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CEOE Study Guide To Conquer Common Test Prep And Test Taking Problems

Did you get a CEOE study guide yet?

Do you like to spend long evenings and weekends reading your CEOE prep books and taking CEOE practice tests? If you’ve begun your review you may have noticed after a few dreadful hours of CEOE study you start to feel loopy. Light-headed.

You review your CEOE study guides for a few hours. The start searching and thinking about other things for distractions. Anything to take you away from the CEOE practice test blankly staring up at you.

You’re starting to feel antsy – and before you know it, you’re pacing around your living room, resisting the urge to run away screaming from your Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators exam practice.

No, you’re not going insane – although it’s easy to see why your CEOE study is starting to make you feel that way – so don’t check yourself into an asylum just yet. I’ve got a diagnosis that will show every odd behavior that you’ve been experiencing since cracking open your review materials.

You’re suffering from a temporary bout of CEOE test prep distraction. And unless you can regain your focus, you’ll never get enough test prep done in time for the big day.

But that’s just not an option!

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Why You’ve Lost Your CEOE Study Guide Focus

Early in the morning, you might have had every attention to attack your CEOE book.

Then your boss assigned you a mood-busting project with a crazy deadline. Your friend called to update you on yet another life crisis emergency. And did I mention the sheer pile of homework that’s been taking up every spare second in between your busy schedule?

It’s no wonder by the time you finish the long commute home, you’re ready to scream at the very mention of the word CEOE test study guide.

ceoe study guide book pdf how to study for the ceoe

Studies have shown that teacher certification candidates studying for an examination are prone to the kind of cognitive distractions that can derail their study for the CEOE. Because you’ve had to practically turn yourself into a multi-tasking robot to manage your daily errands, it’s no wonder that you feel tempted to ignore your CEOE study guides at the end of the day.

Fire Up That CEOE Prep Book Review Mojo With These Killer Review Techniques

But I’ve got a few tidbits of CEOE study guide advice that will get your mojo back on track, so you can get back to what really matters: getting your Oklahoma teacher certification!

ceoe test study guides how get a passing score

  • De-clutter your CEOE study workspace. If you leave your room disorganized, the productivity of your test prep sessions will greatly decline.
  • Wear a perfume or light an aromatherapy candle while studying for the CEOE. Studies have shown that our memories are linked strongly to scent, so each time you get a whiff of the aroma, your brain will automatically switch to review mode.
  • Dress up for your CEOE prep. Don’t throw on those ratty old pajamas; instead, put on a “work outfit” that will make you feel as though you’re at the office. Your whole demeanor will change thanks to a simple outfit change – trust me!
  • During the use of your CEOE exam study guides does your mind wander? If so, get up and do two minutes of jumping jacks. Exercise fires up the neurons in our brains, which help us to get back to business when we feel like we’re in a mental fog.

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Author: Mark Dahlson