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“Top 12 GACE Practice Test Blunders You Must Avoid To Pass”

If you’re taking the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE test) the following free GACE practice test tips will help you. I’m about to reveal the most common GACE study guide mistakes that take a huge bite out of your test score.

You can use these GACE practice test tips for the Middle Grades Mathematics, Professional Pedagogy, Early Childhood, English, Special Education, Physical Education, Biology, Social Studies, Family and Consumer Science, Special Education, English, Early Childhood Education, Paraprofessional, Media Specialist, History, Science, Basic Skills, Math or any other Georgia teacher certification exam.

Avoid these GACE test practice pitfalls and you’ll be a lot closer to a Georgia teacher certification.

1.) Identify Phony, Over Simplistic GACE Practice Test Questions That Are Easier Than The Real Exam

Too many practice questions for the GACE do not follow the core competencies on the real test. Even sample questions that touch on exam material do not have the questions and answers worded, formatted and structured like the actual exam.

Your first step towards a $37,000 a year Georgia teacher’s salary must be to get acquainted with exam-like content and questions before you walk into the testing center.

2.) Stir Clear Of GACE Practice Tests That Don’t Cover All Content Listed On The Georgia Assessments For The Certification Of Educators Official Website

Choosing the best GACE practice materials is unlike any other challenge. Preparation book publishers don’t seem to understand that failure on this assessment could mean delaying your teaching career and losing over $37,000 in first year teacher salary.

GACE practice study guide Too many books have GACE practice questions are out of date. They’re not updated for the latest version of your Georgia teacher certification exam. The elementary school tips provided in most test preparation books are an insult to your intelligence…

After all, everyone knows you should get a good night sleep before an exam, eat a good breakfast and bring a sharpened number 2 pencil!

Therefore, GACE study manuals from local bookstore like Barnes and Noble or online at may not be your straightest line to a passing score and derail thousands to failure each year.

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3.) Don’t Rely On Free GACE Practice Tests And Study Guides Online

Nobody will provide test-like questions and content by posting it for free on a website. Even if you find some general information that relates to your test content, you’ll never get more than 10-20% of what you need to pass.

You’ve heard of old adage, “You get what you pay for?” Even if your budget is low and you’re barely getting by as a student or new teacher, you have to get over the fact there are no good free GACE test questions or preparation guides online. If you do come upon some sample tests, don’t think you found any treasure or something that will improve your score.

You’ve already invested time and money into 4 or more years of college and hefty tuition bills to prepare for a teaching career that earns a starting salary of $37,000 or more per year with benefits. Don’t let your teaching ambition come crashing down because you tried crossing your last obstacle to certification with a flimsy $17 GACE book or surfing the internet for free materials.

4.) Avoid Online GACE Test Forums
Those forums are filled with chitter-chatter, gossip and half-truth information. The posters are mainly curious Georgia education students just figuring what this teaching exam is. There are also a lot chronic test failures who gravitate to these forums whining and blaming others for their poor test prep. (Maybe because they have a bad habit of wasting time?) These review forums are best for angry test takers to vent their frustration, people who have a lot of time to lose in their test preparation and people who can afford failing their exam.

While these Georgia teacher examination forum pages might be a great place to socialize or for entertainment, it’s a poor use of your limited study time. The erroneous test practice advice and information can lead you in the wrong direction. Those types of forums have a tendency to plant a seed of negatively that can take root in your study program and ruin positive success mindset you need to prepare correctly and pass. Since psychology accounts for at least 20% of your exam prep and testing taking success, keep your mind optimistically conditioned for passing, not failure.

Your GACE test prep time is short. You’re already in a time crunch to locate the best prep resources that cover the vast amount of content you need. Don’t lose valuable time or emotional energy reading time-wasting test prep forums.
5.) Georgia Teacher Certification Study Mistake #5: Not Using GACE Practice Guides By Georgia Test Takers Who Passed
GACE practice test questions There are many websites offering good GACE practice tests and preparation resources, but many are online information marketers who aren’t Georgia educators, not teachers at all, much less passed the specific exam you’re going to take.

Many authors of preparation manuals are authored by ‘ivory tower’ professors or corporate writers from big name publishers who never took a teaching exam. They never taught students, took education classes, much less took and passed the exam they’re trying to teach you how to pass! — Only buy a book with GACE practice questions. It should clearly state it’s created by licensed Georgia educators who passed.

6.) Avert Annual Georgia Teacher Hiring Deadline Amnesia

Failing this teacher evaluation can mean delaying your teaching career because new teacher hiring begins and ends many months before the next school year.

Everyone thinks they’ll make up for lost study time in the last 2 weeks before the exam. Many university studies on standardized testing for professional certification exams show cramming the last 1-2 weeks yield the poorest exam scores. Cramming may have worked out for you in your college classes, but the GACE test is a different animal.

Trying to do all your studying 1-2 weeks before your exam date is extremely stressful and very inferior test preparation. You’ll dramatically lower your chance of getting a passing score.

Don’t underestimate (like so many test takers) how early you need to start preparing in order to guarantee a passing score. Taking mock exams and reviewing your prep manuals 6-8 weeks before your exam date can double your chances of passing.

