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“FTCE Exam Prep Tips For Faster Florida Teacher Certification”

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations is a content-driven test. This means the FTCE exam measures what you do you know, not what you can know in the future. While this prospect might seem a bit daunting, fortunately, preparing for the test can be easy – provided that you have these content-driven FTCE study tips designed for maximum success.

Proper Study Involves Memorization

Whether you have to take the Elementary Education K-6, Math, Social Science, Integrated Curriculum or other Florida educator exam, you’re going to need a preparation materials to pass. Your study materials must help you to memorize those all-important facts, figures, dates and formulas. Since your Florida teaching test is a content-driven examination, you absolutely need to know the kind of information that your future students will be expected to know.

There’s no other way to get around it.

Need a little extra help with your memorization skills for the FTCE exams? Use these suggestions from a test prep expert. Try creating a story around important dates and figures, making up easy-to-remember rhymes (like in this famous example: “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue), and forming important associations.

These memorization tips are far more effective than poring through flashcard after flashcard, since you’re more likely to forget what you’ve learned using this method.

Break Your Exam Content Into Manageable Chunks

You may think that you learned everything you needed to know about how to effectively cram in college, but here’s a word of test review warning:

  • Don’t expect to master this content-driven teacher certification test if you cram the night before.

  • Break your prep guides into manageable chunks that can be studied week after week. This way, you’ll absorb far more vital test content without overexerting yourself by cramming. Once you’ve studied all of the smaller chunks, you’ll only have to breeze through the larger piece to refresh your mind before the test.
  • Get Others Involved With Your Test Prep Sessions

    Have a family member or friend become your “study buddy. Never heard of a study buddy before? The get ready to utilize one of the best methods for improving your FTCE practice sessions.

    Whether they’re responsible for checking in on your progress or ensuring that you’re staying on your study schedule, a study buddy can keep you motivated when you start to feel overwhelmed. And that means when you walk out of that exam room with a sky-high “pass” mark, you won’t be the only one to celebrate!

    Pass your FTCE exam and start teaching Florida students who need you.

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