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“CTEL Test Prep Study Guide Tips To Pass And Get Your CLAD/BCLAD Credential Faster”

Put down that CSET study guide and just listen for a minute – because I’m about to change the way you look at that your test preparation. When you were little, you probably believed in Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. Heck, you probably even believed in the Tooth Fairy! But what happened when you found out that they weren’t real? Didn’t you get that heart-sinking feeling of realizing that you’d been duped? That you believed in nothing more than a story?

Well, flash forward a few decades later, and that’s the same kind of feeling you get when you realize that you’ve fallen victim to some of the craziest CTEL prep myths out there today.

How To Use Your CTEL Study Guide To Pass Easier

When it comes to your standard study manual, you might as well dress it up in a red suit and put it in a sleigh – because that’s how real it is to your test-busting success.

Sure, these myths may start out innocently enough; after all, that review book you’re holding in your hand right now wasn’t purposely made to throw you off the trail. But somewhere along the line, something happened – and now you’re the one suffering the insanity of overwhelm and lack of focus.

Don’t let these crazy review myths remain under your skin for a second longer. Get yourself a reality check by busting these popular myths…

…and then get back on the path towards your California CLAD/BCLAD credential.

California Test Of English Learner Myths That Should Make You Furious

It’s insulting that they actually try to pass flashcards off as a CTEL study method on language teachers – because you know that flashcards are the lazy man’s way to testing success!

Think of effective study as tantamount to teaching your students how to speak another language. While flashcards and repetition can be useful, it shouldn’t make up the entirety of their classroom lesson. Instead, you need to immerse them in the language by using a combination of media exposure, conversations and other approved techniques. Get inspired by following these tips:
  • Immerse yourself in CTEL test prep by surrounding yourself with your study materials 24/7. From listening to an mp3 playlist at the gym to reading your preparation manuals right before bed, the more you immerse yourself, the more you’ll absorb.

  • One popular California Teacher of English Learners website actually considers having “paper cut-proof” flashcards as a benefit to your study. How insulting that they think your biggest concern is getting a cut on your thumb!

  • Another exam practice site actually tries to pass kids games off as an effective way to study. Sure, it may have worked – when you were in the fifth grade. But you’re on your way towards becoming a California educator, not getting ready for recess!
Ideal CTEL practice techniques can’t be boiled down to insanely simple study tactics. If it could, doesn’t it stand to reason that all California credential candidates would be able to pass on their first try?

Don’t fall for these prep myths for a moment longer. If you’re ready to take your prep for the CTEL to the next level and transform yourself into a successful CLAD/BCLAD credentialed educator, then…

See how I leveraged my short review time to pass

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