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7.) Mistake #7: Not Getting Enough Practice For The GACE Test

Every high quality, effective GACE study manual includes full answer explanations and rationales for why each answer is wrong and correct. Complete answer explanations should clearly explain the rationale for the correct and each wrong answer. This is as true for essay or constructed response questions as it is for multiple choice questions. (If not, get a different practice tool.)

Use GACE practice exams as a tutorial to master the content as well as for a test taking exercise. If you tend to answer exam questions too slowly, risking running out of time, example questions will help you speed up. Just practice allocating a specific amount of time to each question and moving on. If you tend to take exams quickly and finish very early, you’re likely not using the time given to you to maximize your score. Going too fast puts you at risk for making foolish test taking mistakes. Mistakes made by going too fast are mostly made by: Skimming/scanning test instructions and misreading exam questions and test answers.

If you flip through any set of GACE practice test questions, you’ll discover many publishers simply don’t include a great amount of sample exams. However, the more example questions you take before your testing date, the better you’ll score on the real deal. Find a study guide that provides you practice similar to what you’ll see on your exam day.

8.) Don’t Mistake Movement For Achievement

You may feel nervous and anxious as you approach your GACE study especially if you’ve procrastinated and are starting your review late. You may feel overwhelmed due to vast amount of test content you need to absorb before your testing date. This nervous energy may cause you to start preparing in an ineffective way.

What do I mean?

You can waste many hours in GACE practice and not make any progress in raising your score. You need a test preparation success plan that clearly maps out how to get you from where you are now to a passing score. It is a very inefficient use of your time and mental energy to just start preparing at random. Reading and highlighting pages without a study plan and focus will set you up for failure.

Before you start your practice for the GACE test carefully assess your strong and weak areas. Take a readiness assessment of at least 50 approximated, exam-like questions that cover a wide breadth of the content for your specific test. See where you’re strong and need improvement. Note subtopics on your exam you’re generally more interested in, like learning about and are already proficient in. Be aware of content knowledge subsections you tend to avoid because you don’t like them (e.g. math or area you’re not strong in).

After, spend 80% of all your test preparation time on your weaker content areas that you don’t like and avoid. You’ll extract 2-4 times more test points on your final score investing your time studying your weak areas. Only put 20% of your entire test prep time into reviewing subsections of the exam you like, feel comfortable in and are already reasonably proficient.

9.) Don’t Assume The GACE Practice Questions In Your Study Books Have A Correct Answer Key

Just look at all the complaints in the book reviews at and Barnes and Noble. Be sure that you find review materials that are not only thorough, but accurate and contain clear explanations and rationales.

Don’t use any GACE practice tests that have mistakes in the answer key. Since many publishing companies rush to put their own books on the market, they’re making mistakes at a rate of a mile a minute.

10.) Mistake #10: Feeling More Secure With Name Brand GACE Study Books And Practice Exams

Many GACE study guides written by large, name brand publishers may seem like a safe option. However, most don’t provide you with the test taking tricks, techniques and know-how that you need to pass. The $13-$21 name brand review materials are appropriate only when you can’t afford better test preparation materials.

Most large, national publishing houses are in the business of selling thousands of book titles from SAT test prep to ‘How to Use A Computer for Dummies.’ Most of the study guides published for the GACE are written by freelance or corporate writers who are not educators. They never took your specific Georgia Assessments for the Certification Of Educators. I too tried some GACE practice manuals written by big name brands. Just don’t expect any gold nuggets that will help you pass and be prepared to be frustrated and disappointed.

11.) Mistake #11: Thinking A Thicker Study Guide For The GACE Is More Comprehensive And Effective

Spare yourself the pain of reading 400 page GACE study books written in long winded 70 word sentences to make each point. Avoid Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators test preparation guides that make you hunt down tips and techniques through free websites and reference books. The ideal test prep company will provide you with everything you need in one go. If you feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack or got hit over the head with an encyclopedia, get a better prep book. The best GACE study guides concentrate only on the core content that’s actually tested on your specific exam…and save you a major amount of time.

12.) Avoid Trying To Pass The GACE Test Without Help

You were probably successfully in getting through your college exams by studying on your own. However, trying to prepare and pass the GACE exam is flying blind. After all, what if you have questions about the content in your book? What if you have specific questions pivotal to getting a passing score a few days or even a few hours before your exam?

Can a paper book help answer your questions?

Getting help is not a weakness. The most successful people seek outside advice and resources to achieve success. Anyone who has achieved great success collaborated with a team to leverage their success. Why should your GACE test prep and earning your teacher certification be any different?

The element of individual GACE study is essential. However, if you learn better in collaboration a studying with others may be a very powerful study tool for you. This is especially true if you see yourself procrastinating because it’s hard for you to lock yourself away without social contact.

As a future licensed teacher, you can’t afford to miss out on a $37,000 yearly salary due to a few simple exam prep and GACE practice test mistakes. Tutoring, talking to Georgia educators who passed and forming a small GACE study group all solutions to help you raise your score in less time and less struggle.

Don’t let yourself become one of the hundreds of future teachers who have to put their career dreams on hold each testing date. After all, you have a secure salary and an exciting career waiting for you.

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