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CSET Physical Education – Study Tips And Practice Strategies To Pass All Subject Matter Requirements”

Until you pass your California teaching credential Physical Education exam your teaching career will be in a holding pattern. My dream career as a physical education teacher was in a 11 month ‘spin cycle’ due to failure. Unfortunately, most CSET Study Guides and Practice Tests for this exam do not adequately cover the material….

…Any actual test content covered in these widely-used CSET Physical Education sold on and at Barnes and Noble is buried in over 500 pages or textbook-like content. That’s mind boggling to read much less memorize and actually use to pass.

Like me, many test takers often are dumbfounded at the number of intelligent and capable educators who fail this P.E. exam required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) on the first attempt. How can so many who received good grades in their college, education or teacher credential classes find the California Subject Examinations for Teachers blocking them from getting into the classroom?

First, you more than just General Examination Information.

CSET Physical Education Practice Test Questions

As a future P.E. teacher, you know that the right tools, education and resources can help your students create healthy habits for life. Likewise, the knowledge and skills you need pass your Physical Education exam will help you unlock your ideal lifestyle and give you financial security for a lifetime.

Everyone realizes studying relevant Taking ‘exam-like’ practice test questions is one of the quickest ways to get a passing score. Wasting time and effort reviewing materials that will not be on the examination never results in testing success. ,

Fortunately, on the second try I passed all CSET subtests 1, 2 and 3 on my Physical Education test. I owe my success to my mentor who suggested which CSET prep material to use.

Study Guides That Work Harder For You

Obtaining my educator certification was imperative – after all, that dream career as a gym teacher I’ve wanted all my life wasn’t going to wait around for me. So I asked my mentor – who went through this preparation ordeal before. She explained that there were many practice tests, books and one-on-one test coaching programs touted to be helpful. She also stated that not every teacher test prep book and practice test is equal in its ability to yield as a passing score.

My mentor was right. Many of the products currently available for preparing for the California teacher exams contain more “filler” than valuable content. If your goal is to pass, you don’t need extra information in your guides stealing your mental energy, time and money.

What you need is review material that covers each detail of following:
  • Physical Education Subtest 1: Growth, Motor Development and Motor Learning and The Science of Human Movement

  • Subtest 2: The Sociology and Psychology of Human Movement, Movement Concepts and Forms and Assessment, plus Evaluation Principles

  • Subtest 3: Professional Foundations and Integration of Concepts
There just isn’t time for books and sample test materials that don’t tightly cover all subject matter requirements.

Will Your Flashcards Or A Tutor Help You More?

Just like in the Physical Education world, I used a coach who could provide me with the hints and strategies that would help me to become a stronger test taker. My mind was like an athlete – and my Physical Education practice coach was like a world-class coach trainer for the biggest event of my life!

And sure enough, when came CSET testing date, I not only passed the exam…

…I dramatically lowered test anxiety, stress and time wasting study materials, all because I had the right review guides, practice exams and advice from the preparation experts.

Flashcards served as a good reference, but that alone wouldn’t have been very helpful.

Without my credential, the door to helping students live better lives and my own happiness would’ve remain locked. Getting the right CSET Physical Education prep manual and practice exam questions was the key to open the world of professional opportunity as an educator.

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