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“FTCE Questions That Propel You To Florida Teacher Certification”

When it comes to Florida Teacher Certification Examinations test questions nothing helps you learn the test’s format, structure and wording than a high quality sample exam that covers the actual test design and framework.

But when it comes down to it, there’s a difference between simple sample test questions – and REAL questions you’ll face. You need ‘spot-on’ accurate practice tests that reflect the actual FTCE/FELE questions you’ll face on your testing date. If you do your test score will be propelled to passing level.

A Test Preparation Question For You…

So what makes the difference between an average, run-of-the-mill practice exam and the questions you’ll see on your test date?…

The REAL Florida teacher certification exam questions require more than memorizing the information and spitting it back out at your test site. – You need to know how apply this information.

An example of this type of test question is illustrated below. This example question applies the concept of task-appropriateness to those hypothetical classroom scenarios. It’s a type of multiple choice question the writers of the Florida Teacher Certification Tests are fond of. In other words, this is the concept that your instruction style and assessment should always match the lesson at hand, in addition to the student’s learning style.

It may sound more complicated, but it’s not. See why…

Why This FTCE Test Question Helps You Pass

Grab a pencil and paper, and take a look at the following multiple choice question:

Miss Souza, a fifth-grade teacher, has students working together in small groups learning how to classify different types of animals according to scientific criteria. After this group time, the students present their findings to the classroom. Which assessment should Miss Souza use to ensure that all students participated in the group activity?”

Before you even begin to look at the answers to the question on this FTCE sample: identify the scenario that is put in front of you.

  • First, note the age range: fifth-grade.

  • Next, identify the goal: Miss Souza wants to ensure equal participation throughout the group. You must know that while learning new material is a primary goal, the other goal is for students to positively interact with each other. This can only happen if the teacher takes steps to ensure that all students are working together properly, and not one person is doing all of the work…

  • …How can you prevent that from happening?

    Next Up: The Exam Question’s Answer And Rationale

    Now that you’ve got these parameters in mind, let’s take a look at your answer selections:
    • Have students initial which parts of the report they contributed to (an example of a popular answer choice from FTCE questions.)

    • Spend time informally viewing each group to ensure that they’re all working equally.

    • Have each student contribute a one-page report saying how they contributed.

    • Have each group pick a leader who will ensure that everyone participates equally.
    The correct answer is the second one. After all, it’s the only answer that ensures that one person isn’t doing all of the work, and eliminates any need for confusion among group roles and responsibilities.

    Oh, and one other thing: note that the correct answer involves more work for the teacher. This is a surefire indicator that it’s the right one, as the makers of the FTCE exam questions love giving teachers more work!

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