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Question: What is the “7 Day Comprehensive Success System?”

Answer: The “7 Day Comprehensive Success System” is a study guide which usually includes practice test questions that simulate
approximated test questions. After working with thousands of test takers over the years we took what test prep content, practice questions and strategies consistently yield passing scores and put it into your study guide. We learned what type of material for your exam is fluff. That is, not covered and/or only 1 question and either eliminated it or greatly reduced the focus in your study guide.

Question: What is Test Coaching, Tutoring and Mentoring?

Answer: Test Coaching, Tutoring and Mentoring is a patented method to help you one-on-one. It’s not just tutoring. It’s an experienced Test Coach with at least 3 years of experience in your specific test who advises you on what content to focus on, how to improve those areas sufficiently to succeed on your exam. Test Coaching is personalized to your specific wants and needs. If you need more specific help for example in math or other subject, your Test Coach can work with your more as a tutor. If your questions are more general like “what do I need to do to pass this test” your coach will serve more as an advisor and consultant to you. Basically, the service is customized to your own needs and wants.

Your assigned Test Coach will not call and badger you to study or constantly remind you about this service you registered for. Only you are responsible for contacting your Test Coaching and reaping the benefits of this service.

Question: What Is The Gold Package?

Answer: The GOLD Package is the “Testing Readiness Assessment” which is our own ‘unofficial’ analysis of
your current readiness or lack thereof to pass your exam. This tool reveals your strengths (the area(s) of your test you
do not require more study) and your weaknesses (area of your exam where if you invest some time will dramatically improve
your score in the least amount of prep time).

Included in this package, you get the “Test Success Blueprint.” A Test Coach that’s highly trained and experienced in your specific exam takes
the results and statistics from your “Testing Readiness Assessment” and carefully develops a step-by-step actionable test prep and test taking blueprint you can follow to pass your test.

This is an exclusive service is done for you by a Test Coach over a 3.5 hour time period.

You may or many not have been offered this during check-out as it’s often sold-out. If you would like to see if
if there are any openings, please contact client services.


Question: What Is The Platinum Package?

Answer: The ‘PLATINUM Package’ is UNLIMITED Test Coaching and Priority Test Coaching, Tutoring And Mentoring until you pass
your exam or are 100% satisfied with your score.

This is an exclusive upgrade may or many not have been offered this during check-out as it’s often sold-out. If you would like to see if
if there are any openings, please contact client services.

Question: Why Did I Get Billed?

Answer: The first charge on your credit card statement was for the test prep study guide you purchased at for an

You were given a FREE, 7 Day Trial to Test Coaching, Tutoring and Mentoring when you ordered the main study guide. Use our 11 years of experience and expertise for your specific exam for free for 7 days and cancel it at no charge.

On the page you ordered in the shopping cart, it said that “if you don’t cancel your free trial in the first 7 days, you’ll be charged $37 for the first 30 days of this service. It went on to explain you’re enrolled and have access to this test prep help each month until you cancel it. You can cancel it at any time you feel you don’t want it or already successfully took your test and you will not be charged again. (It clearly stated this on the page where you ordered and entered your billing information, your order confirmation page, order confirmation email, printable order receipt and numerous follow up emails each month.

If you overlooked something and want to cancel this service, please contact client services.


Question: What Is Your Refund Policy?

Answer: If you have any issue with the study guide and/or Test Coaching service, please contact our client services department so we can
resolve any misunderstanding or complaint to your satisfaction.

Second, if you did not pass your exam you may contact client services. We guarantee you pass or your money back.


Question: Can I call you to discuss something?

Answer: Like most online companies such as we are trying to provide you the most valuable products and services at the lowest cost. Most of our staff are
active, working professionals in your field. We will quickly address all your questions in writing by email and/or filling out our “contact us” form. We’ll respond back to you with an answer or your concern 100% processed in 24-48 hours.