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“COOP Test Study Guide Tidbits That’ll Help Your Student Get A Higher Score”

How tired are you of purchasing yet another COOP test prep book or practice test for your child…

…Only to discover that instead of getting a feast of preparation, you’re only offered a tiny morsel of COOP practice test questions and test content?

It’s frustrating to find yourself the owner of the world’s biggest collection of useless study guides and review booklets. And when it comes to your student’s chances of getting into the private school or Catholic school of their choice, it can be heartbreaking to see them struggle over a practice review that just doesn’t give anything back.

If your child is about to take a High School Placement Test, they need a feast of powerful and innovative test prep hints and tricks, not just unappetizing morsels that they can hardly swallow.

And luckily for you, we’re about to serve up a plate of piping hot and COOP test preparation straight out of the oven.

Get ready to eat up!

Get A COOP Test Prep Menu of Testing Entrees

The best offense is a good defense – and when it comes to the COOP test study guides, it pays to know what sections will give your students a run for their money!

According to some of the best COOP test practice experts, students have the hardest time with the verbal section – but not because of the questions. No, test experts have pegged that most students have a hard time with time management. With 60 verbal questions expected to be answered in under an hour, it’s no wonder that so many students feel the pressure of time management.

Use these quick-fire Coop test review tips to get your child prepared for the Cooperative Admissions Examination Program (COOP®):
  • Have your child get familiar with the exam by finding a top-quality practice test. Have them memorize the directions so that they don’t waste time skimming over extraneous information.

  • Set up a timer according to the test’s guidelines, and have your child answer as many questions in the allotted time. Keep practicing until your child is an expert at COOP test time management!
Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the entrée, let’s move straight on to the dessert!

Delicious COOP Test Preparation Course Goodies without the Guilt

Don’t let your child walk into the COOP exam room without knowing what’s coming up on the exam. After all, knowledge is power – and with these tips, your child will have the power to ace their examination.
  • Don’t focus on learning new content. Your child will be tested on concepts that they’ve already learned in school: geometry, arithmetic, fractions, analogies, reading comprehension and vocabulary. Now is not the time to introduce new concepts to your child.

  • COOP testing only lasts for 2.5 hours – but they’ve crammed enough info in there for a five hour test. That’s why you need to emphasize speed to your child. They have all of the information they need right in front of them – they just need the confidence to believe in themselves!

  • If your child has to cram for the exam, focus on analogies. The COOP tests will have about 60 analogy questions each, so have your child practice, practice, practice to get the feel and experience under real test taking conditions.
If you’re ready for the COOP test study tips that will propel you to instant success…

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