes to your MAT prep, sometimes it can seem like you’re up against a monster. After all, you know that you need to study more analogies for your upcoming Miller Analogies Test

But how do you even know where to begin in the first place?

Let’s face it: for those of us taking the MAT Analogies Test, choosing a definitive section to start our study can seem akin to throwing a dart at an unmarked dartboard. You know that all of the targets, but unless the targets are clearly spelled out for you in the first place, you won’t know if your review is really optimizing your very best MAT test score.

If you’re considering hiring a psychic in order to make your next MAT test preparation move, not to worry: I’m about to show you exactly what kind of analogies will appear on your Miller Analogies Test. So you can stop worrying.

And actually get a superior test score.

Forget the Psychic, Because This MAT Test Practice Guide Is All You Need

So before you can even begin to get started on your review for the MAT test, you need to actually determine what’s going to be on your evaluation.

And I’m not just talking about a generalized study here, either. I’m talking about a down-and-dirty, ultra-specific cheat sheet that will turn your MAT test into dust. Most importantly, this cheat sheet is 100% guaranteed.

And that’s not something that not every study guide can promise you, that’s for sure!

Alright let’s get down to business. After all, all this time we spend talking is your valuable MAT test study time!

The Types of MAT Testing Analogies You Need to Get Familiar With

Ladies and gentlemen, get out your practice tests for the MAT because once you take a look at the types of analogies that are guaranteed to appear on your exam, you’ll be confident enough to take on the world!
  • MAT Test Question Type #1: Word: Synonym: Perhaps the easiest analogy you’ll come up against. In this analogy example, the relationship between the two words will be synonymous; in other words, any given word can be replaced by the other. So in the analogy Pencil: Pen, Paintbrush: BLANK, the answer will be a tool that is similar to a paintbrush in that you can paint with it.

  • MAT Test Question Type #2: Word: Antonym: On the other side of the scale is the analogy where the relationship between the words are opposites of each other. But before you go ahead and answer the question, make sure that you’ve established the relationship between the words. For example, the relationship between the analogy IMPOVERISH: ENRICH is that both words can be done to someone’s level of wealth.

  • Remember, in your practice for the MAT test, it’s not enough to find the opposition or similarity between two words. You need to directly establish a relationship between the two words first. How are they related? Is one used as a tool for another? Are they both instruments? Actions? Types of places? The more specific you can make the relationship, the more likely it is that you’ll get the correct answer on your MAT test taking.
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